The Education and Career Background of Mikhail Blagosklonny

During his younger years, he was able to attend the CSMI college that is able to be found in Russia, within Chelyabinsk. Mr. Blagosklonny was also able to attend the MD ACC which is located in Houston, Texas. Mikhail Blagosklonny is even board certified in Hematology and also in Medical Oncology of course.

As of this moment in time, Mr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a renowned scientist who studies aging and also cancer. As a professor who has become very well-known for his work at the RPCI college, which is located in NY, he has made quite a name for himself. There he teaches about Oncology. 2002 was the year in which he made the decision to work as an associate professor within the field of medicine at the NYMC college that can be found within Valhalla.

During the period of time preceding all of those things in his life, he was a senior scientist at a college call the ORI, which was also located in New York, within Albany. There, he kept up on his work and moved on during 2009 to go to the RPCI college on where he made the decision to work as an Oncology Professor.

Wanting to know what things held the interest of Mikhail Blagosklonny? Mainly his interests lay with studying cancer and the cancer therapies that are available which target and also aid the cells that are considered to be normal from damage that they could sustain. Mikhail Blagosklonny also has an interest that lies within the field of Biogerontology and any of the anti-aging drugs that are out there.

Mikhail’s Studies on TOR Signaling

There are a lot of things going on right now in science, and some of those things are very hard to understand. One of the important parts of getting to understand how to beat cancer is finding out what is causing cancer on, finding the links and pathways. Mr. Blagosklonny himself has already found a hypothesis which he believes could help, this hypothesis lies within TOR Signaling within cancer and also aging and the possible role it takes. He has suggested Rapamycin for it’s abilities to help patients with making life last longer. Mikhail has always been known for his love of Rapamycin but who can blame him with all of the good that seems to be able to come from it.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a very important person in this world. His research at and studies could lead to helping millions of people. People like Mr. Blagosklonny are great for the world and everyone who knows him is happy that he is here to help Oncology progress into the future.

Why the tech and fashion industries should work together

Christopher Burch, the CEO of Burch Capital investment, if for the opinion that that fashion and tech industry should learn to exist, and help each other grow. Burch looks at the current trends to justify his opinion.

He cites an example of Teresa Alstin and Anna Haupt. The two are fashion designers. They have come up with a neckwear for cyclists, which also serves as an airbag in case of an accident. The fashionable wear pops up, and protects the entire head from impact. What makes it better than a helmet is the fact that it allows one to clearly see what is in front. Furthermore, the neckwear looks fashionable.

Another example is the firefighter gloves, developed by Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan. The gloves have been synchronized, and allow firefighters to communicate through hand signals and gestures. This enables them to convey important information, such as whether to flee a scene or to stay.

To top to this, Chris Burch gives a case example, in which designers have come up with clothes that generate electricity. Charging a cell phone will become easier with such technology. It is clear that fashion designers will play a huge role in developing it. The tech works by tapping kinetic energy, and transforming it into electrical energy. This way, as one runs or walks, electricity pulses that are sufficient enough to charge a mobile phone will be generated. This will come in handy in this era of smartphones.

About Christopher Burch

Fresh from college, Burch teamed up with his brother to form the Eagle’s Eye apparel company. The company dealt with the manufacture and sale of sweaters. Their starting capital was just $2000. This was in 1976. Twenty-two years later, the two sold the company to Swire group for $60 million. Burch’s entrepreneur skills are vividly outstanding. This is where his interest for fashion grew. He later came up with fashion label, together with his ex-wife. The company grew to be worth $3.5 billion. This is what got him to the Forbe’s list of billionaires.

Mr. Burch later proceeded to form Burch Creative capital, a company dedicated to offering financial and advisory services to startups. He is currently the CEO of the company. Apart from this, the investor has ventured into the real estate business, as well as the film industry. In 1992, Burch produced a romantic comedy film, which received good reviews from the entertainment industry.

Why Handy’s Risky Path to Success Paid Off in the End

In 2016, many startups like Handy faced a difficult decision between following a growth plan and focusing on profits. This is because many investors started gauging successful startups on their profitability margins as opposed to growth.

Handy’s CEO, Oisin Hanrahan, and his business partner, Umang Dua, realized that Handy needed to stop burning through capital and start turning a profit if it is to survive in the market. In November 2015, the company raised another $50 million in Series C funding. While the capital brought the firm a sense of financial cushion, Hanrahan feared that it might be the last money that the company raises in a long time.

Need to Reduce Monthly Expenditure

By 2016, Handy was spending over $1.5 million monthly while its customer review section on its website was full of negative reviews. The company spent a lot on customer service centers responding to complaints like last minute cancellations and low-quality services.

Hanrahan implemented an online onboarding process that eventually paid off when the company reduced its monthly expenditure in 2016 thanks to the self-service process. Moreover, the decision by the company to stop expansion and focus on customer satisfaction also allowed it to break even.

Handy is a leading platform that connects people looking for various household services with pre-screened, top quality, and independent service professionals. From handyman to home cleaning services, Handy matches customers with trusted professionals in the 28 markets it serves around the world. The company has a seamless booking process, a secure payment system, and a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

Today, Handy is the easiest and most convenient way for people to book household services. The company was formed in 2012 by Oisin Hanrahan and his partner Umang Dua. Together, the two Harvard students developed Handy, raised startup capital, and launched the service in New York City.



What Was the Top Investment Banking Story for 2016 According to Martin Lustgarten?

A lot happened in 2016 and historians might look back at this as a pivotal year of change for the world. There were the Brazil Olympics, Brexit, numerous elections and the addition of the Chinese yuan to the IMF SDR currency basket. But, which of these was the top investment banking story for 2016, according to Martin Lustgarten?

Successful Brazil Olympics”

Brazil has continued to raise its stature from a developing nation to a developed nation. With the successful Brazil Olympics, the nation showed that it could be a good host. This sporting event was a showcase for the entire nation.As a member of the BRICS, Brazil continues to be an important country. Its raw materials have led the nation’s tremendous growth from 2002 to 2008. The nation has also replaced its leader and is involved in reforming itself.


While very important, Brexit’s effect has not been fully felt. It might take an entire decade to truly understand this historic vote, since numerous international trade agreements must be rewritten.

“Numerous Elections”

Elections take place all the time, so this can’t really be the top story.

“SDR Adds Yuan”

Heretofore, the primary currencies used for global trade were the United States dollar, Great Britain pound, Japanese yen, European euro and Swiss franc. Each currency has its distinct strength. The United States dollar remains the world’s international reserve currency.The pound was the former international reserve currency. The yen is a powerful Asian currency. The euro is from one of the most productive regions on Earth. The Swiss franc is important for banking centre transactions.

As China has expanded its productivity, it has finally reached the top ranks of the developed nations. Investment banker Martin Lustgarten might see this as a step towards increasing the convertibility of the yuan. Now, more international trade agreements can be written in the yuan.The world has many important events each year. The addition of the yuan can impact the entirety of global trade. Investment banker Martin Lustgarten might believe this is the top story for 2016. What do you think?


Does your Shampoo hold up to the test?

When it comes to hair products, you can’t accept anything but the best! Too many products leave hair lackluster, or they just don’t add up to what your hair really needs. Did you know that you can cleanse your hair without using harsh sulfates? While cleaning your hair, not only can they damage it causing split ends, but they also pull the moisture directly from your hair. Sulfates also can even remove any dyed color in your hair. You spend a lot of time, money, and effort keeping that hair color gorgeous, so it should be protected, right? Right.

WEN Hair by Chaz may just be the perfect solution for you, and, well, everyone. You’ll cut your shampooing time down to zero because their conditioner not only conditions your hair but cleanses it as well, leaving your hair truly healthy. WEN products by Chaz Dean ( contain all natural botanicals, herbs, and extracts. They clean and moisturize your locks without those damaging sulfates. Not only does it do that, but it can replace so many other hair care products! You know your deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, and detangler? You don’t need those. WEN Cleansing Conditioners do all of that for you. Make the switch from sulfate filled products because WEN by Chaz is the only brand you’ll ever need for truly safe hair care. Wen Hair care products are available online via eBay, QVC or the Guthy-Renker online store.


Keith Mann: A Truly Kind Person

Let’s face facts, folks: there are not enough kind people in the world today. We need more kind people and people that go out of their way for others. Quite simply, the kind people can make a huge impact on other’s lives. If we had more of those types of people, the world would be in a much better place. One of the most important things in the world right now is education. One can not understate its importance and how far it goes in life for people, especially young adults. In many cases, if someone does not have that degree or that piece of paper, they really can’t even get an interview or get in the door. They need that and they rely on that.


It opens those doors and gives them a chance to really make something out of their lives and out of their careers. Sadly, too many people are unable to go to college for a variety for reasons. Most of the reasons, actually, the major reason is money. Money is what is standing in their way. They are unable to afford it and since they are unable to afford it, they feel like it is only a pipe dream for them. It shatters their dreams and shatters their confidence. Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners does not find that fair, and he does not like it one bit.


That is why he has teamed up with the Uncommon School Districts to give these kids a chance at education. Mann knows these kids are incredibly wise and intelligent. They have everything it takes to succeed at life and in life. They just need the proper encouragement and support from others out there. When someone is holding a fundraiser that raises over twenty-two thousand dollars, that is support at its finest.


It is showing that many people are going out of their way for them and doing everything in their power to make a bad situation a good situation. That is a positive thing and the world needs more powerful and positive stories, as it encourages others to do the same.

Success Is No Accident For Billy McFarland

Success at a young age has been a great incentive for Billy McFarland. At age 13, he started his own business which developed customers for a local business. As a freshman computer engineering student at Bucknell University, he founded Spling, which is a company that transforms the URL of a business into graphic design. This helps to brand the business while creating an attractive logo.

In 2013, while still in his twenties, McFarland started Magnises, which is a way for millennials to take advantage of rather significant discounts at many of their favorite clubs, bars, restaurants, events, venues, and get-togethers. Millennials like to congregate together to talk shop, exchange ideas and make business contacts, and this just gives them an added incentive.

For a modest $250 annual membership fee, Magnises issues the “Black Card” to each member. Here the member’s credit or debit card data is copied onto the Black Card, which is then used for payment to the various member businesses while applying the discount automatically.

Special events such as a Hudson River Cruise with dinner and drinks and a special screening of the newest Tesla automobiles are examples of the fun events that occur on a regular basis.

More and more businesses are coming aboard all the time, and by the end of 2015, Magnises had over 10,000 members and counting. Members are screened by an online application form which is then approved by management. Billy McFarland is somewhat picky regarding member businesses signing up as he wants the company to buy into the overall concept of a reasonable discount for services and excellent treatment of members.

It is not unusual for a member to receive a complimentary bottle of wine at dinner, or preferential seating at an event.

A recent investment of $3 million by a venture capitalist is another good indicator of the confidence the community has in Billy McFarland. Expansion is now a reality with the possibilities of Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and London becoming future sites.

According to Crunchbase, Billy McFarland has perfected the business model in New York City, and there is no reason to doubt that the same plan will work elsewhere. The time is now as far as duplication of the Magnises concept and McFarland is ready to try.

Awareness of the Use of Securus Technologies

The multi-state campaign that is recently being launched by Securus is allowing more and more prison families to learn the benefits of video visitation services that they can easily utilize from the Comforts of home. There was a major problem in the country right now and the problem happens to be Prison Communication between prison families all over. A lot of people are struggling to be able to keep in touch with their loved ones because of the fact that this has become a problem in their everyday life and something that can truly be an issue for them and their families.


My own experience using secure it has been a great option for me and my own family. Because of the fact that I have a very close relative who has been put behind bars and it’s going to be there for several years, I began to realize that I needed to find a type of service that allowed me to keep in touch with them more regularly than simply being able to make a trip to the prison as often as I possibly could. This is something that I have found to be incredibly beneficial in my own life and I feel I can also be a great advantage to a lot of other prison families all across the country.


Because of the different multi-state campaigns that Securus has launched, a lot of people are becoming more aware of the different services available to them and the fact that they can actually utilize video visitation Services right from home without even needing to go to the prison to see their loved one face to face. This is a quick and easy service for you to utilize and it can totally transform your life for the better so that you have better communication with your loved one.


Sources :

Vimeo for Securus


Working With The Midas Legacy To Achieve Personal Success

Are you struggling to find your footing in a business world that is cut-throat and ready to discard people at the drop of a hat? Then you need to contact Midas Legacy and see how they can help you succeed. This firm has become legendary for its incredibly successful approach to achieving success.

What Is Midas Legacy?
The Midas Legacy is what is known as a “success shortcuts advisory” company. What this means is that they offer people like you the chance to become more successful by providing you with a guiding light and a helping hand.

They will research the market and various other aspects to help you learn how you can stand out in a very packed business world and stand up for success.

They are particularly focused on working with investors who need help finding places to put their money, helping entrepreneurs find a successful company, increasing a person’s chances of a quick retirement, and even helping people find inner peace and tranquility. They are headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida and are looking to help people achieve their biggest dreams.

Who Works For The Midas Legacy?
Unlike many other firms that promise huge levels of success, the Midas Legacy is staffed by real people who care about their clients and who are looking to find ways to motivate them to succeed.

Their publisher is a man named Jim Samson, a man who is well-known for his insightful business concepts. He has been quoted in the “International Business Times” and has worked for two decades in real estate, trading, entrepreneurship, and has even written books.

Samon’s chief editor is Sean Bower, a former journalist who now specialists in combining financial skills with self-help concepts to fuel greater success. He has been quoted in a variety of publications, including “Yahoo Finance” and “Nikkei” over in Japan. One of his biggest successes was a sales increase prediction for Toyota that was right on the money.

Other professionals who will help you achieve your success with the Midas Legacy include Mark Edwards, a health expert who can give you great advice on how to cure yourself naturally and improve your diet. With his skilled advice, you can improve your mental and physical balance and become a more focused and successful business person.

Getting started with the Midas Legacy is as easy as contacting them and asking for one of their free handbooks. With this information, you can get started on your road to business success.

Tips for growing a business; Fabletics under Don Ressler’s Leadership

Fashion is a tricky business to invest in. Start from the fact that you need people with extraordinary talent to make products that will turn heads. Then, when you have set up the company, the best you can do is cross fingers and hope that people will like what you are selling them. Well, this is the field that Don Ressler decided to have a go at, and together with his friend, Adam Goldenberg, they have made a venture worth millions of dollars. The small boutique investment has turned into an empire that is known all over the country and is even branching out to smaller ventures.

The birth of the idea
Interesting enough, starting JustFab was not the first business idea that Ressler and Goldenberg made. They both have a history of creating business startups and leading them to success, then selling them at a good profit. The real reason why Don decided to get to the online fashion business was to deal with the complaints that he had always harbored for the industry at large. His main issue was with the fact that customers are misled into thinking that they are the ones making the decision of the clothes that they will be choosing to wear while in the real sense, they are just making a selection from a number of clothes and other items that have been pre-designed, pre-selected and uploaded for them.

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Don Ressler’s idea involved allowing the person getting the clothing to decide how it looked. He has revolutionized the idea totally because nowadays, all one has to do is get to their site, give the specific instructions about the clothes they want and get it designed for them. The company was set up in 2010 and right now, six years down the line, the growth is very evident.

The things that have helped them along the way include the endorsements and partnerships they have fostered with celebrities like Kimora Lee Simmons, Avril Lavigne and Elle Fowler. Ressler and Goldenberg have also received funding from Matrix partners and Rho ventures totaling to more than $100 million. Kate Hudson has also started designing classy gym and fitness wear for them and the items she has been creating have received an almost cult-like following among the millennials, raking in profits in millions of dollars. With the kind of momentum they have taken, things can only get better for this company, and they definitely will.

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