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Securus Technologies; Incorporating Technology in Law Enforcement

Securus Technologies is an American prison technology company based in Dallas, Texas. A leading civil and criminal justice solutions provider; Securus Technologies has helped improve public safety and modernize the incarceration experience. Thousands of law enforcement, corrections, and public safety agencies rely on Securus for simple, robust and secure technology solutions that are ever accessible and easy to use.


Once a week on average, Securus develops a new product or service to assist law enforcement and corrections officials in solving and preventing crimes. Through this, Securus has received thousands of letters and emails concerning their prison technology services and how they help keep the society, including inmates, their families, and parolees safe.


Through their engineers, technologists, designers and thinkers; Securus has continued to provide high-tech software solutions to prisons. Technologies like “covert alert feature” have assisted law enforcement officers in arresting suspects while services like “LBS Software” and “Investigator pro” have helped recover millions in illegal assets, drugs, and cash. Phone call services provided by Securus have assisted prison management in learning of staff members and inmates mischiefs.


In October 2016, Securus Technologies published some facility customer comments on using technology to solve and prevent crime which also included inmate-on-inmate crimes. The comments contained lots of praise from facility customers who Securus had helped in combating crime in their facilities. Among them Securus had assisted in obtaining a search warrant for a corrupt staff member, exposing inmates’ alcohol and drug use in a facility, deterring incidences of contraband in facilities, investigating on harassment complaints and providing conversations to help solve an ongoing case.


Securus Technologies knows the importance of customer services and seems to pride itself on providing exceptional customer service. In this age of changing technology, Securus has stayed ahead of the game by consistently looking for ways to make it easier for inmates, inmates’ families, and most of all, law enforcement personnel.


Maggie Gill Brings Prosperity Back To Memorial

Newly appointed CEO/President of Memorial University Medical Center Maggie Gill is diving into her job full-throttle. On Wednesday night, the 16-member board of directors removed the interim from her title and made her the permanent CEO. She succeeds embattled Philip Schaengold, who was removed from the position just before her appointment.


“Maggie has shown incredible leadership during a very trying time and should be rewarded for her good work,” said board member J.C. Lewis III. The board is working on finalizing Gill’s contract.


Gill says she is 150% committed to this job and is focused on providing the best possible care for all patients. “It has always been my goal to run this hospital in a manner that will make patients and staff proud,” said Gill.


While under Schaengold’s leadership, Memorial went through several rough patches. Relationships deteriorated, and management problems made matters even worse. Gill promises to bring back stability while building relationships. “There were a lot of frustrated people working at the hospital,” said Lewis. “Things had gotten so bad that we were forced to make a change.”


In an interview with the Morning News, Gill stressed the importance of communication. She also stated that the hospital will get back to its roots of community-based values.


Holding true to her word, Maggie Gill has already begun a shake up of executive staff. The billing and collections process will be completely revamped for efficiency. Gill says there a number of pressing issues that will be tackled. Repairing the physician-team member relationship is a must.

Sam Boraie Helping To Revitalize New Brunswick

In a great number of cities and communities across the nation, that specific locality desperately needs assistance in order to continue to flourish, if not just merely surviving. Government grants and assistance programs can be much needed, but bureaucratic red tape can often lead to delays so great that some local municipalities become crippled before this government aid can get to them.

Tremendous, much more immediate assistance can come from individuals and or corporations that make a concentrated effort to step up and make great contributions to help revitalize these communities. In New Jersey, Sam Boraie and Boraie Development is currently doing just this.

Sam Boraie, one of three Vice Presidents of Boraie Development, helps spearhead considerable efforts in revitalizing New Brunswick, New Jersey, in helping the company acquire new strategies in helping the company to grow more rapidly in charitable endeavors.

One entity receiving primary assistance from Boraie Development is The State Theatre of New Jersey. Boraie, who is on the Board of Trustees of the theater, a popular landmark in the city. According to Bloomberg, Boraie Development has sponsored the highly successful annual Free Summer Movie Series, uniting the community while featuring fan-favorite movies for years.

In addition to his time spent with the theater, Sam Boraie also invests considerable time and energy working with Elijah’s Promise.

Rutgers identifies Elijah’s Promise as an organization in the community working to fight poverty in the area, working to ending unemployment and hunger plaguing so many local citizens.

This organization helps to provide food and services for individuals in need. Over the years, they have created a number of different businesses, aiding in developing a stronger, more sustainable economic and social structure in an area that greatly benefits from, and desperately appreciates all efforts Sam Boraie and Boraie Development makes to provide the lift the community needs to rise up and thrive here.

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