Adam Milstein is Awarded Prestigious Award in April for His Philanthropic Work in The U.S.


In April 2017, Richtopia, a London-based publication that is in association with Rise, a social media ranking system, named Adam Milstein one of the “World’s 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders.” This is quite an honor to be included on this list of philanthropists. Mr. Milstein is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist from Haifa, Israel who has established more than nine organizations to benefit Jewish-Americans.


Adam grew up in Haifa, Israel, served in the Israeli Army and attended Technion Institue before he moved his family to Los Angeles to get a better education. After graduating from the University of Southern California with his MBA, Mr. Milstein co-founded Hager Pacific Properties with David Hager. Milstein is the managing partner and is extremely talented in business, and he is now a prominent real estate investor, and he utilizes his gifts in his philanthropic work for the Jewish-Americans.


In his reply to the award, Milstein replied that he valued his philanthropic work, and it is what makes his life so gratifying. He is honored to be included among this group of leaders. He is privileged to partner with them to make a difference around the globe. Mr. Milstein emphasizes family values, and he prefers to live in the moment but sets goals in the areas that guide his businesses and improve people’s lives.


In 2000, he and his wife, Gila, founded the Milstein Family Foundation. This is the umbrella corporation for the other agencies that he has established to assist the Jewish population. MFF and the Milsteins also support dozens of other agencies with 58 on his website.


He also founded the Israeli-American Council where he is chairman and the Campus Allies Mission to Israel. The MFF is unique in its philanthropy and the manner in which it is offered. Three unique principles guide the Milstein’s philanthropic mode of operation, and they are Active Philanthropy, Life Path Impact, and Philanthropic Synergy.

Adam Milstein came to America for a better life for his family, and today he is creating better lives for thousands of people.


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