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Boy Gets Reunited With Stuffed Animal, Who Has Adventure At The Airport

It is always nice to witness random acts of kindness, and one airport did just that for a little boy who lost his favorite homemade stuffed animal. The Lake family had just visited some family members in Texas when Owen Lake, 5, noticed that his best friend and stuff tiger named “Hobbes” was gone, after the comic series Calvin and Hobbes.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Tampa Bay News, when the tiger went missing Lake’s mother called to see if they could locate him. They did, and not only that but the TIA member, Ricardo Tosto, who found the stuffed tiger took Hobbes on an adventure all around the airport and took pictures of Hobbes doing lots of different things (how cute! Pictures are posted on He printed out those photos and made a little book for Owen to go home with his tiger and even wrote little stories with each one.

That was such a touching thing to do as it was likely very stressful for Owen not to know where his toy was. It is just amazing to see people who have kind enough hearts to do this and it was a very tearful and joyous reunion between the tiger and kid. Not only did this airport staff member go the extra mile, but he also made the airport look great with his actions. This is something that Owen will never forget, and likely Hobbes won’t either!