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Charles Koch: A Smaller Government Means More Opportunities | AirstrippedAirstripped

Charles Koch: A Smaller Government Means More Opportunities

Charles Koch was born to second generation Dutch immigrants in 1935. For college, Koch attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While there, he received a Bachelor of Science for general engineering and 2 Masters, one for mechanical and one for chemical engineering. After graduating, Charles Koch moved back to his hometown of Wichita and began working at his father’s firm, a middle sized oil company. After working there for 6 years, he was promoted to President and led the firm to an unprecedented 5 decades of unparalleled success. The firm has grown 2000 times over and has started to generate revenues of 90 billion dollars. Charles Koch alone is worth more than 41 billion dollars.

Charles Koch has identified as a libertarian and will commonly heavily support both libertarian and republican politicians. He also supports many different philanthropic organizations, especially ones that support views of the free-market. But he is also involved in cultural philanthropies to advance art and opportunities for artists. Due to his philanthropic and business successes, Koch has received many awards. These include awards from organizations like the University of Kansas, the Washburn Law School Association, the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Charles Koch recently wrote an article that The Washington Post published. The article was an op-ed and Koch addressed his similarities and differences to Senator Bernie Sanders. He used several examples to show how big government and big spending actually does the opposite of what it is supposed to do. Koch explained that a free society gives everyone a much more equal opportunity to succeed. In the op-ed, Koch encouraged individuals to vote for candidates, no matter the political party, that stood for a free society. This type of society is one where everyone has the ability to live their life the way they please as long as they do not get in the way of others who want to do the same. It also means that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law and that people should be treated with tolerance, respect and dignity, along with allowances for free speech and free markets. This type of society encourages people to to help others in order to succeed. Charles Koch made it clear that there has yet to be a Presidential candidate that embraces this concept but when there is one, he will be a supporter.

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