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Ethics to Editing Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a website and resource unlike any other in the 21st century. The website has become THE go to destination for seekers of knowledge and it has done so in a startlingly short amount of time, just over one decade. Wikipedia is home to millions of pages of constantly updated data that reflects information as it becomes up to date. In order to keep all of these pages update Wiki creation on Get Your Wiki must employ a volunteer work force to monitor, update, and quality control the entire foundation. Many editors find their way to the website after using the resource passionately for years. For those that want to contribute, there are a few key takeaways when considering leaping in and they primarily have to deal with ethics.

Edit Without Bias
In order to become a steadfast contributor to the many pages of Wikipedia users must first be willing to cast aside any thoughts of bias or non neutral writing. Wikipedia employs the Neutral Point of View (NPV) when editing and all workers must follow it to the T. This means that if a writer cannot maintain a neutral stance on a topic that their work is compromised and thus must not be considered relevant and be summarily deleted or rolled back. There are many controversial subjects on Wikipedia so it makes sense that not everyone can maintain their neutral perspective, the effort must still be made.

Avoid Adding Personal Pages
As with the topic above, users must avoid adding personal pages to the Wikipedia. While the website is truly open source, allowing anyone to add pages, it is still frowned upon to add content that is directly related to a personal subject such as a business or personal relationship. Not only are personal pages routinely biased, but they also don’t typically meet the Wikipedia Notability Standards that are outlined in the Wikipedia Manual of Style. With that being said, if an author IS notable enough to add their own page to the Wikipedia then they should consider utilizing Get Your Wiki.

Get Your Wiki
In the event that a user has a notable enough presence to warrant a Wikipedia page then they should think of employing the website, Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki adheres to all Wikipedia standards and regulations while focusing on getting well written articles installed into the encyclopedia for their clients. This is a quick and professional way to land a Wikipedia page.

Brazil’s Eucatex Continues To Thrive Worldwide

Eucatex is a fascinating company that’s rich history began decades ago in 1951. Originally operating as a panel’s factory, Eucatex was mainly focused towards the production and distribution of linings and insulating from eucalyptus wood fibers. It was the first Brazilian company to use raw eucalyptus for its environmental and acoustic comfort to produce its goods. The business evolved at a tremendous pace to where it is today, meeting the needs of a vast array of customers all over the world.

The company now provides materials and products to furniture manufacturers, packaging, cats, toys, and supplies large industrial construction. It operates in many sectors of the construction and furniture industry. Today Eucatex is made up of four factories: one manufactures plates, paints and varnishes in Salto, the second and third is geared towards panels and flooring in Botucatu and finally a forestry unit.

Eucatex has a parent company, The Maluf family, which is chaired by Flavio Maluf. Mr Maluf is a graduate of FAAP where he received a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and is also a vastly experienced entrepreneur and mechanical engineer. He is considered to be the president of not only Eucatex companies but also GrandFood group. Flavio Maluf has held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex since April of 2005.

Eucatex is a very sustainable company as it is guaranteed for 44 hectares of forest in the state of Sao Paulo. Eucatex is held in very high standard because of its environmental practices and standards. It has been awarded international certifications, which ensure the company adheres to stringent environmental, social and economic standards. Eucatex was also oversaw the implementation of the first wood recycling line on such a large scale in South America.

With its growth, Eucatex has invested heavily in more advanced production techniques and products. The furniture segments of the company have began producing doors and panels of high technology and mechanical resistance. Eucatex’s growth and popularity has boomed since its humble beginnings. 2011 marked the companies 60th year in business and a chance to look back on the achievements throughout the past and to the present. Eucatex is now a market leader in its division and employs 2,201 employees; it exports its products to 37 countries worldwide.

Skout changed my life

Because it’s made a huge difference in the way I live my life. The biggest reason why Skout has been so influential in my life is because I use it to promote my ministry. You would never know that Skout is a network where there are a lot of religious people, but I guess you can find that on any social media network out there. I finally decided to join Skout in order to make some friends, but I was also looking for people who wanted to join the church. Skout has locations on each member, and it allows people to know which city I’m in.

If someone looks me up on Skout, or if they try to talk to me, they’ll know exactly where I am, and a lot of them tend to want to go to my church. I work directly with my church leaders, and I had promised to try and bring in more members. I had never thought about using Skout to bring in church members because I always thought it was a place for dating. The fact is that Skout is a socializing website, so as long as I socialize, I’ll be able to find a lot of friends.

I put together a list of people who I really liked on the Skout network, and I would gently ask them if they were willing to visit my church. Most people didn’t take any offense to what I asked, but there were a few people who said they preferred not to talk about religion online. I completely respected anyone’s opinion, especially if they decline to visit my church, but I still had a lot of success using the Skout network. I had at least 20 people that I met on the Skout network come to my church, and most of them continued coming back to my church.

The Skout network is a great place to find recruits for any type of business, but it’s also a good place to recruit people who don’t have a home church to go to. I’ve been able to help a lot of people go to church again, and many of them have personally thanked me for bringing them to my church. Although it seems weird to use a social media network for church purposes, I’m not the only one who does it. I’m just grateful that the Skout network has allowed me to bring more people to the Lord.

FreedomPop Expanding its Services Globally

FreedomPop is a free wireless internet and mobile service provider and was founded in 2011. They are based in Los Angeles, California. Steven Sokols, the CEO and Co-Founder, said they expect to raise 50 million in funding from investors this year and are planning to expand their services to Europe and Latin America. The mobile phone service provider currently has close to one million customers in the United States. The Company has raised $30 million in funding led by Partech Ventures.
FreedomPop includes free 200 minutes of talk time, free 200 texts and free 200MB of data a month, but light users will find that is plenty for them. In addition, those on the service also get free international calling to over 60 countries and free unlimited calls to other FreedomPop members. You will be able to choose plans from 2GB to as large at 10GB, and will still find prices far cheaper than what’s offered by the competition. To use FreedomPop’s services, you have to buy a device that provides you with access to the Sprint network. Americans who use the network will also be able to take advantage of the FreedomPop’s new markets’ network whenever they travel.
Get 500MB of additional FREE monthly data when you refer your friends; share the extra monthly data you don’t use with your friends. Unlike other carriers, FreedomPop has no contracts and can be cancelled anytime without any penalties or commitments.
The company announced in May that they will launch a basic, SIM-only, the FreedomPop Jetsetter, which is described as “the world’s first free roaming data SIM” card providing 100MB of data a month for free, again offering paid-for add-on services. The basic free service will cover 200 minutes of calls, 200 text and 200MB of data
Europe is one of the most competitive and saturated markets and yet Sokols claims that people are used to switching all the time and what could be more attractive than offering it for free and that is why he feels that FreedomPop offers the best opportunity to succeed in Europe.
Recently they raised another $10 million in funding, FreedomPop’s new partnership and also gained access to Axiata’s vast network. Axiata is the largest Asian mobile carrier, in Southeast Asia.
To track your usage, FreedomPop provides you with a dashboard that displays not only how much you’ve used in a given month, but times and dates for usage and is a nice way to correlate what you did with how much bandwidth you used.

The Dangers Of Dogs Eating Chocolate

While we as humans might love a little piece of chocolate here and there as an indulgence, you want to make sure that you keep your beloved pup away from the chocolate stash in your house. Chocolate is made up of roasted seeds that come from the cocoa tree. These seeds are very toxic to dogs as well as cats because of the caffeine and theobromine that are present. These ingredients are actually stimulants and when a dog consumes them, this can over stimulate the animal’s heart as well as central nervous system. If enough chocolate is consumed, this can also put some additional wear and tear on the kidneys and the bronchial muscles can be altered which affects breathing.

If you have a cat in the house they will usually sniff a piece of chocolate and move along. This is because they simply don’t like the smell and don’t want anything to do with the sweet substance. Dogs, however, are a little more inquisitive and will poke around a bag of chocolate, taking a nibble or even devouring an entire bag. You may figure out what happened when you find them nose deep in a bag of chocolate or you might notice a change in behavior. Your pet may even become sick, have irregular bowel movements or act differently.

If you suspect or can confirm that you dog has consumed chocolate, even in a small amount, it is wise to call your vet in order to have your pet checked out. Dogs metabolize chocolate very slowly so the damage can occur immediately or it could take a day or two to see any physical problems present themselves. It may take your pet a day or two to get back on track and during that time it is important to provide your pet with a high quality, nutritious dog food that will keep them full and happy. This allows their body to recover from the contamination. Beneful on twitter is a great brand of dog food that provides only the highest quality ingredients around. You can trust that you dog is getting all of the nutrition that he or she needs.

It is important to remember the severity of a dog eating chocolate in order to prevent your pet from coming into contact with anything harmful. Just 250 milligrams of theobromine found in chocolate can be lethal to a dog depending on their size. Keep chocolate up high and away from curious noses. If you do notice vomiting, diarrhea, changes in breathing, seizures or anything else that alarms you, immediately call your veterinarian’s office to address the situation. There are a number of steps that can be taken in order to quickly rectify the situation and save your beloved pet before it is too late.

The Amazing Doe Deere And Her Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is a highly-skilled business executive and entrepreneur. She’s also an internet sensation because of her makeup line called Lime Crime. This Brooklyn, New York based business woman also known as Xenia has been creating quite a buzz because of the super bright, crazy colors available in her Lime Crime line. But brilliant colors are just a small part of what makes Doe Deere’s Candyfuture Lipsticks and Magic Dust eyeshadows so popular. Many people also rave about the ease with which they can be applied and how long they last.

The marketing maven and she has taken the internet by storm. Her products draw legions of fans to the cosmetic line’s unique style and ability to remain in place and look good all day long. Plus Doe Deere knows how to use her personality and appearance to draw attention to her products. With a sweet Russian accent and girl-net-door good looks and it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to her. Then once you try her products, you’re hooked.

Even the packaging Deere uses for her makeup line has caused a sensation. Her packaging is pink, features unicorns, has a unique personality, and makes a fashion statement all of their own. For modern, edgy, fashionistas, simply pulling out the Lime Crime package is enough to cause a stir. The bright colors and super intense pigments on the package and in the tubes make heads turn and attract loads of attention. Wearing products from the Lime Crime line can make anyone no matter what they are wearing go from ordinary to extraordinary. Doe Deere has an audience that’s truly passionate about her products.

The response to her products has been overwhelmingly positive. Once people see the products, they just can’t stop talking about them. The soft spoken, charming Deere has really struck a nerve with the young, the not so young, and the young at heart that want to make a statement. Her product line is definitely different. But that’s a good thing for people who want to stand out in an era where unconventional looks are flooding their way into mainstream venues. Deere herself is very polite and intelligent and always has time for her customers and fans.

Doe Deere has worked extremely hard to build brand awareness. She shares video of her creative process, constantly reaches out to her customers, and is trying to create product lines that will be more than just short term fads. Doe Deere is an amazing businesswoman who’s willing to pay her dues to ensure the success of her burgeoning brand. She is an internet phenomenon that reaches out to her audience every day on Twitter and her blog to provide them with the latest information on new products or interesting ways to use the products in her line.

Doe Deere is the consummate modern businessperson. One who recognizes the power of the internet and social media and has leveraged it to create a wildly successful brand.

Zeca Oliviera And Other Investment Advisors Can Help With Investing In Brazil

Brazilian investment advisor Zeca Oliveira is quickly becoming one of the most popular people in Brazil. Over the past few years he has made his employers and many, many investors very happy. Zeca Oliviera knows Brazil has great potential for growth and has been able to connect investors to the businesses just beginning to fulfill their potential. It has made him one of Brazil’s most respected investment managers. He helped Bridge Trust grow from R $900 million to R $2.5 billion in funds under management in just one year. His decision to have Bridge Trust partner with Gradual Investmentos will pay dividends for decades.

Brazil is a great place to invest. It has plentiful natural resources, a growing economy, and the 2016 Olympics are in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. That has already added billions of international dollars to the economy and jobs to the Brazilian workforce. The results of this combination is business is booming in Brazil. Brazilian companies are also doing well in the global marketplace. The stock markets in Brazil are filled with companies on the verge of exploding on to the world scene. Now is a good time to invest in them.

The amount of natural resources Brazil has is mind boggling. There is bauxite, chromium, copper, diamonds, gold, graphite, iron ore, mercury, mica, petroleum, timber, tin, titanium, zinc, and more. Brazilian businesses are making incredible products using those natural resources and offering them on the world market. That has led the value of those companies to skyrocket. This offers investors numerous opportunities to invest in a company on the rise and make a significant profit for years to come. The Brazilian stock markets are littered with companies like these.

Another reason to invest in Brazil is the rate at which the economy is growing. The Rio Olympics in 2016 has led to a lot of construction and major capital and infrastructure products. All this building has been a major boost to employment for both local residents and highly skilled foreign professionals that are needed to handle the workload. This has resulted in millions of people in Brazil walking around with pockets full of money and looking to buy food, clothing, shelter, and entertainment. Businesses are popping all over the country to facilitate them. This has investors smiling all the way to the bank.

Now is a great time for investing in Brazil. The economy is booming, the locals are flush with cash, the stock markets are laden with successful companies, and the Olympics are coming to town. There are excellent investment advisors like Zeca Oliveira that can provide you with insight into the Brazilian market and guide you to profitable companies. Ones that will continue to pay sizable dividends for decades. They can also make you aware of Brazilian companies that are poised to make their mark on the world stage.

If you’re looking for a great investment opportunity where you can park your money and watch it grow, look into investing your money in Brazil.

How To Select The Right Lawyer or Law Firm In Brazil

Finding the right law firm or lawyer for your situation should not be difficult. In order to find the right law firm or lawyer to handle your case in Brazil, keep a few basic guidelines in mind.

The first thing to consider when finding a lawyer is how well a lawyer’s previous experiences match up with your case. The right type of lawyer is necessary for proper handling of your case. Has the lawyer had many successful cases similar to yours? Not all lawyers in Brazil handle every type of case, so before you consider hiring some it is important to inquire about the types of cases he or she handles. Choosing a lawyer in Brazil, who has experience in your type of case is essential for providing a competent representation. With a little research, you can find a lawyer who can handle even the most arcane areas of the Brazilian law.

Everyone has a budget and that is especially true when it comes to hiring a lawyer. Always find out about prices when you set up a consultation, or meet with a lawyer, and make sure to ask for an itemized statement of charges and fees. There are some lawyers that will not charge you if they don’t win your case. This is known as contingency, and it usually depends on the type of case you need help with. But keep in mind that not all attorneys offer this arrangement, so you should consider your options before agreeing to any type of fee structure.

As you probably already know, most Brazilian lawyers are very efficient. In fact, there are many great law firms and lawyers in Brazil that have received many raving reviews. Lawyer who have great reviews due to track record, are the types of lawyers you want to look for. These are usually the best choice for anyone who wants to obtain the best representation possible. These competent lawyers may charge higher fees than others, but some of them are definitely worth the money.

Having the right lawyer in Brazil to protect your rights is critical to obtaining a successful outcome. In any type of case, including business law related cases, hiring an experienced lawyer who has a great reputation, will make the other side’s legal team think twice about how they approach the case. Having the right lawyer on your side, will protect your legal interest and help achieve the outcome you are also looking for.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a prominent Brazilian lawyer who has been achieving great results for his clients. He has a thorough knowledge of the Brazilian law and has been able to apply it to specific cases. He has the ability to litigate and argue cases convincingly. He knows how to research effectively, and how to get the best possible outcome in his client’s cases. Mr Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has great expertise in corporate and business law litigation, and owns some of the most successful law firms in Brazil.