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Equities First Holdings Moves One Of Its Australian Offices

Equities First Holdings Melbourne Office Is Relocated

In a recent press release, Equities First Holdings announced that it has relocated its Melbourne, Australia office to a more central location in the city. The new Equities First Holdings office will be in downtown Melbourne. Representatives from Equities First says the move was done to make it easier for clients and partners to do business with the firm.

The relocation was also done because of the need for more office space. Equities First Holdings says that the new location will contain more space. The firm will also be hiring more staff to meet the growing demand for its services in Australia.

What Does Equities First Holdings Do?

Equities First Holdings is a financial services company that offers loans to businesses and private individuals. The company was created in 2002 and has its headquarters in the city of Indianapolis in the state of Indiana in the United States. Considered a highly innovative firm when it comes to alternative funding, Equities First Holdings has to date successfully completed over 700 financial dealings with customers.

One of the things that sets Equities First Holdings loans apart from others is the fact that most of the capital that the firm loans out is backed by stocks that are trading on the stock markets. This innovative approach offers extremely competitive and fixed rate interest loans to business that are seeking capital. Equities First Holdings provides loans for standard business expansion, operating costs and non-purpose loans. To protect itself against defaults, Equities First Holdings loans are almost always non-recourse in the following: https://www.theloop.com.au/ponydesignco/portfolio/equities-first/257479 click here.

Equities First Holdings has loaned out a total of more than $1.4 billion to private individuals and enterprises. To minimize its own risk and ensure compliance with all financial laws, the firm does dealings with clients that are considered to be sophisticated or high net worth individuals and companies.

Why People Love Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is an Australian lingerie retail company that caters to a niche in the adult industry market. Founded by two friends, Honey Birdette is a luxury lingerie brand that injects sensuality back into the bedroom. Luxury and beautifully detailed craftsmanship is the brand’s foundation.

Honey Birdette became more popular than Janelle Barboza and Eloise Monaghan ever thought it could. After BB Capital invested in their company, the brand became even more popular. Honey Birdette began setting itself even further apart from the competition. Customers love visiting their retail stores almost as much as they love the products they buy.
The main reason people love coming to Honey Birdette boutiques is Honeys. Honeys are the sales staff that runs the store. Honeys are renowned for their playful and flirty sales style. They’re there to empower women and encourage them to unleash their wide side.
They also represent the exaggerated playfulness that other lingerie brands lack. That playfulness is a mixture of entertainment and education. People love interacting with Honeys because Honeys love what they do. They act as guides for anyone who’s not afraid of little naughtiness. Honeys are also not afraid of a little razzle-dazzle.
Honey Birdette is quickly becoming an international household name. The company’s already begun opening boutique in the United Kingdom. Their plan is to open 40 more stores in places like Liverpool and Newcastle by the end of next year. They also plan on expanding into the rest of Europe in the following years.
For now, the United States is their next target after the U.K. Sales in the U.S. skyrocketed last year; increasing by 374 percent. In response to the gross growth, Honey Birdette created a U.S. e-commerce site that provides a better customer experience.

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How Chris Burch turned a college hobby to millions of dollars

Chris Burch is a well-respected entrepreneur who has created several retail brands. He has also invested in much more. In recent new, Chris Burch has decided to build a business from the ground up in the hospitality industry. Burch and James McBride bought a beach hotel on the Indonesian island of Sumba a couple of years ago and have now spent millions of dollars to give the facility a five-star rating. Check forbes.com for more reading.

The popular resort is called Nihiwatu and it was recently opened in 2015. A year after the facility was reopened it was recognized as one of the best hotels in the world. Burch hopes that his hotel can stay in the family and one day provide jobs for his kids. Also, the facility can be used to give back to surrounding neighborhoods.

When you build a hotel in a remote area that has not yet been explored by mankind, there are so many opportunities to run a unique empire. There can be a pool placed under a waterfall. The crystal clear ocean allows for swimming, snorkeling, and animal watching. The forest provides great areas for hiking and camping.

This new hotel is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. There are a lot of hotel employees that hype up their hotel’s features too much and the place ends up being a bust. At Nihiwatu, the beautiful environment speaks for itself.

There are small living areas around Nihiwatu that are available for rent. Raja Mendaka, Chris Burch’s private home can be found close to Nihiwatu. Burch spends a lot of time traveling back and forth from Miami to Indonesia. Burch’s private home has four villas, each with their own personal pool. Additional article to read on businessinsider.com

Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital and a current investor.  To learn more about Burch and his works, hit on christopherburch.com.   He spends a lot of time investing in small business. He has already made thirteen investments in twelve companies. Burch is very good at marketing products and selling business ideas with a lot of potential. He has an interest in apparel, financial services, hospitality, technology and consumer products.  Read insight from Burch on this interview of him on interview.net.

Burch grew up in Pennsylvania in a middle-class family. He started selling $10 sweaters for $15 during his time at Ithaca College. Burch’s efforts spread to other colleges and eventually made him millions. He became a billionaire in 2012. He has six children.  For update on Burch timeline activities, click crunchbase.com

A must-read article to read on  http://www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/ChrisBurch-BurchCreativeCapital17.htm

Chris Burch Opens Five-Star Resort

Based on a recent article posted by Businessinsider.com, Christ Burch, a well known name in the fashion industry, has finally completed his five-star resort. It is located on a Indonesian island with only a small local population. The hospitality industry has been something Burch has been looking to get into for years and with the help of James McBride, a hotelier, he found a spot that had almost everything he wanted. The hostel located on the island of Indonesia needed a great deal of work however. After spending over $30 million and three years on updates it was reopened and named Nihiwatu. It has 27 private villas, spas, restaurants and even a plunge pools.

Check this must-read interview of Burch on  interview.net.

Only months after the five-star resort opened in 2015 did it earn the title of “best hotel” by Travel + Leisure. When asked why he took an interest in the location and the travel industry in general, Christ Burch stated that the location was what caught his eye. Nihiwatu is right along the ocean and right next to lush, tropical rain forests and clear waterfalls. Along with the actual structure of the resort, Burch has purchased the surrounding lands to preserve them. He also wanted to have Nihiwatu to give something back to his children and the generations that follow. With the addition of the resort Burch spends his time between Indonesia, where his private location in the resort has four villas, the Hamptons and Miami.  More of this on businessinsider.com

This resort is just one item on a long list of entrepreneurial endeavors Burch has invested in. As the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital he has decades of experience in the fields of finance and investing. When Burch founded the company he wanted to keep his entrepreneurial values at the core of its investment philosophy. He always had a plan for what he wanted Burch Creative Capital to grow into. By using his own creativity, following market opportunities and applying his accumulated knowledge Burch was able to rise above the rest.   Have a closer look at the company, hit on burchcreativecapital.com.

Aside from Burch Creative Capital, Burch has had a hand in over 50 other companies which span over several industries. Some of these companies include Cocoon9, TRADEMARK, Voss Water, Poppin, Jawbone, Universe and the Faena Hotel. To read more about his investments, head over to forbes.com.  He is always looking to expand into new industries and help small companies grow. Burch believes that having a diversified portfolio allows for greater profit even when the market may be looking grim.  Related article to read on fashionista.com

For updates on Burch timeline activities visit https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/burch-creative-capital#/entity

NuoDB: Solving Data Conflicts With Cloud Applications

Founded in 2008, the firm NuoDB operates out of Cambridge, Massachusetts by co-founders Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey.  Since 2011, the NuoDB was patented and approved as an elastic SQL database for cloud applications.  The “NewSQL” operates by dividing software data into objects known as “atoms.”  The SQL database is able to support cloud elasticity while still being able to store and maintain data elements.

NuoDB can support multi-version concurrency control that can detect deadlocks and find data conflicts easily.  Using peer-to-peer communication format, the NuoDB provides faster database service when a new server is added.  By 2012, NuoDB increased venture capital to $12 million.  The success of NuoDB has led to multiple awards including being listed by Gartner as its Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems.  Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey in 2014 announced the expansion to the NuoDB Series B funding round.  A total of $14.2 million was added to company funding.


Porfirio Sanchez Galindo: the Man behind the Tremendous Growth of Grupo Editorial Televisa

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has been an executive with Grupo Editorial Televisa for the last eleven years. Televisa is inarguably the biggest publishing house in Mexico and Latin America at large. He is a respected business executive and strategist, particularly in New Mexico City. Mr. Galindo was born in Mexico City 39 years ago.

Education Background

From 1994 to 1998, Mr. Galindo was at ITAM from where he acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. In order to sharpen his executive and administration skills, he enrolled in the Stanford Executive Program and completed a one-year course in Executive Education in 2011. The program was hosted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business. A year later, he joined the Institute of Software Research at Carnegie Mellon University. He was able to complete the training within a year.

Career Path

Mr. Galindo started his career in the Mexican government after he was employed to work as the chief of staff in the Finance Ministry. He was serving directly under the minister from 2000 until he quit the job in November 2006. His office was based in New Mexico City. Galindo was able to gather enough managerial experience which got him a job with Televisa immediately after quitting his first job.

At Televisa, Galindo was given three roles. He became the chief economist, the chief of staff, and the corporate vice president. He has held the three positions to date. A couple of years back, another role was added to Galindo’s portfolio when he became the CEO of Grupo Editorial Televisa.

The YOO Project

In May 2014, Grupo Editorial Televisa made Galindo the head of its special projects. He was the man behind the success of the YOO project that saw Televisa’s telephone, the Internet, and television channels harmonized. The project also brought together a handful of cable companies that work with Televisa and harmonized their prices.

Galindo as Editorial General Director

Internal restructuring at Televisa in June 2015 saw Porfirio Sanchez Galindo named as the editorial general director. This was a strategic move that was aimed at improving the firm’s customer engagement as well as to improve its revenue. In his role, he has helped the publishing firm to win more publishing and advertising contracts, while at the same time winning bigger and bigger audiences.


From The Cold Streets Of Hungary

From A Peasant Boy To A Wall Street Mogul

We already know how challenging it is to succeed on Wall Street.

The fact is, there’s a lot of numbers to calculate and even more to forget you need to consider. That, at least, is the life of a successful trader on Wall Street and who works in the modern financial industry. This is an industry that’s constructed as a free enterprise which is open to all who desire its rewards.

Yet with all of the possibilities of making money, there’s only a select few that actually go the distance. And by distance, that is to say that there are only a few who make real money on Wall Street. And being real money is to mean millions and not hundreds or thousands. We can only bring to mind a handful of names at the moment. Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Which is not a surprise if you’ve ever tried trading yourself.

However, there is one name on the world stage that almost anyone can recognize.

That name is George Soros, and you’ve seen him before. But unlike popular belief, he didn’t grow up rich. In fact, with Nazi occupation threatening him and his life, George Soros often lived a life of great poverty as a child. Even in adulthood, Mr. Soros would find it difficult to enter the ranks of the wealthy.

Yet somehow, this one individual scales the stereotypes and figured out a way to succeed. Therefore, who we see today is not the young boy. We instead see the outcome of hope that the young boy George had.

Read more: http://www.cnbc.com/george-soros/

Where His legacy Will Lead

Knowing the past that George Soros lived gives us a clear picture of who he is today and what he will become tomorrow. In each timeframe, the one thing that holds true is George’s legacy. It’s in this legacy that we define the expectation that life has put on him.

That expectation is one where all things are possible, but those options also require focus and wit.

From childhood to now, great focus is all we’ve seen from George Soros, and it will dictate his life to come. Often times, a man needs something to push him and to led him into the visions he holds of himself. And for George Soros, it’s in a legacy that we define his past, present and future. Know more on businessinsider.com about George Soros.

What Eva Moskowitz Believes In And Fights For

The battle is still on when it comes to education and charter schools. We hear about this discussion from time to time, but rarely do we hear about the people who are really carrying on the fight. These days, Eva Moskowitz is one person who can be found at the forefront of the charter school battle.


Eva Moskowitz believes in charter schools, and she is not afraid to work with anyone to make them a reality. The problem as Eva Moskowitz sees it is that the adults in the room are too busy arguing with one another to remember that they are supposed to be fighting for the best educational interests of the children. That is something that plays out in the halls of Congress and in other political arenas all the time.


Eva Moskowitz is a registered Democrat and voted for Hillary Clinton in the last election, but these days she is taking meetings with Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and others as well. She does not care what political party you call home, she just wants to see children get what is best for their educational interests. If she can get that, then she believes she has had a successful day.


The Success Academy Charter School is a project that Eva Moskowitz was instrumental in, and she points to it all the time as a great example of what charter schools can be. The students who have the option to attend this charter school like it, and their test results tend to show improvement over those stuck in public schools.


The public school system is simply not all that it once was. Many of the schools are failing the students, their parents, and our society. If that is the case, then wouldn’t it be a better solution to have charter schools available to students?






Yanni Hufnagel key to Nevada’s recruitment strategy

Yanni Hufnagel recently joined the Nevada Wolf Pack as an assistant on Coach Eric Musselman’s staff. Yanni Hufnagel has spent the last decade becoming one of the country’s best recruiters at several of the top-tier schools in the country including: Cornell University, Oklahoma, Harvard, Vanderbilt, and California Berkeley.

Yanni Hufnagel has dreamed of being a coach since he was a little Jewish kid growing up in New York. As a kid Yanni Hufnagel spent every waking moment reading coaching books and acting out the plays he read about with basketball figurines. Hufnagel’s entered the sports industry when he called local games for the city’s public television station.

Yanni Hufnagel attended Cornell University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations. While at Cornell, he became their basketball manager, which opened the door for him to intern with the New Jersey Nets. The Nets connected

Yanni Hufnagel with Oklahoma’s Jeff Capel. Jeff Capel was in dire need of an assistant coach. Yanni Hufnagel flew to Oklahoma and was interviewed and then offered the position.

In 2009, Coach Capel recommended Yanni Hufnagel for Harvard’s head coaching position but was hired as a volunteer assistant coach which came with an unpaid intern’s salary. As soon as Yanni Hufnagel got to Harvard, Yanni Hufnagel took to the road and began recruiting players from across the country. He has become an excellent recruiter and is able to sell the basketball program he is representing.

Yanni Hufnagel is seen as on of the top respected recruiters in the country. Because of his success, Yanni Hufnagel is expected to receive his choice of jobs, whether it is as head coach or an assistant coach. Yanni Hufnagel is now working to keep his Nevada team on the path to success. Yanni Hufnagel looks to better himself as an assistant on Nebraska’s basketball program.


Clay Siegall Leads Fight Against Chemotherapy Treatments

Clay Siegall, the CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics, has recently been mentioned by nationally acclaimed news outlets for his research on chemotherapy and modern cancer treatments. Dr. Siegall has become well known for his development and distribution of targeted cancer treatment drugs and is now on a quest to help the medical community to understand the dangers of chemotherapy, a treatment which is used in more than half the cancer cases in the United States. In a recent interview with a leading online publication, Dr. Siegall discussed some of the dangers of modern cancer treatments, how these treatments have affected cancer patients in the past, and what physicians and other medical personnel can do to implement safer and more effective cancer treatments into medical protocols.

Dangers of Modern Treatments

During his interview, Dr. Clay Siegall shared the many negative consequences of traditional chemotherapy cancer treatments. According to the oncology expert, chemotherapy treatments involve attempts to kill cancer cells by causing the body to attack the cells. The danger of this therapy lies in the fact that chemotherapy causes the body to attack both healthy and cancerous cells. Dr. Siegall discussed the fact that chemotherapy has caused terrible reactions in cancer patients, including the introduction of new cancers and increased rates of fatalities.

Proven Effects of Modern Treatments

To prove that chemotherapy was often dangerous in cancer patients, Dr. Siegall listed percentages and outcome statistics for cancer patients treated with chemotherapy in the United States and the United Kingdom. His evidence showed that chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer was largely unsuccessful in a majority of cases. The data for chemotherapy outcomes is easily available to the general public and Dr. Siegall expressed concern that the treatment was still being marketed as a safe and effective remedy.

Safe Alternatives

As a result of the available statistics regarding chemotherapy and its use in cancer treatment, Dr. Siegall began a concerted effort to educate the general population on the dangers of this treatment. The oncologist announced that the drug he helped to develop, Adcetris, has been shown to attack cancer cells in a way that is beneficial to the human body.