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The Amazing Doe Deere And Her Lime Crime Cosmetics | AirstrippedAirstripped

The Amazing Doe Deere And Her Lime Crime Cosmetics

Doe Deere is a highly-skilled business executive and entrepreneur. She’s also an internet sensation because of her makeup line called Lime Crime. This Brooklyn, New York based business woman also known as Xenia has been creating quite a buzz because of the super bright, crazy colors available in her Lime Crime line. But brilliant colors are just a small part of what makes Doe Deere’s Candyfuture Lipsticks and Magic Dust eyeshadows so popular. Many people also rave about the ease with which they can be applied and how long they last.

The marketing maven and she has taken the internet by storm. Her products draw legions of fans to the cosmetic line’s unique style and ability to remain in place and look good all day long. Plus Doe Deere knows how to use her personality and appearance to draw attention to her products. With a sweet Russian accent and girl-net-door good looks and it’s easy to see why so many people are drawn to her. Then once you try her products, you’re hooked.

Even the packaging Deere uses for her makeup line has caused a sensation. Her packaging is pink, features unicorns, has a unique personality, and makes a fashion statement all of their own. For modern, edgy, fashionistas, simply pulling out the Lime Crime package is enough to cause a stir. The bright colors and super intense pigments on the package and in the tubes make heads turn and attract loads of attention. Wearing products from the Lime Crime line can make anyone no matter what they are wearing go from ordinary to extraordinary. Doe Deere has an audience that’s truly passionate about her products.

The response to her products has been overwhelmingly positive. Once people see the products, they just can’t stop talking about them. The soft spoken, charming Deere has really struck a nerve with the young, the not so young, and the young at heart that want to make a statement. Her product line is definitely different. But that’s a good thing for people who want to stand out in an era where unconventional looks are flooding their way into mainstream venues. Deere herself is very polite and intelligent and always has time for her customers and fans.

Doe Deere has worked extremely hard to build brand awareness. She shares video of her creative process, constantly reaches out to her customers, and is trying to create product lines that will be more than just short term fads. Doe Deere is an amazing businesswoman who’s willing to pay her dues to ensure the success of her burgeoning brand. She is an internet phenomenon that reaches out to her audience every day on Twitter and her blog to provide them with the latest information on new products or interesting ways to use the products in her line.

Doe Deere is the consummate modern businessperson. One who recognizes the power of the internet and social media and has leveraged it to create a wildly successful brand.

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