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Dick DeVos’ Passion for Business

Dick DeVos is a successful businessman as well as a loving family member. Through his multi billion dollar success over the years, Dick DeVos has been able to take a step back in order to concentrate on philanthropy work. One example is the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a foundation that is dedicated to watching not only local, but also global communities grow. Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy have over 30 years of marriage with both children as well as grandchildren that are dedicated businessmen just like their father and grandfather. In Dick DeVos’ eyes, one does not need to posses a degree to be a true businessman, but only must posses the talent and integrity to be a businessman.

Dick DeVos earned his degree in business management from Northwood University, a school that Dick DeVos even still gives generous donations to in present day. In 1974, Dick DeVos demonstrated his natural talent for business when he joined Amway Corporation, the family company. During his time at Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos held multiple different positions in various divisions of the company. By 1984, Dick DeVos was appointed to be the Vice President of international sales. During his time as vice president, Dick DeVos raised the total international sales revenue from only 5 percent to makeup more than the overall domestic sales of the company.

With Dick DeVos’ success, he has been giving back to his community of Grand Rapids, Michigan through not only donations, but also by making an effort to get to know each and every member of the community. Dick DeVos has made constant donations to organizations within his community that he believes will help benefit the community by spreading culture as well as through education. Mr. DeVos believes that the way to increase the wealth circulation within a community is by improving the overall human capital of the community.

In recent news, Dick DeVos has taken a step back in business and has appointed Phil Dolci as his new successor to his Stow Company. Dick DeVos specifically chose Phil Dolci to lead his company due to the fact that he is a well established leader. Dick DeVos has even stated that Mr. Dolci will bring experience and knowledge to the company that is needed in order to pick up where Mr. DeVos left off. Mr. Dolci is honored by this position and is excited to demonstrate his skills to his employees.

The Healing Properties of Shea Butter

Shea butter is a fat that comes from the nut of the Shea tree. While it is edible, it is most often used in lotions and cosmetics. It is a safe, soothing natural product that is useful for many purposes. It is naturally high in Vitamin A, so it offers a lot of healing properties for the skin. This is not just beneficial for dry or irritated skin, but has proven to helpful for healing wounds as well.

Shea can be used to safely and gently treat burns, rashes due to eczema and psoriasis and cool sunburns. It is excellent for the feet and can prevent cracking and peeling of the heels and help to reduce the appearance of calluses. Itchy, dry winter skin can be aided with the addition of Shea butter. It works as an excellent skin lubricant prior to shaving. Not only will it allow the razor to move smoothly over the skin, but it will also moisturize the skin so it will not feel dry after being shaved.

Of course, the most useful products are those that are natural and not filled with perfumes or chemical additives. Companies like EuGenia Shea offer genuine Shea butter that is shipped directly from Ghana. The products are kept in the safest and most natural state to make certain that each batch is as beneficial as possible. All nuts are harvested and cracked by hand, so only the freshest product is used. The mixture is boiled twice for purity and then packaged and shipped.

EuGenia Shea is a family owned company with its roots in Ghana. They use only sustainable farming and harvesting methods and sell only the freshest, all-natural products. Each batch will last for up to two years when stored at room temperature. There are no additives, so it is safe to be used for healing the skin and treating minor wounds. There are an almost endless amount of ways to use and enjoy natural, fragrant and smooth Shea butter.

Fine hair cleanse and thickened with WEN by Chaz Dean

Fine hair proves to be a problem of many hair. Hard to style, flat, lifeless hair is just not what women want to deal with every morning. One product hair care line, WEN by Chaz Dean, totes that it can help thicken and clean hair at the same time. It is definitely worth a try.

One young girl put this product line to the test to see if she could get those luscious locks that they say on Facebook. After a couple days of regular use, her hair was shiny and bouncy and beginning to thicken. This hair care line not only cleanse her hair, but thickened it and made it feel bouncier and shinier. This product is great for people who clean and style their hair everyday. With regular use, she saw results!

Chaz Dean started his hair care line through his salons. His love of hair care started with a love of photography. As he worked on his hair cutting skills, he also helped the company he was working for develop a product line. This experience helped him later create his own salons and his own products.

His products ( focusing on leaving hair healthy, clean, and beautiful. These natural and lovely smelling products strive to give customer’s the hair they have always dreamed of and more. His dedication to his customer’s satisfaction is apparent. Visit for more info.



Helane Morrison’s Impact of the Equality Agenda

Women have traditionally been sidelined to the periphery of economic production. Even when they have been involved, they have always assumed the subordinate roles. In the 20th century, women started fighting for more involvement in the economic scope of affairs.

The statement that a woman can carry out a man’s work with better results has since been used millions of times to express the productivity of women. Helane Morrison is a perfect example of a fierce career woman who is rewriting all the rules in the 21st century. Helane Morrison has found a home at Hall Capital, an investment firm in San Francisco, United States.

Hall Capital is a unique company in that its run by women at the top management level. Coincidentally, it represents the financial interests of some of the wealthiest families in San Francisco. Helane Morrison is the legal representative and Chief Compliance Officer for Hall Capital. She also discharges the duties of a managing director in the company of two other women who all serve on the board of trustees.

Throughout her career, Helane Morrison has always demonstrated excellent leadership skills. She has brushed shoulders with all the male counterparts in the industry and claimed her throne at the top of the compliance industry. Helane has brought about an ethical business culture at Hall Capital. Before she landed in private practice, Ms. Morrison served in the public sector with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Helane Morrison built her reputation at the SEC as a district administrator where she implemented punitive measure and enforced strict operation guidelines. She once vowed to keep investors and their companies on their toes. Her diligence and commitment to the practice of compliance saw her make history as the first female regional administrator for the SEC in the larger San Francisco area. Again, she defied all odds again in her career and performed even better than her predecessors.

According to Project Eve, Helane has always advocated for equal treatment of all genders at the workplace. Her legacy at SEC reveals, the firm, changed direction and saw more women follow in Ms. Morrison’s footsteps. Helane encourages more women to seek responsibilities in their workplaces. She also believes the field of compliance will register even better results once practitioners climb the corporate responsibility ladder.