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Wengie’s Fantastic Makeup Tips

Wengie the YouTube sensation is at it again with some fantastic makeup hacks that will definitely help with any makeup routine. Makeup doesn’t have to be complicated or heavy. Wengie has some fantastic tips that are light and very simple to do.


Primer is the place to begin. If you have oily skin make sure to get one for oily skin. If your skin is dry make sure it has lots of moisturizer for dry skin. Next Wengie recommends foundation. Try applying the foundation with your fingers to give it a sheer coverage. Then use a brush in a downward motion to make it smooth. Use a wet beauty blender and the sponge won’t absorb as much. This way you won’t use as much. Powder is great but only apply it where necessary. Use one color of concealer for all over and then use a darker color for eye bags or parts that you want to recede.


When it comes to eyeshadow Wengie suggests using a matte shadow that’s slightly lighter than your skin tone. Apply it all over the lids and brow bone. This will give you a great surface to blend your colored shadow. Eyebrows can create lift or even a younger look by how you define them. When you want to create lift, concentrate your line on top of the brow and apply a highlighter above the arch. If you want to create a younger brow, create a straight brow. Concentrate your line on the lower part of the brow and color in the curve. Then you can brighten under the arch. Wengie suggests to help apply eyeliner, lift your chin up and pull the skin to the side for a smoother line.


Wengie has dry lips like a lot of people and is constantly applying lip balm. But when you’re applying lip product and liner, blot it off first. This will make the application of the products smoother. Once that is applied top it off with a little lip balm.


Blush needs to be applied depending on the shape of your face. She applies it under her eyes according to the shape of her face. To see how to apply blush to your specific shape and watch the full video go to.


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