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Weathering the Digital Reputational Storm: Darius Fisher and Status Labs

From the kind of social faux pas which weakens an online social presence to the unintended release of sensitive information on Facebook or Twitter, we’ve all heard of public relations social media disasters. These types of problems can stem from being doxxed – or having your personal information or images posted online. It can also be a simply misunderstood social update. Both of these situations can cause a digital reputation crisis.

These types of situations can be damaging on a personal level or can do nigh-irreparable harm to the good name of a brand, but how can a brand or persona repair their increasingly important online presence? Darius Fisher, co-founder of Status Labs, has made it his calling to repair damaged online reputations. Recognized on PRWeek as one of the “Innovation 50”, Darius has been successfully repairing the digital presence of both individuals and companies.

One of the largest digital crises, which happened in the last several months, is the massive Ashley Madison hack. Ashley Madison, a social media dating site which caters to users who are in committed relationships, was the target of an extensive hack that released personal information, including the names and credit card information of all of its subscribers. The impact of this hack on all those involved, from the affected users and their families to Ashley Madison the brand itself, was nigh apocalyptic.

Darius and his team at Status Labs responded immediately to this digital crisis by offering free crisis communications counseling for those affected by the recent hacks. This counseling helps victims get ahead of the waves of damage caused by this intrusion. Those exposed create a ‘damage control plan’ that enables them to reach out proactively to those in their personal or professional circles who may be damaged collaterally by this act of cyber crime.

Darius is no stranger to the types of reputation damage that can be done in the digital realm. Darius once helmed a company that was accused of editing Wikipedia entries against the policies of the site itself. Having drawn impetus to help those who’ve suffered damage to their online reputations from this personally humbling crisis, Darius helped co-found Status Labs four years ago. Since then, Status Labs has served over 1500 clients in a variety of global markets, managing online reputation, SEO, and PR.

It’s good to know that when digital catastrophes occur, there are a number of digital options, such as Darius Fisher’s Status Labs, which will help the affected weather the digital storm.

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