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Are maglev bullet trains heading to U.S.?

A Japanese corporation, which operates at even a higher profit margin that that of Apple, has announced yet another new adventure with its highly popular bullet train series. Central Japan Railway Company, a reputed Japanese corporation well known for building high-speed trains, will be opening up a test track in November that carries high-speed maglev bullet trains intended for connecting Tokyo to Nagoya.

Maglev stands for magnetic levitation, a technique that uses superconducting magnets to levitate the train several inches above the track. This frictionless technique uses magnetic propulsion, which can attain speeds way higher than the most sophisticated racing cars of today. It is estimated that the travel from Tokyo to Nagoya would take around 40 minutes to cover a distance of 178 miles using these trains, which is a major feat.

Slow Ventures and other groups of investors from Washington are trying to use this technology in the U.S. Several board members from the Northeast Maglev, a company that intends to build a maglev train line between Washington and New York, recently visited Japan to take a test ride at a speed of 314 miles per hour, and compared the current Amtrak line as too embarrassing. However, they may have to fight the battle between the skeptical public and the U.S. High Speed Rail Association that dismisses these trains as too experimental and expensive.

CDC States Texas Nurse With Ebola Shouldn’t Have Flown

Passengers on the Monday Frontier Airlines flight, from Cleveland to Dallas, were requested to promptly contact the U.S. Centers for Disease Control for potential observation, as the authorities declared that the recent case will be brought to an Atlanta hospital.

The latest person to become infected is Amber Vinson, a 29-year old nurse.

Vinson made a trip to Ohio to see her mother and fiance, in order to plan her wedding, authorities say. The Associated Press has come forward with records that reveal Vinson’s extensive care for Duncan, an unclean process that included blood and other bodily fluids.

Health Inspectors have been conducting some questioning of those who’d had contact with Vinson. The members of her family, when questioned by Gianfrancesco Genoso, said that they going to quarantine themselves.

The CDC noted that Vinson had been concerned about a fever, consulting with the hospital before. She would later check herself in to the hospital, when the symptoms became untenable.

She’s not the first nurse from the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital to come down with Ebola after having cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, who was Ebola’s patient zero in the United States. The other nurse to become infected was Nina Pham, who in currently being taken care of, and is in steady condition.

Frieden stated the possible dangers of infection from the fateful airline flight Monday is rather low, due to the problems Ebola has in most types of transmission, and because no difficulties had arisen due to body temperature.



New Technology for Safer Flights

There has been new technology developed that will help airplane pilots be safer and more in control as they fly. This new technology helps to detect volcanic ash that could cause a hazard for the pilot and the plane.

Government agencies are still working to improve this technology, but it could be a great advancement for flight everywhere. Wouldn’t it be great for daily travelers like Keith Mann to know that flying is a little safer than it was just yesterday? Shouldn’t flying be something that is becoming safer every single day?

Ash particles can damage engines and windows, and also stir up other issues, so this new technology would really help the plane, the pilot, and the passengers. This new technology is something that we really should expect in this day and age. If this new technology comes into play and works out smoothly, then it will be exciting to see what kind of technological advancement is made next in the world of flight.

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