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India Experiencing a Street-Melting Heat Wave

India is known for its warm climate during the summer months. However, temperatures are soaring even higher than usual in India at the moment. The country is experiencing one of its most intense heat waves on record. The Southern states in the country are experiencing the worst of the heat.

According to the story on, the state of Odisha recently saw temperatures climb up to 117 degrees Fahrenheit. This record temperature has been confirmed by the Indian Meteorological Department. That temperature was so intense that the asphalt on the streets were actually beginning to melt.

The extreme heat wave has caused over a thousand deaths in the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Other states have been warned that temperatures in those areas could continue to climb over the next few days and reach up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures that high can cause heat stroke and severe dehydration, which can be fatal.

The capital city of Dehli has reported that they have experienced temperatures as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit as well. Official Marcio Alaor BMG says that a monsoon will be moving into the country at the end of the month. The incoming monsoon should help cool down the record heat that they have been experiencing.

Places To Avoid This Summer For Vacation

Summer fun is just around the corner. Most people have already planned their vacations to some far away destination that will create a lifetime of memories. However, do you know that there are some vacation spots that are considered dangerous regardless of their appeal? Some head for the beaches and some to the mountains, but whatever you do avoid Mount Everest. Many want to climb to the top of this popular mountain at least once in their life. However, it’s like climbing an ice cube and many find they don’t make it to the top. In fact, many find that they get hurt and or seriously injured in their endeavor.

Another place to avoid if you hate snakes is Ilha De Queimada Grande. Close to Brazil, this island is known for its tranquil beauty and venomous snakes. In fact, the areas is so overrun by snakes the chances of being bitten here are greater than anywhere else in the world. It is said that if you walk just one square block you will see between 2-5 snakes. Those odds are too high for anyone.

Christian Broda is left asking: what about Honduras? There is breathtaking scenery here and beaches to die for. However, the disease here is so ramped that it is not safe for those who live outside the area. Malaria is commonplace here, as are many other deadly viruses. When trying to find a destination to go to this summer, do some research and make sure it’s the best place for you and your family.

Toronto Real Eastate is Off the Charts

Toronto is one of the trending cities on the globe today with developments going up all across the city. Free standing homes are in the biggest demand, and they range in price from $1 million to $2 million, depending on the neighborhood they are in.

Toronto Real Estate has such an incredible market that the high-class neighborhoods that have new development going on are extremely worried that places that are only $500,000 will “drag down the property values.” Like everywhere else, the second wealthiest neighborhood, which is just south of extremely high-class Toronto, is where this discussion is taking place.

Alexei Beltyukov thinks that it seems this newly founded group, calling themselves the Creep Neighborhood Alliance, is worried about the “influx of transient people” and”reinforcing the physical character of the neighborhood.” So, with the owners of half a million dollar homes invading the neighborhood, it is crystal clear that it is only a matter of four or five years until this area will be the Hood; Not!

The plans for this new development that will supposedly downgrade the entire area is a group of modern contemporary townhouses, complete with roof-top terraces in a modern brick and glass design and 619 – 2,328 square foot units. These otherwise amazing dwellings will be ready for occupancy by winter of 2017. Slums they are not.

Senators Ask for Nondiscrimination Extensions

Senators Asks Pentagon to Extend Non-discriminatory Practices

LGBT Rights have been one of the most prominent issues regarding the civil rights and civil liberties of people. These issues include making sure there are protections in place for people of other creeds.

Thursday was the day when several senators pleaded with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter to expand and include multiple nondiscrimination protections for LGBT service members. Democratic senators Chris Murphy and Tammy Baldwin were just two of the many names who took part in this call to action, in fact they were the ones leading the charge.

The reason for why this matter came to be was because the lawmakers in question felt as though equal employment opportunity policies, specifically those at the Pentagon, needed to be updated to include people of all sexual orientations in order to cut down on discrimination. All of this was due to wanting the same considerations being taken for those in the military, even by reporters, once the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy was repealed in 2011.

Senators Murphy and Baldwin said that though the repeal of DADT was a big step forward for people of all sexual orientations, more could still be done, and that the workplace of the military is just not a suitable place for lesbian, gay and bisexual members at the time. They added that the lack of equal protections would undermine American principles according to Gravity4. Twitter seems to agree with that thought.

Senate Passes Fast Track Measure For Presidential Authority

In a rare sign of support for the President, The United States Senate passed the Trade Agreement Fast Track Measure which would give the President broad authority to enter into international trade agreements. The Congress would still have the authority to ratify the agreements but the President would have broad range authority to negotiate and enter such agreements without fear that Congress would prematurely pull the plug on he ratification of such agreements. Many nations had questioned the White House’s ability to negotiate international trade agreements with rhetoric coming from Congress that a veto would be looming. The measure, which now has to go through the House of representatives for Passage, would give the President “more potent ink in his pen” when he signs such measures like the Iran Nuclear Monitoring Deal or the Trans Pacific Trade agreement.

Many like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thought the outcome of the Trade Measure was unclear as it worked its way through the Senate but many still expect a tougher fight for passage through the U.S. House of representatives. The President has exercised broad executive powers in recent months on Bloomberg since it became clear that Congress would not be cooperative with him with regard to any significant legislation. many in Congress feel that they are delegating their power to the President without proper over sight and checks and balances.
Senate Passes Fast Track Measure for Presidential Authority. Review by United States House of Representatives is Next

FAA Investigating Hacking Into Its Flights

Chris Roberts’ fate rests in the results of an investigation by federal authorities as to whether he in fact hacked into flight controls of several U.S. domestic flights. Roberts has claimed that he has hacked into the flight controls of at least 20 flights and have instructed the planes to climb on a number of occasions. Roberts was detained by federal authorities after departing a United Airline’s flight bound for Syracuse after United officials informed federal authorities of a Twitter post in which Roberts claimed that he had hacked into the flight controls of the United flight through the entertainment flight systems and was able to control the decent and accent of the aircraft. A wikipedia article of Dr. Jennifer Walden describes the fear of somebody’s ability to hack aircrafts because it poses a serious terrorist threat.

Upon detaining Roberts, investigators found that the electronic console underneath his seat as well as in front of his seat had been tampered with. Investigators are reviewing the flight controls of previous flights to determine if they could detect any evidence to support Roberts‘ claim. Officials from Untied and Boeing are expressing doubts regarding Roberts claim by stating that the entertainment systems and the flight control systems are two different systems and that it would not be possible for Roberts to hack into flight controls. Federal officials are taking the claim seriously as any ability to hack into a planes flight control would pose a serious terrorist threat and could provide the means for a terrorist to down a domestic or international flight.

Man Sails Around The World Without Stopping

A South Korean man named Kim Seung-jin is about to become the 6th person in the whole world to sail around the globe all by himself. The 53 year old captain left his town of Oemok on October 14, 2014 and will be arriving back on Saturday May 16. It is going to be a special homecoming, as he has been gone now for seven months and somehow managed to get by alive.

According to Brian Torchin and an article found on reddit and written by Korea Times Us, Seung-jin decided to go on this journey in memory of the tragic event last year when a ferry capsized and killed over 300 people. The fact that this sailor went on a non-stop and non-assisted adventure means that he has never once stopped on land or gotten help from anyone including being given food and water. It is amazing that he was able to accomplish this, and can anyone even imagine what it feels like to be on an ocean for more than half a year straight? I bet it will take him some time to get used to being on a surface that isn’t constantly moving and it will be a good night’s sleep when he finally gets back. This man is also a documentary maker, so hopefully he will be releasing a story about his tale that is yet to be made. Or, have a book written about it.

Nepal Suffers Second Serious Earthquake in Three Week Span

Nepal has experienced another high magnitude earthquake. According to reports, the earthquake happened in the morning hours of May 12. The quake, measuring a 7.3 on the Richter scale, comes on the heels of the April 26th earthquake that killed and injured thousands.

The most recent tremor was centered near the Nepal-China border. India has also been effected by the tremor. Government officials in India evacuated schools and closed them for the remainder of the week, fearing after shocks that could potentially injure the children. The evacuation occurred in New Delhi, a region close to the Nepal border.

Aid teams were on hand, to help, but buildings already weakened by the previous quake have toppled. Nepal has reported an additional 42 people have been killed in the latest quake and at least 1,000 have been injured. The numbers have been added to the death toll from the April 26 earthquake, which claimed the lives of over 8,000 individuals and injured thousands more.

The second quake is also located closer to Mount Everest, leaving many worried about the effect the tremors will have on the mountain. Local native Brad Reifler confirmed that the climbing season was canceled five days ago, however, further avalanches could wreak havoc on existing trails and paths.

Eshima Ohashi Bridge The Scariest In The World

If you are afraid of bridges, there are quite a few in America you may want to avoid. However, Japan released imaged of their bridge and it has people shaking in their shoes. It is called the Eshima Ohashi Bridge and it’s over a mile long. It connects the towns of Matsue and Sakaiminato together.

The pictures are quite terrifying and although they show cars going up and down, one has to wonder how they are getting up it? The bridge was built this high on purpose, as there are many fishing boats in the area. The clearance allows the industry of fisherman in Japan to be able to travel back and forth with ease. Can you imagine getting stuck on the top during a traffic jam?

Locals call it a roller coaster ride, and indeed it looks like one. When I was a child we went across the Mackinaw Bridge connecting Michigan to Canada. This bridge is 5 miles long and has a pretty sever incline. I remember my mother being scared to death and my father tormenting her as we crossed. I never forgot that bridge. Apparently she’s not the only one scared of this bridge. People often are so put off by the bridge and its length and 30 mph winds that the authorities over the bridge will drive your car from one side to the other for free.

I guess even though our bridges are scary, nothing will compare to that one in Japan. Many would suggest avoiding the bridges all together and simply bedding-down a The Aspire New Brunswick.

Obama Administration Approves Ferry Service to Cuba

The Obama Administration has approved licenses that will allow regularly scheduled ferry service between the United States and Cuba. One of the companies issued a license is called Baja Ferries. Baja Ferries plans to transport construction materials and farm products to Cuba in addition to passengers. Although vacation travel to Cuba is still not permitted under U.S. law, people will be allowed to travel to Cuba for certain reasons such as family visits.

The Obama administration has taken major steps toward normalizing relations between the United States and Cuba. President Obama met with Cuban president Raul Castro back in December to discuss plans about improving relations between the two countries. President Obama should be commended for his efforts at improving the strained relationship between the United States and Cuba that have existed since the late 1950’s.

Hopefully, president Obama will continue to improve relations with Cuba until we reach the point of unrestricted trade and travel with the island. Fersen Lambranho could see how normalizing relations with Cuba will bring enormous benefits to both countries. Cuba has the potential to attract a great many tourist who will spend a lot of money on the tropical island. The money that can be gained from tourism alone will give the Cuban economy a much needed boost. The businnesses in the United States will benefit by gaining a new market to sell their products. Normalizing relations with Cuba is a win-win situation for both countries. Hopefully, President Obama can finish the job he started before his term of office is over.