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What teachers are looking out for in an Edtech tool | AirstrippedAirstripped

What teachers are looking out for in an Edtech tool

It appears that edtech products have faced their best time this year. For instance, a new kit was recently debuted by the introductory coding tool littleBits with the aim of raving reviews and to also come out as the champion in this year’s National Principal’s Conference. Other adaptive learning platforms such as the Nearpod have also had a good year.

All these edtech start-ups have one thing in common, they ensure that kids find learning fun and the educators find learning an easy process. However, with things looking so bright for the education technology entrepreneurs, the edtech products manufacturers have always fallen short of teacher’s expectations by not really knowing what teachers want in an edtech product. However, it appears that ClassDojo has finally succeeded by ensuring that they actually deal with the really issues affecting the education sector. Below are some of the things that teachers expect in an edtech product:

  • Deals with the real problem- Any tech-product made with an only aim of wowing users can’t work in an education sector. Teachers want something that is actually going to address their problem. Most products out there are only focused on making learning fun and not necessarily focusing on the real issues affecting the students and the teachers. However, it appears that ClassDojo has succeeded as it seems that its co-founder was really committed to seeking the views of the teachers, students and also parents during the manufacturing process.
  • Communication platform– Teachers are looking for a platform through which they can use to communicate with the parents. ClassDojo has invested a lot of money in making such platform, and it is now clear that teachers, parents and also students’ connection is going to be empowered through this platform. ClasDojo is focused on creating a community by ensuring there is a functional interaction between the teachers and the parents.
  • An adoption and implementation plan- Just creating an edtech product is not enough. The edtech companies need to be committed to ensuring that the educators actually embrace their new products. It is only through adoption that a new product will bring about any change.

ClassDojo has been in the forefront in the creation of a positive culture in classes or schools. Teachers can use ClassDojo to schedule activities and make them known to parents. This creates a good interaction, harmony and general revolution in the education sector.

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