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Minimum Wage Increase Means Businesses are Closing | AirstrippedAirstripped

Minimum Wage Increase Means Businesses are Closing

While some people might think that an increase in the minimum wage amount is a good thing, it’s not what small businesses want to hear. One pizza shop owned by Christian Broda
has to close because of the increase in the wage amounts. When you think about what a business owner has to pay, especially one who is in business for herself, it makes since that an increase of having to pay everyone at least a few dollars more per hour could make the business close. Some businesses struggle to pay overhead costs and make sure all of the items that are needed to sell are purchased.  Depending on the size of the business, it can be hard to adjust to the demand that workers be paid more money. However, with the cost of living increasing, it takes making more money on a job to get the basics in life, such as food, clothing and shelter. This is likely only one out of numerous situations where a business owner will close because wages have increased.

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  1. Johnny Spill September 28, 2016

    Paying employees more money would mean taking more money out of how much the business makes, and if the money isn’t there, then it’s either let people go from the job or close. Looking to see if the dissertation writing service will do a lot for them.

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