Avi Weisfogel is a Philanthropist and an Expert in the Management of Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel a dentist and a specialist in the treatment of sleep disorders. He has a DDS from the high-status New York University College. Dr. Weisfogel also studied psychology at Rutgers University.


Dr. Weisfogel’s career history


Before venturing into sleep medicine, he served as a dentist in charge of the Old Bridge Dental Care. During his tenure in this facility, he specialized in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, fears, and sufferers. For seven consecutive years, the Consumer Research Council recognized Dr. Avi Weisfogel as the most experienced sedative and cosmetic dentist. During his free time, he enjoys following the New York Rangers Hockey team and listening to classic rocks by Pink Floyd and Billy Joel. Dr. Weisfogel is also a generous philanthropist who supports various charities. One of the non-profit organizations he supports is the Operation Smile. This foundation organizes medical missions in various countries where they conduct free surgical procedures to patients, particularly children.


Dr. Weisfogel’s achievements in sleep medicine


For almost a decade, Dr. Weisfogel has spent so much time conducting research on sleep disorders. In 2012, he set up Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient, a platform he used to create awareness about sleep disorders. In 2014, he launched Dental Sleep Masters, a firm that trains dentists on how to employ their tools in the management of sleep apnea. He also uses this company to educate dentists on how to connect and help patients. Dr. Weisfogel also serves as an associate at the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, an organization that spent the last two decades developing methods for treating sleep disorders.


Dr. Weisfogel orchestrates a GoFundMe campaign


In 2016, Dr. Weisfogel started a GoFundMe campaign, a program aimed that helping secondary and primary-care doctors find treatment for sleep disorders. According to him, 90 percent of the cases of sleep apnea are undiagnosed. Therefore, Dr. Weisfogel and his team work tirelessly to ensure they find a cure for this disturbing condition. Money raised through this campaign will be used to buy oral appliances and cover traveling costs for the clinicians working with patients with cleft lips and palates. He launched this fundraising campaign to benefit patients with sleep disorders as well as the Operation Smile Foundation.


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