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How Chris Burch Sees Technology and Fashion | AirstrippedAirstripped

How Chris Burch Sees Technology and Fashion

In a recent Engadget article about what the future holds for fashion trends, the author, Chris Burch, points out that both technology and fashion have seen numerous changes throughout the years. However, as he also points out, both of those industries are constantly undergrowing tremendous growth together. In addition, he says that looking into the past can illuminate what could be happening in the future.

Chris Burch calls the melding of technology and fashion a “fascinating journey”. And, he is so right. From fashion designs made of recycled materials to cellphone-charging shoes and everything in-between, it’s all simply amazing. He likens the process of combining technology and fashion to how the world of listening to music has metamorphosed from the boomboxes of the 70’s to the iPods of today.

As the Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch actively invests in numerous businesses in a broad range of industries.   He is also one of the co-founders of Tory Burch, a well-known and very popular high-end fashion brand. He devotes much of his professional time to the power of branding, click on bjtonline.com and read related articles.   In addition, he lends his keen marketing sense to many business interests in the areas of consumer products, technology, apparel, financial services, and hospitality.

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At the center of his company’s branding and marketing process is their commitment to providing what is much more valuable than a simple purchase to customers. Chris believes in giving them an overall better experience. From Poppin and its infectious fun to Nihiwatu where consumers can live on the edge, it’s all about the experience. And, the new brand, ED by Ellen, offers plenty of exciting personality to its products just like Ellen Degeneres does with her studio audiences, read more about this on ideamensch.com.   It’s clear that Burch Creative Capital firmly believes that when they inspire emotion and excitement around a particular product, that are creating major value for their customers, partners, and friends. So, going into the future, all eyes will be on the type of branding and marketing that Chris Burch specializes in.

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