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Wikipedia Pages Will Improve Business Recognition

Some very smart business people discovered that a free source exists to brand their business or market their business. Others use the site to create a more credible identity. The free source is Wikipedia. You’ve probably noticed that Wikipedia pages are always at the top of the search engine results list. Millions visit Wikipedia because they are always number one or two in the search engine results. Therefore, it is a good bet to predict that any business pages, placed on the site will receive a fair amount of traffic and notability. 

Writing Business Pages

Wikipedia business page creation is a very involved task. Of course, it is important to follow the guidelines to get the business page placed on the site. When you make a Wikipedia page, it will instantly build credibility and a reputation. A business page might also raise the visibility of your business and website in the search engines. Thus, leading to a larger amount of traffic. Clearly, the advantages are too numerous to mention. Have you ever tried to write a page for the site? The content may have been removed because it did not meet Wikipedia guidelines. The fact is that this happens all the time. If you post content on the site that does not meet their strict guidelines, they take the page down. Be aware that this could happen to you, if your business pages are violating their rules. Of course, if you feel that you simply can’t write an article or page without making mistakes, hiring Wikipedia writers is your best course of action.

Get Your Wiki

If you want to write business pages for Wikipedia, hire Get Your Wiki professional writers. Get Your Wiki writers are professional Wikipedia writers with plenty of writing experience under their belt. The writers on the site have created Wiki articles on a wide variety of topics. They have composed business pages for individuals to Fortune 500 companies. Certainly, you should hire Wiki experts to get your business pages noticed on Wikipedia. They have all the writing experience required to produce top quality professional pages. They will create an article or business page that strictly follows Wikipedia guidelines. They guarantee that the pages created are accepted. The writers will also edit, update, and monitor all the articles that are written for the client. Here is something else to note. They guarantee that the pages written reach the top of the search engine results. To learn more, visit Get Your Wiki

Lime Crime: A Sea of Color in the World of Unicorns

Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, openly pronounces herself Queen of the Unicorns with her cosmetics being the makeup for unicorns. With lipstick shades in Cry Baby blue, Airborne Unicorn neon purple, and Serpentina metallic green, it makes it challenging to argue with Deere. The fantasy world of unicorns conjures up images of bright, vibrant, bold colors resembling the cosmetic colors offered by Lime Crime. The fun doesn’t stop at the lips, Lime Crime has Zodiac Glitter for eyelids in dazzling colors, and nail colors fit for a unicorn, Parfait Day pink, Once in a Blue Mousse blue, and Pastelchio green, to name a few. Deere has even packaged some of Lime Crime’s products with unicorns on the label.

The story goes that Deere couldn’t find clothes and makeup in the cool designs and colors she was seeking, so she began marketing Lime Crime original clothing with bright colors and bold patterns through an eBay store in 2004. She launched the Lime Crime website in late 2004, and began promoting her clothing line through direct sales and slowly adding amazing colors of makeup. Deere found that her love of color was her true passion, and she could share this love with the world through her makeup line. In 2006, the Lime Crime products on Amazon website started focusing entirely on cosmetic sales.

Lime Crime markets itself as the makeup that will allow anyone to express their personality. This is reinforced by the blog posts on Lime Crime’s website. There are directions to create a variety of stunning makeup designs, including blue lips with small daisy designs, and a mermaid lip design that would look stunning on any mermaid. The makeup colors offered by Lime Crime are vibrant and original, they allow women of all ages to bring the color within them out into the world to share with others. Whether the wearer chooses to wear the Utopia vibrant orchid or the Cry Baby bright blue, it will cause those around them to take notice and add some color to their lives.

The highest quality Vegan and cruelty free ingredients go into every Lime Crime product. Lime Crime continues to experiment with replacing ingredients known to cause adverse reactions with safer synthetic ingredients. Lime Crime is committed to the animal-friendly cause and ensuring that no animal tested ingredients are used in Lime Crime products. Bringing the safest cosmetics in vibrant colors to the market is the goal of Lime Crime. Whether Lime Crime is really the makeup for unicorns is a question lost in the sea of colors that are beautiful enough to be found in a world with never ending rainbows.