Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Contributes to MarTech Advisor

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina recently brought his brand of intelligent discourse in the marketing field to the readers at MarTech Advisor. Reina, who became something of a start-up hero, has been revolutionizing the ways that companies reach out to engage in their core audience. Reina’s brand of marketing is centered directly around engaging customers via video marketing. Reina focused on this aspect while penning his article, “Video Advertising Trends of 2017” for MarTech Advisor.


The role that Reina took with his article was to focus on the emerging video styles that have dominated the 2016 calendar year. Honing in on these styles and adequately utilizing them in the future can be integral in reaching your audience. Among Chief Marketing Officers, or CMOs, there are few publications more well read than MarTech Advisor. Reina was quick to heap praise on the publication by saying, “I’m glad to share my vision and insight with MarTech Advisor readers.” Reina went on to say that his focus was helping people to grow within the video marketing field while focusing on helping readers make it the focal point of their marketing strategy.


Many folks outside of the marketing industry may not have heard much about Bob Reina but rest assured, he’s a force within the marketing world. Reina established his visionary brand, Talk Fusion, way back in 2004 with just a concept: he wanted to market via Video Email and there were no competitors on the marketplace. Reina will readily admit that his success comes by way of massive planning, a little bit of luck, and some foresight into the marketing trends. Reina states, “I foresaw online video’s uncapped potential early on. It took some time, but video has been running hot for the past few years.”

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina has been an advocate in many different mediums for video marketing solutions. Reina has contributed to ‘The Huffington Post’, ‘MarTech Advisor’ and many other publications. Outside of his work, Reina is a philanthropic force with huge donations to the Humane Society to his name. Talk Fusion continues to grow as one of the top video marketing companies in the world.

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