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The Industrious Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch is an entrepreneur who has utilized the Express Co. cards that are manufactured in America since 1979. Christopher was enlisted in the Forbes magazine in 2014 among the wealthiest men. Christopher Burch formed a successful company known as the Burch Creative Capital.

The entrepreneur is also the Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. Chris has a forty year experience in the business sector has invested in a number of industries across the region. Luxury brands in the region have prospered courtesy of him. The brands include Poppin and Voss water, Faena hotel and the universe. The business mogul has been active in the growth of technologies with his wide experience.   To read more news about the diversity of his business investments, check on burchcreativecapital.com.

The Continuum Group and the Guggenheim have benefited from his wide experience. Chris has been the board member of the two companies. Chris Burch studied at the prestigious Ithaca College. The entrepreneur’s success was manifested while t the institution. The businessman has invested in the internet group which is famous for issuing IPO addresses to the internet users.  Related article on bjtonline.com.

The real estate has benefited from his expertise. Mr. Burch has invested in both the international and, local real estate markets. Several homes that are of the luxury quality have been set up courtesy of him. These include Southampton, Florida, and the Palm Beach. Architect Philippe Stark has been instrumental in helping him to achieve his goals. They have been able to develop the undeveloped parcels of land in Faena. The land has later been used to build the Faena hotel.  Visit an entrepreneur’s getaway haven, check this link on architecturaldigest.com.

The Xcel brands have worked with Chris in developing a good marketing strategy. The company purchased home décor and accessories from Chris Burch. The entrepreneur has partnered with Ellen DeGeneres in the marketing of her products. The products involved lifestyle brands that were to be launched. Chris has also launched the prefab homes that specialize in offering home decors.

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Consumer brands have actively been supported by Burch to enhance competitiveness in the market. These include organic foods, retail, apparels and many more others. Technology has been enhanced by the mogul as many companies rely on technology to work. Mr. Burch has been involved in philanthropic activities whereby he contributed to the Sinai projects.

Here’s for a quick look at his awesome investment on http://www.businessinsider.com/chris-burch-nihi-best-hotel-in-the-world-2017-7


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