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Chris Burch’s Business and Philanthropic Activities

Chris Burch is one of the leading entrepreneurs in a number of different business industries. As a successful entrepreneur, Burch has attained much recognition and has been named to the Forbes magazine list of billionaires. Before Burch got involved in entrepreneurship, he began his working career at a young age in the construction industry. He worked with his father and this instilled the desire to get involved in business ownership. It conditioned him to set goals and achieve them as well. When he got started in his career as an entrepreneur he looked for a number of ways to make an income. Fortunately for Chris, he was able to find a number of different ventures that made him a lucrative income. Along with finding a number of moneymaking ventures, Chris got involved in a number of businesses in industries that he was passionate about. Today he manages a number of different companies.  He is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital.

While Chris has experienced a lot of success as an entrepreneur, he has looked to also establish a long term legacy. In terms of forming his own legacy, Burch has focused on providing people with a foundation to set in order to succeed themselves. With the ability to provide people with their own path to success, Chris will be satisfied with knowing that he truly made his community more prosperous. Another thing that will likely contribute to Chris’ legacy is his passion, innovation and determination when running his businesses. These traits have allowed him to reach very high levels of success throughout his career. With his personality traits, Chris has been able to establish successful companies in various industries such as resorts, hotels, real estate and fashion apparel. Related reading on entrepreneur.com.

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Burch has been a very successful entrepreneur and with this high level of success, he has looked to make his community a better place. As a result, he has participated in a number of charitable activities. One of this most recent and notable projects has been the revitalization of the Nihi Sumba resort.  Continue reading about the resort on forbes.com.

With this project, he has helped the people of Sumba get an adequate place to stay when traveling to the area. More reading on businessinsider.com.  Along with revitalizing real estate, Chris has also donated funds to New York University in an effort to help fund medical facilities. These contributions have allowed Chris to fulfill one of his goals of giving back to his community worldwide. Keep up-to-date with his recent timeline activities, hit crunchbase.com.

For an overview of his creative vision and output, visit http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/

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