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Dick DeVos’ Passion for Business | AirstrippedAirstripped

Dick DeVos’ Passion for Business

Dick DeVos is a successful businessman as well as a loving family member. Through his multi billion dollar success over the years, Dick DeVos has been able to take a step back in order to concentrate on philanthropy work. One example is the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, a foundation that is dedicated to watching not only local, but also global communities grow. Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy have over 30 years of marriage with both children as well as grandchildren that are dedicated businessmen just like their father and grandfather. In Dick DeVos’ eyes, one does not need to posses a degree to be a true businessman, but only must posses the talent and integrity to be a businessman.

Dick DeVos earned his degree in business management from Northwood University, a school that Dick DeVos even still gives generous donations to in present day. In 1974, Dick DeVos demonstrated his natural talent for business when he joined Amway Corporation, the family company. During his time at Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos held multiple different positions in various divisions of the company. By 1984, Dick DeVos was appointed to be the Vice President of international sales. During his time as vice president, Dick DeVos raised the total international sales revenue from only 5 percent to makeup more than the overall domestic sales of the company.

With Dick DeVos’ success, he has been giving back to his community of Grand Rapids, Michigan through not only donations, but also by making an effort to get to know each and every member of the community. Dick DeVos has made constant donations to organizations within his community that he believes will help benefit the community by spreading culture as well as through education. Mr. DeVos believes that the way to increase the wealth circulation within a community is by improving the overall human capital of the community.

In recent news, Dick DeVos has taken a step back in business and has appointed Phil Dolci as his new successor to his Stow Company. Dick DeVos specifically chose Phil Dolci to lead his company due to the fact that he is a well established leader. Dick DeVos has even stated that Mr. Dolci will bring experience and knowledge to the company that is needed in order to pick up where Mr. DeVos left off. Mr. Dolci is honored by this position and is excited to demonstrate his skills to his employees.

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