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George Soros’s advice to the EU Regarding Migrant Crisis

George Soros, billionaire business magnate, predicted the Greek crisis and seems to be very accurate when he makes assessments of current world problems. He has advice to EU member countries on how to manage the refugee problem that has ballooned across Europe in the last few years. It has become unmanageable because of the unorganized nature of the influx of migrants and lack of preparation. George Soros believes that with some important steps, these issues can be overcome.

He believes that Europe should find common ground on for a universal asylum policy. Each country has followed their own interests without input or thought about the other member countries, which should be changed, he stated. The refugees should come at a pace at which Europe can absorb them. George Soros believes Europe needs the help of an overarching body like the United Nations so that responsibility for the migrants is spread to many states instead of a mere few. The burden should be shared and asylum seekers and member states should have a say in where they are placed, based on where they would be wanted.

Only a small amount of funding has been raised for the most basic care of these asylum seekers; what is needed, according to Soros, is an EU Agency on asylum seekers on instead of the dozens of agencies throughout the region, which would make the process much more efficient and allow the money to be raised and funneled through the right channels. The journeys of the migrants should be better controlled as well; there should be an orderly channeling of refugees from their home countries through specific routes. The EU should also mobilize the private sector, like NGO’s, churches, and businesses to help fund this process. The refugee problem should never have become a crisis, Soros believes. It was foreseeable and could have been done with more planning and prudence.

George Soros is an investor, businessman, and philanthropist who is known for his progressive, liberal leanings. George Soros is known to have “broken the bank of England” in the early 1990’s when he made a short sale of English pounds and earned a profit of $1 billion during the UK Currency Crisis. He played a significant role in the democratization of many Eastern European countries after the fall of Communism, bringing in western science and opening up their communication and markets to the outside world.

He has been known to make accurate predictions of impending global crises. He predicted the collapse of the global market on with his 2008 book The New Paradigm for Financial Markets, stating that for 25 years there had been built a “superbubble” that was destined to pop. He says his success is because of his ability to admit when his predictions are wrong and adjusting to mistakes.

Laidlaw & Company who are they?

Laidlaw & Company is an investment bank that has over 150 experienced employees, who focus exclusively in healthcare. Located in the U.K. and the U.S., Laidlaw’s knowledgeable employees help you invest in small healthcare companies that need more capital to expand, giving their clients the potential of making a large profit on their investments.

Now you may wonder What proof is there that this company is trustworthy? Laidlaw & Company according to the Wall Street Journal is not just some new company that no one knows anything about, they have been in the business since 1842, during a depression when 1/4 of the banks around them closed down, and they still came out on top.It is also accredited by the F.C.A. incorporated in Wales, and England on a fully disclosed basis. I personally enjoy the fact that you will not just be sent around to any random person that will take your call, when you talk to an investor at Laidlaw you will soon realize that you are talking to an intelligent, and extremely informed investor with years of experience, and knowledge about the current market.

Laidlaw & Company has many financial researchers, and healthcare researchers help their clients make the best investments possible. They study data from the past, and present market, as well as the development of new drugs to see where the future of healthcare is going. judging by these factors they make the best possible guess as to what pharmaceutical companies are most likely to succeed.



Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services by Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital deals exclusively in buy-side and sell-side advisory services. The firm on provides these services to asset managers who are out to employ strategic measures to strengthen the overall value of their firms. Being specialists in M&A, the firm analyzes everything to detail to make sure that the best results are realized. For instance, for sell-side engagements, it carries out comprehensive financial analysis to determine the financial position of the firm before the transaction.

Madison Street Capital works with a team of highly qualified professionals in the investment banking industry. The team understands the needs and the expectations of their clients and they therefore work diligently to meet them.
Madison Street Capital understand that their clients deal with people whose trust has to be maintained or improved at all costs. Madison Street Capital will negotiate and structure your M&A transactions in the perfect way that will precisely meet all your expectations as well as needs.

The team on has the perfect knowledge of understanding that the success in the transactions in M&A requires a comprehensive investment strategy that ultimately helps the firm in achieving specific short-term and long-term goals. The success of the transactions also depends upon the commitment of the management to achieve of Madison Street Capital the set goals. Having growth initiatives in place is also very important for the transactions to succeed. All this is at their fingertipson and therefore you can trust them to handle the M&A for you.

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About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital LLC is a private investment banking company offering advisory services on M&A and corporate finance. The firm is based at Chicago, Illinois and it is one of the leading firms in the industry. Over the years, the firm has expanded greatly to other parts of the world. Today, it is present in North America, Asia and Africa. The services provided include M&A advisory, valuation and M&A services specific for hedge funds, restructuring, buy-side and sell-side services, business valuation, corporate advisory, financial reporting valuation, and financial opinions.

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