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Brian Bonar Plans to Establish a New Bellamy’s Restaurant in the Escondido City

San Diego is popular for its fashionable lifestyle and high-class restaurants. This setup is more evident in the Escondido town than it is in San Diego. The town is strategically situated nearly 30 miles from San Diego specifically the Northeast part.

The best restaurants, public parks, fresh-farm groceries, scenic trail, make Escondido town one of the top tourist destinations in the entire California state. That is why the renowned chef Patrick Ponsaty sees Escondido town as his home.

Chef Patrick Ponsaty

Patrick Ponsaty comes from France and belongs to Toulouse, a tribe that lives in the arid southern part of Midi-Pyrenees. Bonar employed him as the chief chef at the Bellamy’s, but his stay at the restaurant was short-lived. Brian Bonar tasked Ponsaty with the duty of establishing a restaurant at the over 100 acres Ranch located at Brandy Canon.

Ponsaty’s distinguished and lyrical cooking style earned him the prestigious ‘Meilleurs Ouvrier de France’ title in 2012. He was one of the 2 in San Diego and 10 in the whole of California State to have ever earned such a distinction.

With the above achievements and several accolades to his name, Master Chef Ponsaty qualifies to be a celebrity. He has not only trained many acclaimed chefs but also served as a role model to investors in the restaurant business.

New restaurant

Ponsaty plans to establish an excellent restaurant, which will serve as a dining destination for all the French cuisine enthusiasts. The restaurant will use ingredients fresh from the farm to prepare the sumptuous dishes. Learn more about Brian Bonar:–inc./salary/470203

Ponsaty will preserve his collection of antique Armagnac into a cave available at the restaurant. The menu designed by Ponsaty himself will be available for all the diners who will visit the restaurant. Bonar is planning to redesign his other restaurants located in San Diego.

Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a smart entrepreneur and a prominent financial specialist. His areas of expertise in finance include venture capital, mergers and acquisition, private equity, sourcing, and sales. He is a holder of a doctorate from the Staffordshire University.

He started his entrepreneurial career at IBM back in 1969 as a procurement manager. Later on, he joined QMS as an engineer and led a team of more than 100 hardware and software development professionals. He established Bezier Systems CEO in 1994 and oversaw the creation of the first printer that utilized SCSI technology.

Currently, Brian Bonar serves as the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Services as well as Trucept. His duties at Dalrada include guiding and directing the company’s management strategy and sales.

At Trucept, his responsibility is to direct temporary staffing and manage insurance product and services. After holding the top position at established business firms, Bonar ventured into the competitive restaurant business. He chose to establish his restaurant business in the beautiful Escondido area.