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Andy Wirth After The Incorporate Olympic Valley Movement Ends

Community Cohesiveness

Fans of the popular reality television series Undercover Boss probably recognize business executive Andy Wirth. The personable CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC appeared on the show a few years ago. He recently commented about the end of the effort by some groups to incorporate Olympic Valley, the site of the Squaw Valley Resort. Mr. Wirth expressed the hope that public attention would focus upon issues of interest to everyone, such as transportation.

Regardless of individual views of residents about the subject of incorporating Olympic Valley, probably most local people would agree that greater cohesion awaits residents of the scenic North Lake Tahoe region in California. Blessed with some of the most stunning scenery in the state, the area has long appealed winter sports enthusiasts and people appreciating outdoor adventure.

Hard Times

Indeed, in addition to controversy concerning whether or not Olympic Valley should incorporate, many people experienced hard times during the past four years. Andy Wirth summed up the interlude as a “very, very tough” period of time.

Some businesses that depend upon snowfall for revenues found the recent drought especially challenging. The weather exacted a heavy burden upon most of the ski resorts in the Olympic Valley area. The conditions also impacted businesses in the community that rely extensively upon resort customers as a source of revenue. Hospitality industry providers, ski shops and sport wear retailers felt the impact of these climatic changes.

A Promising Future

Then, to the relief of many local firms, in 2015 the winter ski season arrived with gusto. Early storms joined with chilly temperatures to launch this year’s season on the slopes earlier than during recent memory. Combined with the resolution of the incorporation debate, the development heralds a new period of greater community cohesiveness in the view of many.

Andy Wirth expressed the hope that more attention would focus on transportation, an important topic for the entire region. Interest in that subject extends beyond the borders of the Olympic Valley community. He hopes an opportunity for “healing” has now arisen.

Community Dedication

Andy Wirth in the past has already taken steps to promote greater community unity. He frequently contributes generously to civic causes, and also to environmental efforts.

After nearly losing his life while sky diving, he established a charitable organization to raise funds for Navy SEALs returning to civilian life. His efforts on behalf of this cause helped make him a well known local figure.

Promising Prospects

Olympic Valley appears poised for a period of greater community cohesion. Like the weather, this issue potentially impacts everyone. A major source for material in this article appeared in the Reno-Gazette Journal.

How Does Andy Wirth Feel About Olympic Valley Incorporation?

A new article in the Reno Gazette-Journal shares thoughts from Squaw Valley Ski CEO Andy Wirth. Andy has long been an opponent of incorporation in the valley, and he is not backing down from his stance. He would like to come to some sort of compromise, but his views must first be understood. This article explains what Andy would like to see instead of a protracted fight over incorporation.

#1: What Is The Olympic Valley?

The Olympic Valley is an area of northern California that gets amazing snowfall every year, and the area takes on many tourists every year. The Squaw Valley hosted the Olympics in 1960, and people in the area today call it the Olympic Valley. Andy owns many ski lodges in the area, and he loves living there for most of the year. Andy has invested quite a lot of money in making the Olympic Valley beautiful, and he does not want to see people chased off by an incorporation battle.

#2: Andy Has Been Fighting For Some Time

Those in favor of incorporation have been fighting with Andy since the issue came up, and Andy does not want to see the Olympic Valley turned into its own city. Incorporation is something that Andy believes will ruin the tranquil nature of the community, and he fears government intrusion into the way people live there. This is a remote and beautiful area that should not be run with higher taxes, and Andy has been fighting against such proposals.

#3: Andy Wants To See A Compromise

Andy knows that people who want to incorporate will raise taxes on every person in the area, and Andy believes there is a compromise to be made. He knows that the new government would raise taxes on everyone, and there are many people in the Olympic Valley who simply cannot afford to pay taxes that are used only to manage a new government. Consolidation only works for Andy if it is done without the tax-and-spend principles that he believes will happen. He does not want to lay off members of his staff, and he does not want to see people run out of the community with massive property taxes.

Andy Wirth’s desire for a compromise shows that he wants to make the Olympic Valley a better place for everyone who lives there. Andy knows people who own small patches of land who cannot afford higher taxes, and Andy’s businesses cannot afford to keep their employees with business taxes are raised. Andy’s desire for better governance comes from a need to make the Olympic Valley a better tourist attraction, but he is not willing to put people out in order to pay for a new government.

Avi Weisfogal Explores Operation Smile

Usually, the way a dentist helps out a patient is by sitting the patient in a chair and performing an examination. Avi Weisfogel definitely follows this old tried-and-true method of delivering care. He also has another way to make sure certain patients get the care they so desperately need. He has launched a GoFundMe campaign for “Operation Smile”, a fantastic charity that helps underprivileged children around the world access medical and dental care.

Operation Smile was founded in 1982, and the venture has done a lot to help children who otherwise would not be able to access or afford the care they need. Funding is required in order to ensure ventures such as these are able to remain in operation. The actual persons in charge of Operation Smile do rely on others to help raise funds.

Avi Weisfogal has done a lot to help those suffering from various dental and medical conditions. Several years ago, he formed a partnership with other doctors to help treat people with sleep problems. Dubbed “Healthy Heart Sleep”, the program was followed up with “Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients: and “Dental Sleep Masters”. As the names suggest, Avi Weisfogal is motivated to help others provide treatment to people suffering from sleep apnea and other disorders.

Weisfogal’s background in dental medicine is significant. He received his DDS degree from the New York University College of Dentistry. He has been in private practice in New Jersey for quite some time, and he received numerous “Best Dentists” awards over the years.

One the GoFundMe page he runs for Operation Smile, those interested in helping out can do so. Making a donation is fairly easy. Thanks to the work of Avi Weisfogal, more and more people have now learned about the cause and are contributing to it.

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Charles Koch: A Smaller Government Means More Opportunities

Charles Koch was born to second generation Dutch immigrants in 1935. For college, Koch attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While there, he received a Bachelor of Science for general engineering and 2 Masters, one for mechanical and one for chemical engineering. After graduating, Charles Koch moved back to his hometown of Wichita and began working at his father’s firm, a middle sized oil company. After working there for 6 years, he was promoted to President and led the firm to an unprecedented 5 decades of unparalleled success. The firm has grown 2000 times over and has started to generate revenues of 90 billion dollars. Charles Koch alone is worth more than 41 billion dollars.

Charles Koch has identified as a libertarian and will commonly heavily support both libertarian and republican politicians. He also supports many different philanthropic organizations, especially ones that support views of the free-market. But he is also involved in cultural philanthropies to advance art and opportunities for artists. Due to his philanthropic and business successes, Koch has received many awards. These include awards from organizations like the University of Kansas, the Washburn Law School Association, the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Charles Koch recently wrote an article that The Washington Post published. The article was an op-ed and Koch addressed his similarities and differences to Senator Bernie Sanders. He used several examples to show how big government and big spending actually does the opposite of what it is supposed to do. Koch explained that a free society gives everyone a much more equal opportunity to succeed. In the op-ed, Koch encouraged individuals to vote for candidates, no matter the political party, that stood for a free society. This type of society is one where everyone has the ability to live their life the way they please as long as they do not get in the way of others who want to do the same. It also means that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and that people should be treated with tolerance, respect and dignity, along with allowances for free speech and free markets. This type of society encourages people to to help others in order to succeed. Charles Koch made it clear that there has yet to be a Presidential candidate that embraces this concept but when there is one, he will be a supporter.

Keith Mann Scholarship Mission

Keith Mann has proven his philanthropy by offering to support the uncommon schools in the United States through giving scholarships to the learners of those schools. The uncommon schools are a non-profit organization charter based management in the US. The scholarships are meant to manage and creative a new group of innovative leaders and will be awarded to students graduating to senior schools each year from those uncommon schools. The scholarships will be of great help or students to get an opportunity to attend a four-year college thanks to the move by Keith to motivate the students.

Keith Mann is a New York-based entrepreneur and the head of Dynamics Search Partners (DSP). Keith Mann is an expert in the executive industry which he has been working in for 115 years. He is a great advocate of education, and he commits himself to find great leaders with [potential whom he then connects to companies helping them to succeed. He launched an alternative investment in the dynamics search partners back in 2002 after realizing a market that was rapidly growing but not fully implemented by the community. He has since then been an expert in the hedge fund compensation, and also in strategies of hiring and staffing. Keith has managed DSP to work with firms in the United States in the industry of alternative investment to the satisfaction of close to 200 clients each year.

Keith aims to support students from low-income families to pursue careers they want and succeeds in their professionals. Students will win the scholarship by writing a 1000 word essay of how obtaining a college degree will assist them in achieving their professional objectives and goals. From his advocacy in education, Keith wants to increase the opportunities for student from low-income families to reach their dreams.

The winner of the scholarship will be announced in March and awarded a total of $5000 scholarship to pursue his dreams. The scholarships are pen to student seniors who are attending Uncommon High School Charter in Brooklyn. Mann’s generosity is eminent with this new mission to support the disadvantaged. He will not only change the lives of the students but also for their families and the society too. They will also encourage students at the senior school to perform well to obtain a chance to attend college.

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Handy’s Ascent to International Success

Handy is an app that links home cleaning professionals with homeowners safely and securely. The free-to-download app, available from all app stores, has no strings for use and no money to be paid unless a cleaning job is booked and completed. Homeowners are able to choose from any available, locally-based home cleaner to perform desired services. Homeowners can message cleaners and agree upon services and price before locking the appointment in.

Handy has experienced success largely because of its closely monitored application system. Only experienced, qualified, and trouble-free hires make it to the listings, and even then they aren’t guaranteed a permanent spot. Some cleaners end up on the listings but break codes of conduct outside of work and must be laid off from Handy. At Handy, safety and orderliness are both equally paramount.

Handy is currently located in more than 25 areas spread across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Handy plans to expand its horizons in 2016 after receiving a large amount of funding from various financiers.

More than one million cleaning jobs have been booked and carried out in the three years Handy has been available for download. No other application is responsible for facilitating as many cleaning jobs performed, even Craigslist. Handy is expected to continue to grow over the next five-year period and draw more customers and cleaners to its ranks.

Not only home cleaners list on Handy, as many construction workers look for jobs to complete for homeowners. Since Handy is free to use and its moderators allow other jobs to be advertised on the application, those available to take advantage of the application’s essentially free advertising usually jump on any chance they have. Managers estimate that more than 10% of listings are comprised of those offering handymen or remodeling services.

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James Dondero: More Than 2 Decades With Highland Capital

James Dondero has seen success in and out of the financial world. Outside of it Jim has been asked to serve on the boards of organizations like MGM Studios, Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, American Banknote and NexBank. He has also had success in getting registered as a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. But before achieving all of this, Jim started out as a student at the University of Virginia’s Mcintire School of Commerce.

After graduation, Jim worked for other companies for about a decade. In the early 1990s, he decided it was time to go out on his own. He started Highland Capital Management and has never looked back. James Dondero formed Highland Capital on 3 principles: being bold, being discipline and being experienced. The firm has earned their claim of being experienced by being the biggest United States collateralized loan obligations manager. They have also pioneered markets in both loans and CLOs. The firm has earned the claim of being disciplined through its practice and completion of the “alpha by avoidance” theory. The firm believes that to be the best, they need to be able to find the bad investments and avoid them completely. They also have a comprehensive system of checks and balances that helps them avoid risks and volatility. The firm has earned its claim to boldness by remaining independent and creating solutions for their clients and investors and not their products.

Highland Capital Management’s portfolio was analyzed by Octa Finance, who did a review of their 2015 third quarter 13F filing. Octa Finance found out what activity the firm had been up to and what changes had occurred. During the course of the third quarter, the firm purchased 69 new stocks for their portfolio. The fund also made purchases in 62 other stocks that they already had in order to increase their position. The company sold out of 119 stocks, although Octa Finance was not able to identify a specific reason. The fund also decreased its position in 80 stocks.

The fund’s top 10 holdings represent almost 30 percent of their entire portfolio, which is worth about 3.42 billion dollars. This worth is the fund’s equity exposure and represents about 22 percent of the firm’s total asset value, roughly 15 billion dollars.

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A New Outlook For The Dog Food Industry

The dog food industry is undergoing some changes that the Daily Herald covered in a recent article. The article talked about how dog food is getting more specialized and how it is following trends that have been popular in human food. Among the more specialized food includes products put out by larger companies like Purina. They have a dog food for older dogs called Bright Minds. This food is made with medium chain triglycerides that help dogs to better metabolize their food so that they have more energy.

Newer companies are also taking advantage of the latest trends. Freshpet has decided to go with refrigerated dog food. Now consumers can find products by Freshpet in their own branded and refrigerated display cases in thousands of stores around the country, including Whole Foods Market, Purinastore, Target and Wal-Mart. Freshpet has a high end line called Vital Raw and it is plugging into the very popular paleo diet. Now consumers can feed their dogs what their wolf ancestors would have eaten hundreds of years ago. The food contains ingredients like raw chicken, probiotics, spinach, sweet potato and kale. Freshpet ensures consumers that the food is also grain free to more closely mimic the eating patterns of dogs from long ago.

More nutritious dog food is all the rage now and companies like Beneful understand that. Beneful has only been around for a little more than a decade but they have already taken the market by storm. In 2012 they turned over 1.5 billion dollars, which made Beneful one of the five most popular dog foods on the market.

The dog food that Beneful offers comes with the freshest of ingredients. Consumers will find real turkey, chicken, lamb, salmon and beef in their different recipe options. They will also find a variety of vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach and barley to give the food the nutritional content that will best serve a dog’s digestion and health. The products offered include dry dog food, wet dog food and dog treats in all different sizes.


Wikipedia Pages Will Improve Business Recognition

Some very smart business people discovered that a free source exists to brand their business or market their business. Others use the site to create a more credible identity. The free source is Wikipedia. You’ve probably noticed that Wikipedia pages are always at the top of the search engine results list. Millions visit Wikipedia because they are always number one or two in the search engine results. Therefore, it is a good bet to predict that any business pages, placed on the site will receive a fair amount of traffic and notability. 

Writing Business Pages

Wikipedia business page creation is a very involved task. Of course, it is important to follow the guidelines to get the business page placed on the site. When you make a Wikipedia page, it will instantly build credibility and a reputation. A business page might also raise the visibility of your business and website in the search engines. Thus, leading to a larger amount of traffic. Clearly, the advantages are too numerous to mention. Have you ever tried to write a page for the site? The content may have been removed because it did not meet Wikipedia guidelines. The fact is that this happens all the time. If you post content on the site that does not meet their strict guidelines, they take the page down. Be aware that this could happen to you, if your business pages are violating their rules. Of course, if you feel that you simply can’t write an article or page without making mistakes, hiring Wikipedia writers is your best course of action.

Get Your Wiki

If you want to write business pages for Wikipedia, hire Get Your Wiki professional writers. Get Your Wiki writers are professional Wikipedia writers with plenty of writing experience under their belt. The writers on the site have created Wiki articles on a wide variety of topics. They have composed business pages for individuals to Fortune 500 companies. Certainly, you should hire Wiki experts to get your business pages noticed on Wikipedia. They have all the writing experience required to produce top quality professional pages. They will create an article or business page that strictly follows Wikipedia guidelines. They guarantee that the pages created are accepted. The writers will also edit, update, and monitor all the articles that are written for the client. Here is something else to note. They guarantee that the pages written reach the top of the search engine results. To learn more, visit Get Your Wiki

Online Reputations Now Play Major Part In Business Success

Social media has become one of the biggest ways to share information about yourself as well as highly viral news stories, reviews, and product recommendations. This massive online movement has given people the ability to target certain businesses on their own webpage, and one bad review can push potential customers the opposite direction. World Economic Forum study stated that on average 25% of a company’s value is directly related to reputation. Despite this information another study by Deloitte and Forbes confirmed that many companies aren’t ready to handle crises that are out of their reach, and a single online comment could ruin the company’s face value.

Handling a company’s reputation online takes strategic planning and knowledge of how the internet works, and many people aren’t equipped to deal with the fall out. In times like those many have begun turning to Status Labs, and online reputation management firm that has carved a name for itself in public relations. Based out of Austin Status Labs now serves over 1,600 clients spanning over 35 countries. Their clientele is a myriad of professionals in every type of field including big Fortune 500 Companies. They do offer their services to individuals as well, and their most recent endeavor included handling clients involved in the Ashley Madison scandal last year.

Darius Fisher, president and co-founder, understands the importance of public relations and uses the tools provided to everyone on the internet to help his clients. His team of experts cleanse Google search pages by burying old negative information underneath updated and positive blog posts, articles, and reviews. Fisher’s team helps navigate their clients through the process of scrubbing their reputation clean which includes taking down pictures and articles that reflect negatively. For those who don’t have an online presence they offer guidance and lay out proper online etiquette that should help keep them out of trouble. Online presence has become a major factor in how businesses continue their success and popularity. Most don’t realize they’re one bad move away from tanking their reputation, but if that ever happens Status Labs is ready to help.