A Look at Common Types of Orthopedic Surgeries that Surgeons like Greg Finch Conducts

Orthopedic surgery has been used to treat musculoskeletal conditions. The procedure involves two categories: the surgical, and nonsurgical procedure. Whichever procedure a surgeon chooses depends on the intensity of the damage.

Recently, orthopedic surgery has been gaining popularity. Physicians believe that it’s due to its effectiveness and less time taken to recover, compared to the old fashion surgery. However, a patient needs to understand that there are particular types of orthopedic surgeries that might also take longer to heal. The following are two main types of orthopedic surgeries carried out today:


This is an orthopedic surgical procedure that is meant to repair a torn meniscus. This type of injury is common to the knee joint.

The surgeon uses arthroscopy where a thin tube is inserted into the joint through a small insertion. Another insertion is made, and surgical and surgical instruments are inserted. For a partial meniscectomy, only a small part of the torn meniscus is removed. In open surgery, the surgeon might remove the entire meniscus.

Distal Clavicle Excision:

This is a common orthopedic surgery done on the shoulder to remove some parts of the clavicle close to the acromion. The procedure is meant to relief pain, especially to athletes or arthritis patients. The surgery involves a minimal invasive arthroscopy procedure.

Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgery trained in to handle all aspects of spine surgery. He mainly focuses on minimally invasive spine surgeries. Greg Finch holds an MBBS degree from the University of Auckland.

Greg Finch has worked at a majority of leading Australian hospitals and is currently practicing as an Orthopedic Surgeon at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Greg Finch has an impressive 17 years’ experience in this field.

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