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My Fat Transfer Turned Out Great Because Of Dr. Jennifer Walden | AirstrippedAirstripped

My Fat Transfer Turned Out Great Because Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

I’m a guy with arms and legs that are very slim. I’ve tried everything to bulk up my muscle, but it seems as if my muscles are not going to the right locations of my body to make me look good. I’ve had girls try to talk to me, and a soon as they see me with shorts on or with a tank top on, then they start making fun of how skinny I am. I’ve tried everything to bulk up, but nothing is working for me. Although this is never something that I thought of before, I figured that surgery might be something that can help me out.

I heard of guys in the past having calf implants and also getting silicone implants to look bulky, but I wanted a fat transfer. I didn’t know where the fat would come from, so I tried my best to gain some weight. I didn’t have a very hard time gaining weight; it’s gaining muscle that was my problem. I actually gained 20 pounds within just a few months, just because I ate a lot of junk food. Although what I did was not very smart, I decided that since I gained some weight, I would then look for a plastic surgeon.

I found an excellent surgeon near my hometown of Austin, Texas named Dr. Jennifer Walden, who is a top doctor with many certifications. It turns out that Dr. Jennifer Walden had worked on males in the past, so my case was nothing new. I let her know that I wanted fat transferred from certain parts of my body to my arms and my calf area. I was warned that the results would vary, but I didn’t care.

I told Dr. Jennifer Walden that I wanted the procedures. I went in for surgery, and I came out a new person. After taking time off to heal from the procedure, I was able to check out the work that was done, and although I didn’t have a muscular look in my arms and legs, I look thicker now, and I like the way Dr. Jennifer Walden made me look.

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