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Andrew Rolfe, a Man with a Giving Heart | AirstrippedAirstripped

Andrew Rolfe, a Man with a Giving Heart

In the cutthroat competitive world that we are currently living in, Andrew Rolfe is a rare breed. Revered for his philanthropy, Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund, a capacity he has served in for over a decade now. This charity caters to the social, educational and health needs of more than 2 thousand children in the Port Elizabeth region of South Africa.

Under the leadership of Andrew Rolfe, the Ubuntu Education Fund has employed a unique model unseen in other non-profits and charities. The charity strives to improve the lives of the children under their care by concentrating on four key areas, self, community, career, and sustainable institutions. The charity seeks to influence positive lasting change in the child as opposed to offering temporary assistance. This objective is complemented its drive to invest in sustainable institutions to support the child. Based on the realization that communities also influence the types of adult one becomes, the charity also engages the community and incorporates them in the active molding of the child through strategic partnerships. Further, in what is a rare strategy for such a large charity, individualized solutions are created to assist each child in growing into a responsible and productive adult.

Running a charity as big and engaged as the Ubuntu Education Fund requires strategic guidance. In this capacity, Andrew Rolfe has shown unparalleled vision and innovation. Today, the charity hosts annual galas in the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa that attract thousands of guests. These events allow the charity to raise millions of dollars every. The charity has also been quite progressive with its donations-collection drives, allowing people to donate online and encouraging them to raise funds on behalf of Ubuntu.

In Andrew Rolfe’s time at the helm, Ubuntu Education Fund there has been a shift towards greater autonomy with the donated funds. In what has proved to be a highly successful strategic decision, the charity’s current policy states that the right to determines how donated funds will be used solely lies with the charity. The Ubuntu Education Fund has been able to run its programs more efficiently as a result.

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