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Arnold Schwarzenegger Returing for Role in Terminator: Genisys

The bodybuilder turned actor turned governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to acting once again noted Dan Newlin. This time, the Govenator is returing to the screen for a role reboot of the terminator franchise, Terminator: Genisys, where time travel has created an alternative past where the T-800’s biological exoskeleton has aged. If you think this sounds a little convoluted, you aren’t alone as reaction to the Super Bowl preview and the movie’s first trailer was lukewarm at best, and has most fans confused about the plot line and the characters.

Even though Terminator: Genisys has not been released yet, there are already plans underway for two sequels, the first of which Schwarzenegger has already confirmed his involvement in. As of yet there is no name for the movie or details about the plot, but if reaction to the reboot is any indication, the plot is likely to be a little hard to follow and hard to swallow, although maybe this will not matter much as the Terminator films rely on action sequences and witty dislodge rather than believable plot lines. The movie is not set to begin filming until 2016, and is likely to be released some time in 2017, but Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he has signed on to play his character in the movie. He confirmed his involvement and revealed shooting plans on a fansite devoted to the Governator, The Arnold Fans, in an exclusive interview.

Southwest Airlines Cancels Close to 80 Flights After Failing to Properly Inspect Backup Systems

The United State’s fourth largest passenger airline Southwest Airlines had canceled close to 80 flights on Tuesday after failing to properly inspect backup systems on their planes. It also grounded another 28 planes from the air that had missed the inspections as well. The company had failed to inspect backup rudder systems in the event that the main rudder system in the planes fail or break down. The rudder is used to steer the plane and help its change course by turning.

The Federal Aviation Administration has agreed to let Southwest Airlines continue flying the planes that have missed the inspection as long as the company completes all required maintenance and checks all of its passenger planes within the next five days. So far the company has grounded a total of 128 of its passenger airplanes. This is about 20% of its total fleet of passenger airplanes.

The company has begun conducting inspection and performing maintenance on its airplanes immediately reported Dan Newlin. A representative of the company said that they hope to have finished with the majority of the inspections by Wednesday morning. This is not the first time that Southwest Airlines is in trouble with the FAA over maintenance and inspection issues. Last year the airline company faced a fine of $12 million over maintenance problems the FAA had found. The company was also fined in 2008 for a total of $10.2 million, yet again for maintenance problems.

Healthy Sweets in Disney World

Disney World is one of the world’s most popular resorts. People come to this lovely part of Orlando to have fun in the sun and get away from their busy lives. Those who are staying at here will now have yet one more delightful dessert option. Erin McKenna is a world renowned baker. Her treats have been offering those in search of low fat, vegan, gluten-free treat in New York City and Los Angeles the chance to enjoy her creations. McKenna’s BabyCakes Bakery has long been the perfect place to grab a lovely cupcake, iced cookie or unusual doughnut made from the best ingredients possible.

Erin McKenna is now bringing her special treats to Disney visitors said Marc Sparks. She will be opening a bakery in Downtown Disney for those who want a sweet interlude while in Florida. The bakery will be located in the scenic town of Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Those who traveling here will be able to sample her signature healthy menu items. The bakery is expected to give locals and visitors alike the chance to sample desserts that use ingredients such as vegan butter that do not use dairy products. All items offered will also be gluten-free, making them an ideal choice for visitors who find it hard to digest this substance and want to have a delicious treat of some kind without worry.

Many Have Been Helped At North American Spine

Just had a back problem treated at the Dallas, Texas North American Spine facility, and it has vastly improved my travels.  No more pain when walking, or visiting a different locale, and I highly recommend this before taking a vacation, if you’ve been having issues.

Back problems are a massive plague on society, and many experience back problems at one time or another in their lives. Every person at some point in their life, will experience back problems, which is very troubling. Sometimes, back problems can be something that only lasts for a short period of time, or the pain can become chronic. Chronic pain, is pain which lasts for six months or more, and it can be anywhere in the body. Many people have chronic back pain, and it may make their lives very difficult. Those who have constant back pain, find it hard to live a normal life or to work normally.

For those who are having back, neck or spine pain, it’s recommended that they go to North American Spine. North American Spine has been around for over six years, and they specialize in a minimally invasive procedure, which has proven results when it comes to back, neck and spine pain. The success rate for those who have gone to North American Spine, is extremely high, and over 90% of visitors say that they would recommend the surgery to others. Imagine no longer being in pain, and being able to walk and work normally again.

The ultimate goal of North American Spine is to get each patient back to their normal selves, and to also get the patient out of pain. Many have gone to North American Spine, and they’ve experienced complete recovery from pain, allowing them to go on to lead normal lives again. Pain is never something that someone should live with, especially when it’s occurring every single day. If there is a way to get rid of pain permanently, then there is nothing to lose, except the hurt that one is feeling on a daily basis. North American Spine performs the AccuraScope procedure.

The procedure takes, as little as 45 minutes, and the incision is extremely small, meaning that the recovery time is very short. Since the procedure is an outpatient procedure, patients can go home the same day, and finish their recovery from home. Many experience complete recovery, and no more pain, after visiting North American Spine. Sometimes, extra procedures are necessary, in order to completely eradicate a patient’s pain. For those who are thinking that they have to go on every day in pain, this is not the truth. North American Spine can help anyone with chronic pain, to feel better.

Hotel Grants Hilarious Room Service Requests

Sometimes hotels can get the short end of the stick with some of the guests who come to stay at their establishment, but one hotel in San Antonio went along with some crazy requests made just for the fun of it.

A unnamed person who stayed at the Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk decided to test the limits of the hotel’s hospitality service. According to an article found on reddit and written by, they had sent the guest a text message welcoming to the hotel and to let them know if she needed anything. Just to see what would happen, the guest wrote back and requested a framed photo of Nicolas Cage in the movie Con Air. The lady was delighted to find just that on her pillow upon returning to her hotel room.

To further test this experience, she then requested additional pictures of the actor in various other movies and the hotel promptly acknowledge her request. The manager of the establishment, Ramon Rangel, said that he was delighted to take care of the requests as he found them to be rather funny. Jaime Garcia Dias told us Ramon also stated that these were not the weirdest that he has come across during his time working at Hotel Indigo San Antonio Riverwalk. So for anyone traveling to that part of Texas, keep this hotel in mind and all of the things that they are willing to do to please their visitors.

The World’s Finest Vintage and Fine Wines

The jewel’s Stephen Williams treasured were the vintage and rare wines that smoothly flowed across his palate. He developed the Antique Wine Company and went to auctions and private sales in search of his liquid passion. Stephen Williams became an expert in the purchase of vintage and rare wines that he personally enjoyed and shared with friends and colleagues.

The Antique Wine Company’s home base is Marylebone, Central London, and he added two offices in Asia. During the 25 years of building his brand, Stephen Williams became known as an expert in the coveted wine industry. He offered people with stellar reputations in the wine industry, to join him in making the Antique Wine Company successful. All the wines that are purchased and sold to clients are subject to the stringent verification process developed by the company.

He travels around the world to visit the vineyards and the wineries to taste the new vintages that have recently been discovered. Stephen Williams is constantly increasing the company’s vast collection of wines. There is an impressive stock of 10,000 bottles of fine wines to choose from, for the collectors, to be given as gifts or just simply enjoyed. The Antique Wine Company is known in 70 countries with a clientele that includes 20,000, private customers, hotels, restaurants and the extensive wine industry.

The Antique Wine Company has a website that a novice or a veteran can peruse to learn or add to their knowledge of wine. There are customer representatives that are happy to advise you in purchasing and investing in vintage and fine wines, and help with preparing a portfolio. They offer private wine master classes, how to stock a wine cellar, store and manage your precious wines.
It’s time to relax and enjoy a fragrant, smooth and exciting glass of vintage or fine wine, from the remarkable collection of the AWC.