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A living legend, Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a man with a big heart and very sharp intelligent mind. He was born in Washington and graduated with a bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the Washington University. He attended American University Law School. The father of three is married to Karen Levenson. He likes Playing basketball and golf.


He has been a member and an adviser in many company and charity foundations boards. Some of them include, News Letter and Electronic Publishers Association, Specialized Information Industry, Foundation of Washington, DC, Hoop Dream Foundation and B.A Digital Partners. The former writer of the Washington Star and Observer Publishing is a partner in other companies. There is the GasBuddy a mobile app where motorists get to know where they can find low-priced gasoline. Bruce loves technology, as he is a founding board member and also on the board of directors of TechTarget. The company serves as an on-line intersection of technical content, technology providers and buyers. He is a founder of DOT, a cooking technology where you can toast bread in 3 seconds.
One of his major achievement is the United Communication Group (UCG). He is the co-founder of this award winning company. It provides analysis, data, solutions and guidelines to customers in energy, government contracts, software, telecom, technology among others. The company was the first information company to deliver its information on-line. He is an adviser to the UCG’s executive and also in the UCG’s companies board.
He acquired the Atlanta Thrashers, Atlanta Hawks and operating rights of the Philips Arena and together with Ed Peskowitz, they are the majority partners of Atlanta Hawks LLC. Levenson is the team’s managing partner and also in the NBA board of governors. The Hawks are the only team in Eastern Conference of the NBA to consecutively reach play offs in seven seasons.
The philanthropist together with his wife have funded initiatives that target the disadvantaged people. They include, Peace Players, ” I have a dream”, Bringing the Lessons Home Program at the U.S Holocaust Museum and the Seed School. Their efforts to raise a culture of philanthropist has led to them founding of Center for Philanthropy and Non-profit Management at University of Maryland. The center ensures that those who graduate become successful as heads in organizations that are non profitable and are motivated to be philanthropists.
Bruce Levenson is truly living his life to the fullest from achieving childhood dreams to becoming a prominent businessman and above all a philanthropist,

Daughter takes Wheelchair Bound Mother on trips over the World

An Rong, 42-years-old, is a dedicated daughter. Several years ago her 87-year-old mother had an accident that left her in poor physical condition. Due to her worsening condition, Rong’s mother became wheelchair bound and slowly began sinking into a depression. She slowly stopped eating and drinking and was becoming rather forgetful. Rong knew that she had to do something to help her mother out of the darkness. In 2009, Rong, along with her sister and niece, began traveling with her mother.

According to Alexei Beltyukov, the group started their international travels along southeast Asia. Together the group have been to several foreign countries such as Thailand, Maldives, Korea, Japan, and more. They even made their first visit to the United States recently. While in the US, the group spent some time seeing the sites at the Grand Canyon. Rong took her mother for a helicopter ride over the stunning canyon and said that her mother could not stop smiling.

As they have traveled, Rong’s mother’s health has been improving. Her depression has lifted as she has taken in new sites. She has also worn out five wheelchairs in the process!

Check out the story on The site has some wonderful photos of their travels to go along with the story.

Even with All the Recent Airline Disasters, Flying Is Still Your Safest Bet for Travel

We seem to be hearing about plane crashes on a regular basis lately, but frequent flyers need not panic. Flying is still one of the safest means of travel, statistically speaking. David Ropeik, a respected independent consultant on risk analysis, evaluated what the odds were of being killed in a plane crash. In 2006, his examination into the calamity risks showed that your chances of dying in a plane accident are 1 in 11 million. To compare the risk factor, consider the statistics of dying in an automobile crash, which has a 1 in 5,000 chance of occurring.

Aviation safety has come a long way and is getting even safer. There are numerous redundancies set up within an airplanes system to overcome errors or breakdowns. For example, while large airplanes are equipped with four working engines at takeoff, they can essentially operate properly with only two of them working.

Commercial airline officials are also requiring more training from their pilots and crew said Jaimie Garcia Dias. Where a commercial pilot used to only need 250 hours of flight time to meet pilot requirements, it is now mandatory to have at least 1,500 hours of flight time. New rules have also been put into place requiring pilots and crew to receive more sleep to keep them at peak performance.

The most precarious time an airplane faces, is during takeoff and landing. And, believe it or not, most people survive plane crashes. According to FAA accounts, only a third of commercial airline catastrophes that occurred between 1959 and 2011 resulted in any deaths. So, don’t trade in that airline ticket for a road trip. You’re still more likely to arrive safely by that big airbus than any other means of travel.

Cruise Lines Discuss Cuba Destination

Major cruise lines itineraries that include stops in Cuba was one of the most important issues discussed in Miami by presidents and prominent industry executives at a directors meeting at the Convention Center Miami Beach.

“We are all waiting anxiously,” commented Frank del Rio, chairman and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.

The panel discussion was centered on the current state of the cruise industry and was attended by Arnold Donald, president and CEO of Carnival Corporation & llc; Richard Fain, CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Pierfrancesco Vago, CEO of MSC Cruises and Frank del Rio.

“It is true that Cuba is different,” he said River, “we will have to adapt to the political, cultural requirements, etc.,” he said.

The entrepreneurs also discussed other possible destinations stated Marcio Alaor BMG, all agree that the future of the industry will increasingly globalized; the Chinese market and the eastern Mediterranean ocean were two of the most discussed geographic locations.

Arnold Donald, said Carnival was first established in China in 2006 and the largest by far in the region, said the biggest challenge now is to communicate effectively within this new market the idea of ??what is a cruise.

According to Donald, a major marketing problem facing the industry in the US is that the public already have preconceived ideas about the cruise experience and they find change is very difficult.

“If these conflicts [geopolitical] could be solved, there are many places in the world where you could set itineraries that would be very attractive,” said Pierfrancesco Vago.

Unwavering Luxury, Unmistakably Dorchester Collection

Anyone who has been to Paris can attest to the fact that there are truly few cities that can rival its mystique or romanticism. As one strolls the streets, passing by the seemingly countless cafes and patisseries, there is an instant feeling of being a part of literary creations of days gone by. While Paris is delightful regardless of how it is experienced, The Dorchester version of it is nothing short of magical.

The Dorchester Collection is a boutique brand of ultra-luxurious hotels, sparsely spread through select European cities and the United States. Paris happens to be home to the exquisite and iconic Hotel Plaza Athenee. It has appeared in countless movies, but one that immediately comes to mind is Smurfs 2. While the whimsical nature of that movie hardly exudes the romance that is unmistakably Paris, the playful genre seems to make the hotel all the more prevalent. In the movie, when the characters arrive at the hotel, it’s impossible not to be drawn to the beautiful greenery that clings to each balcony and the vibrant red flowers bursting through.

Then, there is Hotel Le Meurice, no less exquisite and no less alluring. It’s location in the heart of Paris, close to all the attractions, makes it an ideal setting for those seeking added convenience. The hotel’s proximity, its architecture, and its glorious history (est. 1771), has made it the perfect host to celebrities and high-ranking politicians. Franklin D. Roosevelt was among the more famous political figures to stay there, but there have been many others of comparable esteem.

The luxury of The Dorchester Collection knows no bounds, as the impeccable details and unwavering service is not just exclusive to the Parisian confines. After all, London is home to the brand’s namesake hotel, The Dorchester. With a brand that exudes quality, it’s only natural that the hotel bearing it’s name should hold some significance among the group. Indeed, it does not disappoint! Like Plaza Athenee, there is no shortage of beautiful foliage and vibrant floral arrangements. Over Christmas, it takes on a character all of its own, as the grounds are transformed into a winter wonderland, with lush evergreens and a gingerbread replica of the hotel.

With other locations in Rome, Geneva, Milan, and L.A.; The Dorchester Collection remains consistent in its standards. So, a stay at any one of it’s exclusive destinations, is likely to assure complete satisfaction.

Jonathan Veitch, College Student to College President

Jonathan Veitch was born in 1959 to mother Carol Lee Veitch. His father, John, was president of film productions at Columbia Pictures. He grew up in Los Angeles, California.

Upon graduating from Loyola high school in Southern California, Jonathan attended Stanford University where he received a degree in American Literature and English. Instead of seeking a profession that would put his education to work, Jonathan adventured through several odd jobs. He was experienced life as a farmer working in a dairy in Nebraska and spent a stint in Mississippi as a tugboat hand. One job he remembers clearly is working in Boston on the fish docks. These experiences gained Jonathan a degree in the school of hard knocks. The bonus was all he discovered as he worked with people from many different backgrounds.

Putting these hard days in his past, Jonathan went back to school. He attended Harvard, earning his M.A. and Ph.D.

In 1992 Jonathan fell in love with Sarah Kersh. They married and moved to Wisconsin, where he accepted the position as English Professor at the University of Wisconsin. It was here that he wrote “American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930’s.” Published in 1997, this was Jonathan’s first book.

He later moved to New York, teaching cultural history, literature and American films at the New School. It did not take long to be promoted to the Dean of Liberal Arts.

Jonathan Veitch worked hard for years. He received the honor and reward for a job well done in the form of the offer of the position of president of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. He accepted the position in July of 2009.

Jonathan addressed the community’s concerns about future campus developments. He announced the college would focus on renovations and constructing new facilities only as the need arises. Under his leadership, the first project completed was the restoration of Swan Hall. This 98 year old building houses some of the college faculty offices.

Jonathan is an author, focusing his award winning publications on 19th and 20th century American film, history, and culture.

Jonathan and Sarah live on the Occidental campus in the Presidents house with their three children.
Dr. Jonathan Veitch is an example of hard work, dedication to education, and what can be accomplished when a person sets goals and does not grow weary in what it takes to achieve them.

International Businessman Vijay Eswaran

Success in business generally takes a great deal of hard work and effort. People who are able to found companies and see them to fruition typically have a tremendous innate drive and a true understanding of all aspects of marketing. Such driven individuals can help both themselves and their employees do business successfully in the worldwide marketplace. When a skilled marketer is able to find like minded people, they can work together to start and expand a business that enables people to do well in all aspects of business. Preparation, luck and a great deal of advanced preparation are often the keys to such success.

One person who has been able to find such success in the field of international business is Malaysian native Vijay Eswaran. Eswaran was born in the vibrant Malaysian city of Penang, a city has seen more than a few entrepreneurs who are able to use it as a home base from which to expand into international markets. Vijay Eswaran has worked hard to help establish Qnet, a company with branches all over the world. Under his leadership, the company has expanded into various international markets and helped connect buyers and sellers around the world.

Qnet sells products and services of all kinds in many different fields. The company offers a varied line of products that are designed to help customers live better and happier lives. People who are looking for health and beauty products will find it her as well as products in other areas such as wellness, travel, telecommunications and travel. Company officials have aimed to help diversify their public offerings and show their customers how to live better lives with the products they can provide. In the process, the company has helped connect happy employees with many satisfied customers all across the globe.

Vijay Eswaran has helped lead a team of skilled salespeople from over ten nations to great success in the tough world of international business. His knowledge of business spans many areas of the world including his native Asia as well as Europe and the Americas. Vijay Eswaran was educated in economics at the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom. After earning a degree here, Vijay Eswaran spent time exploring European markets and learning what customers want. He then left for America where he earned an additional degree in the field of business from Southern Illinois University in the United States.

Dead Beacon Battery on Missing Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 Said Not to Have Affected Search

Officials at Malaysia Airlines maintain that the expired battery on the doomed MH370 flight locator beacon would not have hindered the search mission. A recent finding shows that during a routine inspection of the plane, the beacon battery, which would be crucial in locating a downed plane, was overlooked, having been expired for over a year and most likely had not been replaced before the flight took off.

Marking the one year anniversary since the flight carrying 259 passengers and crew took off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for Beijing, China had fallen from the radar and has yet to be found, families of the missing souls are preparing to take legal action against the negligent airline stated emobile. Lawyers for the airline contend that the critical piece of equipment did not impede the search, and that a secondary, fully charged beacon battery was part of the flights solid state cockpit voice recorder as backup. With no plane, passengers or crew ever having been located as of yet, the airline is refusing to make any type of settlement with the families until evidence of a crash is actually found.

Although no signs of the jet have been discovered, Malaysia authorities are officially declaring the missing flight an accident and are assuming all passengers to be deceased. Vigils in honor of the missing passengers and crew are being held this week in China.

Dorchester Hotels: A Divine Hotel Experience

In 1987, the Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah, purchased the Dorchester Hotel and the Beverly Hills Hotel and shifted ownership to the Brunei Investment Agency in 1991. The Audley Group that is owned by the BIA, was created in 1996 to manage the hotels by one company. At some point in the future,Audley was renamed and their name became the Dorchester Group Limited.They were created in 2006 to manage a lot of hotels in America and Europe. They currently manage ten luxury hotels and the hotels are a combination of totally owned and partly-owned hotels as the Dorchester secures them and manages them on behalf of third party owners. Since their creation in 2006, they have come a long way. Dorchester uses their experience that none of their competitors can match by owning and managing part of the world’s wonderful individual hotels, their vision is to turn into the ultimate hotel management company, with a desire for excellence and being up-to-date, while honoring the originality and the legacy of their hotels. The Dorchester name is very popular with a worldwide reputation that give their customers the best and most sought-after experience of living large, charisma, luxury, and service. Each hotel has their own-of-a-kind style supplemented by present-day fashion and modern facilities. Their historic buildings in wonderful places each hotel epitomizes the culture of its city.The Dorchester has ten luxury hotels worldwide, from London to Las Angeles.

In London, there are two Dorchester hotels. Their amenities include spas, afternoon teas, great food, extravagant rooms,and wonderful restaurants. If you travel to Ascot, you can have relaxation and romance, spacious rooms and suites, fine foods,and sports like croquet, horseback riding, and polo lessons, and relax and eat at the spa. The Dorchester has a lot to offer you in Paris, France also from grand rooms with wonderful art pieces, a restaurant, gorgeous dining rooms, bars, spas, event rooms, a ballroom in two different hotels. While you are in Geneva, visit the distinguished and elegant Dorchester that has housed a lot of celebrities whose focus is on comfort. They also provide all the business and entertainment services you will ever need. Milan offers traditional luxury and the most modern technology,a presidential suite with its own pool, a beauty and fitness center, Italian garden and restaurant, a roof terrace to view the city, afternoon tea at a restaurant, and a bar. In Rome, they have an excellent Presidential Suite with great views of the city, a spacious terrace, sun loungers, and an outside eating area. They also have a rooftop restaurant with wine, great food, cocktails, and piano music. They also have hotels here in America.

If you are in California, the Dorchester has places for you to stay there too. In Beverly Hills, Hollywood celebrities have taken advantage of the never ending luxury of this glamorous location that feels like a resort and has great service. It has a big and beautiful garden, a variety of rooms to meet your tastes, a pool with cabanas, free ice cream and Mojitos by the pool, a spa, restaurant, and a bar. In Bel-Air, you are offered grand residential living with fireplaces and big garden patios. For those that truly want to live it up, the Presidential Suite has its own pool. A restaurant that serves food with local ingredients served in a smart dining room or on a beautiful garden terrace. They also have a spa with facials and body treatments.

Worldwide, the Dorchester has so much to offer their guests, excellent rooms, wonderful food, relaxing spas, bars to unwind in, beautiful outdoor areas, sports activities, and pools. From London to Las Angeles, they are prepared and ready to lavish you with all the luxury you will ever need today and in the future.

TSA Agents Find Four-Legged Stowaway in Checked Luggage

TSA agents at LaGuardia Airport in New York City found a Chihuahua hiding out in its owners checked luggage, according to the agencies official Instagram account.

According to the Associated Press, the TSA responded to a checked luggage alarm, opened the bag, and found a Chihuahua hiding inside. Allegedly the dog crawled into the bag without the traveler knowing it had gotten inside. She headed to the airport and checked her bag as usual. The bag never made it onto the plane. It was retrieved before loading.

Flavio Maluf stated Tthe TSA worked with other airport employees to identify the owner of the bag, and alerted them of their stowaway. Agents kept the dog with them until the owner was found and the animal was claimed. It was safely reunited with the traveler, who continued onto her destination after the animal was returned to a family member.

The TSA, in recent months, has started an official Instagram page for all of the strange and illegal things they find in people’s luggage. The account has nearly 250,000 followers. Interspersed with odd find pictures, the TSA also posts informational photos and captions to let travelers know how to safely and legally travel with restricted items.