Goettl Air Conditioning Accelerates its Expansion with Strategic Acquisitions

Just within this month Goettl Air conditioning, Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air came together in a merger that is expected to make things shift positively for both companies. An evident plus for Goettl is the addition of 20 employees to its workforce and the strengthening of their residential markets.

Goettl has gained many other companies in Las Vegas apart from the two mentioned above. This expansion is expected to continue to the South West of Nevada. The goal is to take on residential customers from Las Vegas air as well as Paradise Air’s rental homes market.

Fortunately, the employees of Las Vegas Air are in agreement with the Goettl merger. Stephen Gamst believes in the experienced he has had with Ken Goodrich for years, which contributed in the trust he built for the company. Gamst on the other hand has a strong belief that the merger will have a positive impact for both local market and employees alike.

The merger also comes with the opportunity for the companies to diversify their services and skills. Goettl opening up to the commercial market is of great benefit. It will be able to serve strip malls and multi family properties among others. Goettl has also acquired other companies like Desert Valley Mechanical in the past.

Goettl Air has been in business for more than seven decades. It started out in Arizona at Phoenix and later moved to Las Vegas. Two Goettl brothers in 1939 whose experience in the harsh Southwestern Weather in the US pushed the birth of the company founded it.

The company has been able to help many local people meet their needs under the leadership of Kenneth Goodrich. Kenneth has been in the frontline in charitable missions all through his career. He has organized an endowment that offers scholarships to deserving HVAC students. Goettl hit the headlines in May for donating tools valued at 1000 dollars to the College of Southern Nevada.


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