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Jeffry Schneider’s Ascendant Capital

Ascendant Capital, LLC has quickly become one of the fastest growing financial firms in the country. Founder, Jeffry Schneider, is the mastermind behind Ascendant’s great success. He founded Ascendant just five years ago and has led it to the top of the industry. The Austin-based firm is now one of the most talked about firms in the world.

Using a wide variety of networking avenues, Ascendant made its way to the top late last year. The company operates in a diverse range of marketing, education, and sales and operational services. Ascendant and its team member prides themselves on being able to approach financial structuring in unique and innovative ways.

Ascendant Capital raises funds for well-established and up-and-coming alternative asset fund sponsors. Over his years in the industry, Jeffry Schneider has connected with hundreds of other professionals capable of making his company the biggest name in the industry. Ascendant works with dozens of family offices, broker-dealers, private banks, and investment advisors.

Ascendant uses its network to distribute private and public offerings on a global scale. Undertaking such a massive task it what has made Ascendant Capital so successful. The company has rapidly grown over the last five years. Jeffry now employs over thirty professionals. When the company was founded, he only employed two professionals.

Since its founding, Ascendant has raised nearly $1 billion on behalf of several of its clients. Much of its success is due to its network composition. Ascendant works with over fifty broker-dealers, over two hundred registered investment advisors, and numerous family offices. The company also purchases anything it finds to be profitable.

Ascendant doesn’t operate in just one industry. Its immense range is what makes it grow so rapidly. The company growth rate has been called “incredible” and “unrepeatable” by several sources. Jeffry and his team have their sights set on the future. They have no plans of stopping or slowing down anytime soon.

Aside from professional life, Jeffry also shares a passion for healthy living and contributing to charitable organizations. Jeffry has always enjoyed staying fit and helping health-focused charities.

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Jason Hope Is A Technology Guru And A Successful Investor In The Mobile Technology Arena

Living in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mr. Jason Hope is a gifted individual who has become an authority across different sectors.

He is a leading futurist, prominent entrepreneur, committed philanthropist, and shrewd investor. His passion lies in learning new developments in the technology scene and supporting local non-profits. Hope is an Arizona native who grew up in Tempe and pursued his higher education at the Arizona State University as well as W.P. Carey School of Business. He holds an MBA as well as a bachelor’s degree in finance.

Jason Hope gives $500,000 to the SENS Foundation

The importance of rejuvenation biotechnologies in treating age-related diseases has earned the attention of the global scientific community. In 2010, Jason Hope gave out a record $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, a premier non-profit institution headquartered in California that concentrates on the development, promotion, and distribution of rejuvenation biotechnologies that broadly address age-related complications.

Jason Hope’s comments

After announcing his donation, Hope said that the work of Dr. Aubrey and SENS Foundation inspires lots of interest in him. He is optimistic that their efforts are vital to the evolution of human medicine. He expressed his support for the approach adopted by the SENS Foundation to solve the problem of aging and diseases it causes, including Atherosclerosis, Diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

Why Jason Hope ventured into mobile communication technology

Hope had a passion for business since he was a child. He pursued business-related degrees during his university education. He chose to invest in mobile communication technology due to the numerous benefits it offers. It connects a large section of people, and it is the primary catalyst for change. Hope believes that mobile technology has an enormous potential for growth and advancement. His first business in the mobile technology field specialized in selling high-quality text message service. This company served as a stepping-stone for Hope’s future in the arena of medical research and technology. It also strengthened his passion for technology. Mr. Jason Hope makes his money from his broad portfolio of technology firms. At the start of his career, he launched Jawa, an innovative mobile communications firm that became the umbrella company for new partnerships and acquisitions in the technology sector.

Betsy DeVos’ Personal And Philanthropic Life

Besty DeVos is a businesswoman, politician, and philanthropist. Recently, she was appointed by President Donald Trump to serve as the 11th United States Secretary of Education. DeVos has been an active member of the Republican Party. She is known for her strong support and advocacy for ‘school voucher programs,’ ‘charter schools,’ and ‘school choice.’ In addition, Betsy has strong ties with the Reformed Christian community. I believe that she has gained immense experience by serving Republican Party in various positions, including being the Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan and the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party.

Mrs. Devos was born in Holland, Michigan on January 8, 1958. Her birth name was Elizabeth Prince. She is the daughter of Edgar Prince, the founder of Prince Corporation. The company’s successful automobile parts supply business saw her father become wealthy. He rose past the billion-dollar-net-worth mark. As she grew up, DeVos was a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. Later, she joined the Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids where she served as an elder. The daughter of an industrialist billionaire married Richard Marvin ‘Dick’ DeVos Jr, the son of Richard Marvin DeVos Sr. The DeVos Family is one of the wealthiest families in Michigan. It is my belief that the family accumulated most of their wealth from the Amway Corporation, which was founded by DeVos Sr. As a member of the DeVos Family, Betsy has been involved in several political funding. She made her first significant financial contribution in 2004. Her donations were directed towards funding President Bush’s reelection bid. According to experts, she contributed more than $150,000. As part of the DeVos Family, Betsy has been part of donations totaling more than $17 million made directly to Republican candidates and the national Republican Party. In last year’s elections, she donated money to Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina’s campaigns. Later, she funded Marco Rubio’s campaigns. I think that these donations made her family one of the largest contributors to the party and its causes.

It is my view that because of her wealth and willingness to help the less fortunate, Mrs. DeVos has been able to engage in dozens of non-profit and advocacy activities. She made her first public donations through The Prince Foundation. Betsy also served as the foundation’s vice-president. In 1989, the businesswoman and her husband launched the Dick & Betsy Devos Family Foundation. This foundation aims at bringing changes to the society through arts, community education, justice, and leadership. By the end of 2015, the couple had donated over $139 million through the foundation. This saw the family rise to the top of Forbes’ list of America’s charitable givers. The family was ranked 24th in 2015. Betsy loves art. She served on the board of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Art between 2004 and 2010. She donated $22.5 million to the Center. Moreover, Betsy and her family founded the ArtPrize. This open competition for artists from around the world is held at Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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Why is Vitamin E so Good for the Lips?

Vitamin E is considered to be a potent anti-oxidant for the skin. It destroys free radicals that cause wrinkling and signs of aging. Using a lip balm product that contains this powerhouse vitamin will increase the soft and suppleness of the lips.

Lips are highly prone to signs of aging. Overtime they can lose their volume and start to develop small lines. Vitamin E can stimulate collagen regeneration and restore moisture levels in the lips; making them appear more youthful.

Evolution of Smooth Lip Balms ( are all formulated with Vitamin E. These include their organic and active protection spheres. The Vitamin E in conjunction with natural oil blends such as shea butter and jojoba oil provide the ultimate moisture for your lips. Jojoba oil also has its own vitamin E properties and can protect the lips from inflammation and bacteria. Shea butter is rich in omega fatty acids and helps to keep the skin looking plump. As they are 100% natural, they can be used by children and adults alike.

EOS lip balm also offers a Active Protection product that uses Vitamin E along with an SPF to prevent sun damage from harmful UVA/UVB rays. The Vitamin E and SPF actively work together to prevent and correct fine lines and wrinkles on the lips. Using EOS lip balms are a great addition to skin care routines and can be used everyday.

Although Vitamin E can be clog pores and potentially cause breakouts, the amount must be used in excess. EOS products are formulated with a safe amount and can be used on a daily basis. EOS lip products come in a variety of delicious flavors such as sweet mint( and tangerine. Evolution of Smooth lip balms are available at your favorite stores like Well, Walmart and Target. The products are also available online on Amazon and eBay.

It is important to take good care of your lips to maintain a youthful appearance. Vitamin E can help you achieve just that.


Comparative Law and Constitutional Design for Divided Societies – Professor Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is a field that incorporates studying of differences and similarities between the laws applying in different countries. More specifically, it incorporates investing of the diverse lawful systems in the world, including the common law, precedent-based law, communist law, Jewish Law, Canon law, Hindu law, Chinese law and the Islamic law. The study entails the investigation and depiction of the world legal structures even where no express correlation is applied. The importance of comparative law has extended tremendously in the present time of internationalism, financial globalization and democratization.

The studied legal frameworks entail their constitutive components, the way they differ, and the manner in which their segments merge into a system. Distinctive disciplines have developed as specific branches of comparative law, including comparative ensured law, comparative administrative law, comparative custom-based law (torts law, contracts, responsibilities and depicts), comparative business law (business associations and trades), and comparative criminal law. Contemplating of these particular fields could be seen as the full scale or smaller scale comparative law analysis that is extensive and that involves different countries or comparing them.   Based on  For example, comparative precedent-based law examines, depict the way in which private relations’ law is sorted out, applied and deciphered in various nations and structures, and Sujit Choudhry is one of the dedicated stars in the field.

Comparative law is one of a kind in connection to the fields of general statute (hypothesis in law), worldwide law, including both private global law and public universal law (additionally alluded as conflict of laws). Sujit Choudhry has been a major highlight in the sector. Despite the complexities between comparative law and these other legitimate sectors, comparative law lights up other areas of normativity. For example, comparative law can aid in universal lawful establishments, such as the United Nations System, and in infringing upon the laws of different countries according to their treaty commitments.  Visit this site.

Sujit Choudhry is the director at the Center for Constitutional Transition Founding an organization that produces and plans learning to support constitution working through gathering and spearheading global systems of experts to complete topical research projects that give evidence based system decisions to experts. The association works together with the global system of multilateral organizations, NGOs, colleges and think tanks.

Presently, Professor Sujit Choudhry is spearheading three global community oriented study projects together with the International Institute for Democracy & Electoral Assistance. These aim to tackle constitutional transitions & security sector changes in emerging democracies, territorial cleavages dealing with constitutional transitions and security sector oversight.

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Troy McQuagge Named the CEO of the Year, 2016

The chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge, on 10th January 2017, was presented with the CEO award of the year. He was named the gold winner by One Planet Awards. The institution gives awards on an annual basis to the best of the best in the business industry. Leaders with the best professional and business leadership qualities are forwarded to the institution. From the list drawn, comparisons are made until one candidate is chosen. According to the One Planet Awards, leaders from organizations across the globe are eligible to participate. Nominations are done by all kind of organizations ranging from public and private, for-profit and nonprofit, startups and established, among many other categories.

Mr. McQuagge career in USHEALTH Group began in 2010. His first job in the company was to restructure and rebuild the company’s distribution agency, USHEALTH Advisors. His success in the business, consequently, led to his election as the president and CEO. In a span of two years since his election, the company has registered enormous growth, recorded an increase in profits and has been able to retain its competitive edge in the health insurance market.

Troy McQuagge said that he was honored to be presented with such an esteemed award. However, he stated that the award was as a result of team effort. Additionally, Troy said that the award was a testament to their renewed efforts in providing solutions to health insurance issues. The commitment of the employees to new and old customers contributed greatly to the recognition.

McQuagge went to the University of Central Florida. There, he studied and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In the same year, his career began with Allstate Insurance Company. Two years later, he joined the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. Troy rose through the ranks to become the President of the institution in 1997.

A few years in this role and the company set numerous sales records. In 2006, UICI was acquired by a private equity investor and changed its name to HealthMarkets. In this new institution, he was tasked with leading the sales and marketing departments. He worked in AMG till 2010 when he left to USHEALTH Group.

One Planet Awards is an institution that aims at recognizing and rewarding companies for their business and professional excellence. The awards, however, are categorized in different sections that include; the executive team, new exemplary products, marketing and Corporate. Organizations from across the globe are encouraged to participate.

USHEALTH Group is a health insurance company with headquarters in Texas. It has focused its service provision to self-employed individuals, small business owners and people with alternative sources of income. The company employs the use of its experienced employees and agents to market their products. It is, moreover, known for its superior customer services.

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How Lung Institute Treats Chronic Lung Diseases


People suffering from lung diseases have a hard time performing simple tasks like walking or cooking. Most of these diseases associated with lungs are very painful too. Most of the treatment available today only cater for reducing the pain of the disease. They concentrate on relieving the symptoms rather that helping to lessen the complexity of the diseases.

Lung Institute was founded with a goal of providing solutions to people with chronic lung diseases. The organization came up with stem cell therapy which caters for the chronic lung diseases as well as the symptoms.

For the period that Lung Institute has been using autologous stem cells from the patient’s body, it has been effective, and lots of patients have benefited from the treatment. The process enhances the process and the ability of body’s natural healing process. The company has carried several types of research to come with effective ways of treating chronic lung diseases. To learn more, visit


What makes the mode of treatment unique at Lung Institute, is the process of therapy. They understand every patient is different, and each of them should receive exceptional treatment. For treatment to occur, the lung institute goes through the patient’s medical history for the process to be efficient.

How the process works

The physician draws and separates the patients stem cells from the bone marrow or blood. What follows is the introduction of the cells in the body and ensure they will get direct to the lungs. This promotes healing and reduces inflammation caused by the disease. Patients who have undergone this process of treatment have attested that it is effective.


Lung Institute has clinics across the United States to ensure that everyone suffering from the chronic lung disease can access treatment without traveling too far. Some of the locations include; Tampa, Florida, Nashville Tennessee, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dallas Texas, Scottsdale Arizona.


For years, treatment of lung diseases hasn’t been effective. It is one of the factors that contributed to the establishment of Lung Institute. The organization has served thousands of chronic lung diseases patients. It has had hundreds of positive reviews and still working to offer more quality treatment services. Read testimonials:

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George Soros Gives People Inspiration in Spite of a Troubled World

Soros is a very competent and wise man. He is well into his 80s and has seen a lot during his lifetime. Soros is also a very rich and influential figure in the world. In the 90s he has made himself an extremely wealthy man. George Soros is the 30th richest person on the planet.

One of the advantages of Soros’ long life is that he was able to view it from different angles. George Soros has experienced life under Adolf Hitler, he has watched economies crash into the ground and he has amassed a fortune that only the average person can dream about. Soros also knows what it is like to see a troubled leader trying to govern the most powerful nation on Earth.

When President Donald Trump was elected to office, Soros was deeply troubled by his victory on Biography. No one could really foresee that President Trump would get into office. Many people thought his candidacy was a sham. Apparently, it was not. The American people had voted and now he is their Commander and Chief for the next four years. He feels as if the American people might not have chosen the best leader for the job of president.

During the holiday season in 2016, Soros told his family members and friends that he was wishing them the best in a troubled world. Soros believes that America is heading in the wrong direction under President Trump on He spent huge sums of money to keep him out of office. He sternly believes that the current president is bad for business and for the American people.

Soros sees America being dominated by internal struggles over the next four years. Many American minorities are going to be fighting for survival on Snopes against some major changes that will impact their lives. He also believes that the U.S. will not be able to continue on in their role as the chief promoter of democracy.

Instead, the U.S. will be so inward looking that they will not pay that much attention to what is developing in the world around them. As a result, many nations around the globe are going to be drastically changed or changing by the year 2020.

He also claims that President Trump will be more focused on making deals than defending principles such as democracy, freedom and the American way of life. George Soros does not look enthusiastically upon President Trump. However, he does see America in a positive light.

He realizes that the American system of government is strong enough to stay afloat during these troubling times on Politico. Ultimately, Soros believes that things will get dark before President Trump’s time in office will end. So, he is giving hope because all is not lost.

Eric Lefkofsky Shows How a Successful Tech Entrepreneur Operates

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the co-founders of Tempus, a tech company that built an operating system to fight cancer. He is currently the CEO of the company. He is also a co-founder of Lightbank, a fund that invests in disruptive technology. Eric is a co-founder and Chairman of Groupon, an e-commerce company. He co-founded Uptake Technologies, a predictive analytics system.


He established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, in 2006, a charitable foundation, with his wife Liz. He is a Trustee for Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago as well as a Trustee for The Art Institute of Chicago and The Museum of Science and Industry. Eric currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees from the Steppenwolf Théâtre in Chicago. He teaches at the University of Chicago. Lefkofsky got his B.S. Degree from the University of Michigan as well as his Juris Doctorate from their law school.


Eric Lefkofsky stepped down as CEO of Groupon, in November of 2015. He is still the Chairman of the company. Currently, he is working with his business partner, Brad Keywell, at Uptake. They use data science to help companies improve their operating results. It was ranked No. 1 on Hottest Startups list for 2015, click


Brad and Eric were friends from college and have been involved with several major projects. In 2001, they co-founded Innerworkings, a company that supplied print procurement services. In 2006, the company had a successful initial public offering and is currently traded under the symbol INWK on the Nasdaq. In 2005, they started Echo Global Logistics. In June 2006, they went public under the symbol ECHO on the Nasdaq.


The next venture the two entrepreneurs jumped into was MediaBank, a media technology company. They offer planning, buying and analysis systems to companies who are buying advertising. In 2012, they merged with Donovan Data Systems. The combined company is Mediaocean, valued around $1.5 billion. In 2007 Lefkofsky co-founded, an online collective action site. In 2008, the company’s name was changed to Groupon.


Eric Lefkofsky has an entrepreneurial spirit that just keeps on moving, From one successful project to another. He plans to continue exploring the needs of the technology industry and try to meet some of those needs with new projects in the future.


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