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José AuriemoNeto’s JHSF Company Continues to Make Sao Paulo Better

There are many different development companies in Brazil and Sao Paulo in general but none have been as successful in the luxury market as what JHSF has been. When José AuriemoNeto decided that he was going to work as the CEO of the company in 2003, he knew that there were many things that he would need to do to make sure that he was successful. He tried his best to bring change to the company and that was something that gave him the opportunity that he needed to make things better for people who were in Brazil. JHSF has grown a lot during the years and that has been a direct result of everything that José AuriemoNeto did with the company and with the things that he was doing through the development of different areas in real estate. He has made major changes and that has given him a chance to try new things.

One of the most shocking things that JHSF developed was an airport. The company wanted to make sure that they had a way that was easy for them to be able to talk with executives and they knew that doing this would give them the chance that they needed. As the company grew, José AuriemoNeto tried to make sure that he was going to be able to cater to these executives. There are many things that he has done in the time that José AuriemoNeto has worked for JHSF but creating an airport was something that was not expected and something that proved to be extremely beneficial for JHSF.

Now that José AuriemoNeto knows how to cater to major executives, he is confident that he can bring him into the area that he is located at. He wants to make sure that people are able to get the full experience of Sao Paulo and that is something that has given him a chance to try new things for the JHSF company. José AuriemoNeto does what he can to tell people that they need to be a part of the company and that they need to get more out of the options that they have.

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Sam Boraie Continues Family Legacy

Omar Boraie is a New Jersey property developer who has been working for over 40 years to restore New Brunswick to its former glory. As he completes his latest project, a deluxe luxury high-rise residential property, located in the heart of the city. He shares a few thoughts about the changes he has seen in New Brunswick over the last four decades. Before starting his dream of rebuilding New Brunswick Omar Boraie saw firsthand how cities in Europe were being rebuilt, he traveled throughout the region as a traveling chemistry scholar from Egypt. Omar remembers what it was like in 1972 New Brunswick; you couldn’t venture out after 4 p.m., everyone had gone home for the day. Nevertheless, he started to fulfill his vision for New Brunswick in 1972, amid much skepticism, people asked him “are you crazy’.

His first major project was to build an eight-story office building on Albany Street. At the time there were over 20 vacant and ran down buildings on the block, Omar bought the buildings one at a time, and when he was ready he took his plan to the city, once again ‘Are you crazy?’” Once completed the building gave the city 250,000 square feet of much needed first class office space. After building more office space by 2003, Omar realized for the city to continue growing it needed high-quality living spaces. He envisioned a New York City type condominium and built One Spring Street. The complex has 121 residential units, another 40,000 square feet of office space, retail, and outdoor and indoor amenities.

Omar is quick to point out there are other individuals and companies that have contributed a great deal to the rejuvenation of New Brunswick. One he always gives credit to is Johnson & Johnson and their president Dick Sellers, Omar Boraie says, none of this would have been possible if Johnson & Johnson had decided to leave the city. Click here to know more.

While he continues to develop and improve his favorite city, Omar Boraie is involved in and contributing to many other noble causes. Recently he joined the fight against cancer by donating $1.5 million to Rutgers University to help establish a research chair at the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. The Omar Boraie Chair will advance the study of Genomic Science.

Omar Boraie and his son Wasseem, he prefers Sam, are very involved in the community and the State Theater of New Jersey, in particular, located in New Brunswick. The State Theater is a beautifully renovated 1921 theater originally built for vaudeville and silent films. In its heyday, it was one of the most attended shows in the region. Sam Boraie is a member of the board of trustees and the family sponsor many different events at the venue.