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Boraie Development Continues to be led by Sam Boraie | AirstrippedAirstripped

Boraie Development Continues to be led by Sam Boraie

For the past few decades, one of the top real estate development firms in New Jersey has been Boraie Development. This company has provided a number of real estate services including development, management, and sales. The company has also focused on a few distinct areas in New Jersey, which have seen a lot of revitalization thanks to the developments by the company.

One of the cities that Boraie Development has focused on has been New Brunswick. Currently, the company is working on a number of different developments, which are sure to be successful projects. This includes the Beach at South Inlet. This will be a modern multi-family property that will have at least 250 different units. It will provide residents with a range of different amenities, including a pool, luxury finishes, and outdoor entertaining space.

While Boraie Development has a number of different projects under construction, they also are focusing on several projects that have been complete for a while. One of the most successful projects that the company has made to date has been One South Spring Street. This project was located in the heart of New Brunswick and is a 25-story luxury residential building. The project has 125 condo units, a health club, fitness center, pool, and is always equipped with a doorman.

While Boraie Development is best known for the real estate projects that it has developed in the New Brunswick and Atlantic City area, the company relies heavily on its top leadership. Boraie Development is a family-owned business, which is now being led by its newest generation. One of the leaders of Boraie Development is Sam Boraie. Sam Boraie, who grew up with the business, oversees the sales aspect of the company. He has been very involved in the overall sale of both individual units and whole projects.

You can visit the company website boraie.com

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