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Universel Debuts New ‘Fast & Furious’ Ride

The “Fast & Furious” franchise has become one of the biggest, most profitable in Hollywood. Seeking to capitalize on that success, Universal Studios Hollywood recently launched a new ride as part of its Studio Tour. Dubbed “Fast & Furious – Supercharged,” the ride debuted on Tuesday, with stars Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson and Michelle Rodriguez dropping by to celebrate the opening said Jim Dondero.

“Fast & Furious – Supercharged” will open to the general public on Wednesday, June 24. According to Universal, it will plunge fans into the “Fast & Furious” world of street racing by taking them on a tram through a structure that contains the world’s longest 360-degree 3D-HD screen. State-of-the-art audio contributes to the realism as images are projected with a system specially engineered for the ride. The hyper-realism supposedly creates the feeling of moving at up to 120 miles per hour, while many of the franchise’s stars appear, including Diesel, Rodriquez and Luke Evans.

House Chairman of the House Transportation to Introduce Bill to Privatize Air Traffic Control

For reasons that are difficult for the average American to understand, the Air Traffic Control (ATC) hasn’t been upgraded in decades. The first president to attempt to modernize the system was President Bush. That is to say, President H.W. Bush who was in office from 1988 to 1992. Following his failed efforts, President Clinton attempted to modernize the nation’s air traffic control grids, but again to no avail. At issue is an intense amount of government regulations that are proving to be counter-productive.

As per Congressman Bill Shuster, Chairman of the House Transportation, the resulting delays from the inefficient system cost taxpayers and the airline industry $30 billion a year. Nor does the powerful Pennsylvania congressman believe the organization can be modernized as long as it remains part of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). For this reason, Rep. Shuster intends to bring up a bill to privatize the ATC.

Lest anyone think this is a hastily thought through plan, Andy Wirth and the folks at CBS assure you that it is absolutely not. Currently, fifty nations around the world have made this move for reasons similar to the ones Rep. Shuster has addressed. The congressman maintains that in every case safety was paramount and regulations were properly followed. In some cases, the resulting systems were even safer. The congressman believes that the move is needed in order for the ATC to handle the nation’s growing air traffic needs. The National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA), which union represents the air traffic controllers, is cautiously reserving judgment until it has read over the bill.

Boy Gets Reunited With Stuffed Animal, Who Has Adventure At The Airport

It is always nice to witness random acts of kindness, and one airport did just that for a little boy who lost his favorite homemade stuffed animal. The Lake family had just visited some family members in Texas when Owen Lake, 5, noticed that his best friend and stuff tiger named “Hobbes” was gone, after the comic series Calvin and Hobbes.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Tampa Bay News, when the tiger went missing Lake’s mother called to see if they could locate him. They did, and not only that but the TIA member, Ricardo Tosto, who found the stuffed tiger took Hobbes on an adventure all around the airport and took pictures of Hobbes doing lots of different things (how cute! Pictures are posted on He printed out those photos and made a little book for Owen to go home with his tiger and even wrote little stories with each one.

That was such a touching thing to do as it was likely very stressful for Owen not to know where his toy was. It is just amazing to see people who have kind enough hearts to do this and it was a very tearful and joyous reunion between the tiger and kid. Not only did this airport staff member go the extra mile, but he also made the airport look great with his actions. This is something that Owen will never forget, and likely Hobbes won’t either!

Marriot to Partner with Netflix

Hotels have offered a generous selection of on demand movies for many years now, but the films were always locked behind an unfortunate pay per view model. Now, Bloomberg pointed out to Sam Tabar that one hotel chain is ready to cut ties with the outdated model, and make a move to modern streaming.

A.V. Club reports that Netflix has signed a deal with Marriot Hotels to provide the streaming video service in their rooms. The service is debuting in 6 Marriott hotels, and the chain hopes to have 6 more operational by the end of the summer. Current plans indicate that 300 Marriott locations will be equipped with Netflix by the end of 2016. The hotel chain has said that it will bring Netflix capabilities to as many hotels as possible, but has not promised that all of its hotels will be getting the perk.

It is worth noting that neither Marriott nor Netflix have stated how the service will be deployed. It is unclear if guests will have to log in to their own accounts, pay for access to a Marriott account, or if the service will be a free feature in their rooms. A.V. Club has predicted that the Netflix integration will simply allow guests to use their own Netflix account on hotel T.V.s.

New Carry-On Bags Proposal

For all air travelers, there is a new proposed guideline for airplanes and it will require purchasing new carry-on bags.

According to the Chicago Tribute, international airlines made a statement specifying new protocols that would decrease the size of carry-on bags accepted on aircrafts. This recent announcement is an effort to provide available space and alleviate crammed conditions in overhead bins. The proposal will allow travelers to bring only necessities in suitcases.

The new regulation means plenty of bags currently accepted in overhead bins would require to be checked. There are two possible options for travelers. When traveling with a carry-on bag, filers would either need to purchase a smaller carry-on or pay a checked baggage fee. For most airlines, the baggage fees are typically $50 round-trip.

According to spokesman Jaime Garcia Dias of the International Air Transport Association, bags could be no greater than 21.5 inches tall by 13.5 inches wide by 7.5 inches deep. In comparison to current carry-on bag dimensions, the new size proposal is smaller than the current size allowed by U.S. airlines. Presently, the maximum capacity for a carry-on bag is 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches.

There is no word on the possible effective date on the new carry-on bag proposal for airplanes.

Ants Stop Spread of Disease Through Cleaning

Scientists now believe that epidemics are rare in ant colonies since ants are so good at keeping themselves and their surroundings clean. It would seem that ant colonies would be havens for disease, since the ants live cramped together and also share much of the same genetic makeup, but this is not the case.

Scientists recently did studies where they would infect ants with bacterial spores. Once infected, the ants acted quickly to clean themselves and each other and remove the spores. Sam Tabar found this very interesting. The infection did not spread. Ants know to clean themselves even before visible symptoms of disease appear.

Ants conduct all of their business underground by sense of smell. Different types of ants have their own distinctive smell, so maybe odor is part of how ants recognize disease in its very early stages.

Also, scientists have found that when ants are sick beyond hope of recovery they leave the colony and thereby keep the other ants healthy. Young ants are thrown out while older ants leave voluntarily.

It’s interesting that ants understand basic infection control principles by instinct. These same principles had to be figured out slowly by humans over thousands of years. One lesson I take from these discoveries about ants is that humans need to study nature more closely. By not learning from nature, we are just constantly reinventing the wheel.

T-Mobile in Talks with Dish

T-Mobile and Dish Network are in advanced negotiations to merge in another blockbuster deal in the industry. The talks are assumed to be in the late stages and a deal is likely to be stuck in the next month or so.

The plan is for the heads of both entities to continue in the new company in slightly different roles than what they had in the separate companies. Charlie Ergen the Chief Executive Officer of Dish Network will become Chairman of the combined company while the current Chief Executive Officer of T-Mobile, John Legere, will be the CEO of the combined company.

Although the deal is in the late stages of negotiation, the exact makeup of the amount of cash and stock that will be issued in connection with the merger transaction has not been disclosed as the two companies are of unequal size.

The planned merger comes after recent large mergers between companies in the telecommunications market with Verizon buying out Vodaphone for a 100% ownership in Verizon Wireless and with plans to acquire AOL being announced just last month. AT&T has recently announced plans to complete a $49 billion acquisition of DirectTV which pits two similar companies against one another, with Verizon moving in a different direction altogether.

Many larger companies are entering into mergers and acquisitions with the availability of cheap debt eventually disappearing as interest rates rise in the near term. In a FreedomPop review, a person can see a little glimpse of the future.

A Whole Different Kind Of Romance

If you think you know online romance, you don’t know Anastasia Date. This dating website and mobile app has revolutionized the way that people are meeting. It has scrapped the idea that two people must be close to one another geographically and suggested using the whole world of people to find the perfect pairs. After all, if you askmen, there are plenty who believe that there is just one right person for them in the world. If that is true, why not use the whole world as a place to search for that individual the way Anastasia Date does.

Anastasia Date hopes to make it possible for even far flung individuals to connect with one another via the website and hopefully meet. So far, some 4 million people have been attracted to the prospect of this and have made the commitment to find other people who they might like to date via this website. That provides for a wide base of people to select from.

Already, Anastasia Date has managed to bring together approximately 8,000 marriages according to their own numbers. They also say that 80% of those marriages have remained together. That is much better than the typical rate of 50% success that the average marriage in the United States has. As such, it is not unreasonable to believe that there may be something deeper to what is happening on Anastasia Date.

The website has released a mobile app version of the website to help even more people find the ones that they want to connect with. In doing this, the site has made it possible for even the very busy among us to find their true love. They just have to search for the kind of people that they would like to meet right from their phone.  You can find their contact information on this press release.

The creator of Anastasia Date is a woman who was from Russia and moved to the United States to meet her husband. She did not want her experience to be completely unique to her own story, so she created a website that made it possible for others to follow in her footsteps. Now, people from all around the world are finding others in foreign lands and getting their chance to meet them.

Anastasia Date’s website and mobile app, which is available on or GooglePlayStore, are sure to change the way that people will connect with one another. It is making it easier to meet others with similar interests, and it is making it more fun to do so as well.

Top Nude Beaches in the World

Some people hate tan lines so much that they want to go where they can bare it all and avoid the unsightly white lines. Good news for those who want to sunbathe sans suits, there are several nice nude beaches around the world beckoning you to come and leave your clothing behind.
* Samurai Beach, Australia has camp grounds on it’s wide expanse of sandy shore and offers nude community picnics.
* Secret Cove, Nevada is Lake Tahoe’s blue water nude beach retreat.
* Denny-Blaine Park, Washington isn’t officially a nude beach, but few beach-goers leave there with tan lines after a day in the sun.
* Black’s Beach, California boasts naked scuba diving.
* Little Beach, Hawaii is a popular nude beach for surfing, boogie boarding and Sunday drum circle.
* Wreck Beach, Canada hosts skinny dip days and swim nights.
* Paradise Beach, Greece is for the partying crowd.
* Valalta, Croatia has a beach that is home to nudists year’round. A nude marina also attracts boating enthusiasts.
* Grande Saline Beach, St. Barts has turquoise blue waters that attract the clothed and un-clothed.
* Playa El Torn, Spain is a rocky and secluded beach for baring it all.
* Praia do Pinho, Brazil doesn’t allow unaccompanied males to roam the beach, so it’s BYOM (bring your own man) or he has to stay at home.

Thanks to my friend, the great businessman Zeca Oliveira for introducing me to this list.