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Beautiful hair everyday created by Wen By Chaz

A recent article in Bustle magazine by Emily McClure gives us a complete accounting of the changes she experienced using WEN Hair. Her hair went from being thin, dry, and frizzy, to beautiful full locks of luxurious soft hair. It is said that a picture tells a thousand words, and in the article, there is day by day pictures of the changes she experienced.

An interesting point that is made in the article is that a larger quantity of product is recommended than one usually would use. It is important to follow the directions and use the suggested amount of the product to get the desired results.

Check out this article to see how this QVC advertised brand can help you transform your hair Problem hair, thin, greasy, lackluster hair can by transformed in one week by consistent use of Wen by Chaz.

An exciting tool on the Wen by Chaz’s website is the Cleansing Conditioner Recommender tool. Here you can answer seven simple questions about your hair characteristics and get recommendations for which products will be most suitable for your hair. is the place to go for this amazing product.

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Wen hair products are completely naturally, they contain no harsh chemicals which could damage your hair. Thousands of others have experienced complete hair transformation while using Wen by Chaz. Isn’t it time you did too? Wen by Chaz is the only choice for sustaining the beautiful hair that you have always wanted.

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The Healing Properties of Shea Butter

Shea butter is a fat that comes from the nut of the Shea tree. While it is edible, it is most often used in lotions and cosmetics. It is a safe, soothing natural product that is useful for many purposes. It is naturally high in Vitamin A, so it offers a lot of healing properties for the skin. This is not just beneficial for dry or irritated skin, but has proven to helpful for healing wounds as well.

Shea can be used to safely and gently treat burns, rashes due to eczema and psoriasis and cool sunburns. It is excellent for the feet and can prevent cracking and peeling of the heels and help to reduce the appearance of calluses. Itchy, dry winter skin can be aided with the addition of Shea butter. It works as an excellent skin lubricant prior to shaving. Not only will it allow the razor to move smoothly over the skin, but it will also moisturize the skin so it will not feel dry after being shaved.

Of course, the most useful products are those that are natural and not filled with perfumes or chemical additives. Companies like EuGenia Shea offer genuine Shea butter that is shipped directly from Ghana. The products are kept in the safest and most natural state to make certain that each batch is as beneficial as possible. All nuts are harvested and cracked by hand, so only the freshest product is used. The mixture is boiled twice for purity and then packaged and shipped.

EuGenia Shea is a family owned company with its roots in Ghana. They use only sustainable farming and harvesting methods and sell only the freshest, all-natural products. Each batch will last for up to two years when stored at room temperature. There are no additives, so it is safe to be used for healing the skin and treating minor wounds. There are an almost endless amount of ways to use and enjoy natural, fragrant and smooth Shea butter.