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Susan McGalla and The Rise of Women in the Business World

The business world has changed a lot and is continuing to change. For one thing, it used to be almost exclusively men. However, women have been taking over the business world for the past couple of decades. They have shown that they can be every bit as competent and reliable as men. Therefore, they are taking more positions in the business world. A lot of businesses have been influenced in a positive manner by women. Among the women that are in the business world is Susan McGalla. She has shown a lot of initiative and work ethic when she has taken on the jobs in the business sector.


Many people seem to think that there is a complicated path to success. Others tend to think that success comes simply out of luck. Susan McGalla has stated that hard work, passion and versatility are the determining traits for success. She has shown that in every aspect of her career. This is why she has become one of the most trusted business leaders in her industry. She has also spoken to women in ways that they could understand. She has given out workable solutions that can take women to their desired level of success.


One of the differences between successful people like Susan and people who don’t succeed is that the successful person understands that succeeding is hard work. Therefore, they are willing to work hard to achieve the goals. In many cases, they are willing to work harder than is required and that is why they are able to make a name for themselves and a huge impact in the industry that they are working in. Other women are learning to be professional in the work they do. As a result, they are getting more opportunities for growth and prosperity in business.

Eric Pulier Wants To Change Software Forever

A Prodigy Fulfills Eric Pulier was a gifted kid and people knew from an early age he was going to do something big. It was a surprise that the kid who started coding at 9 and created his own company in high school grew up to be the guy that would revolutionize software. Through his countless patents he managed to change the way software works for good. Beyond his work as an entrepreneur he has also proven himself as one of the most prolific entrepreneurs around.   His Work In The 90s In the 90s he made a habit of doing just about everything he can to bring innovation into the world. His innovations had a huge impact and brought everything from new APIs to remote desktop software. With so many patents to his name he had no problem getting recognized for what he has done. Even today Eric Pulier is recognized for his countless efforts and the success he has had over the years in making a name for himself. Outside of his work in software he has also made a name for himself in philanthropy.   Giving Back To Others Eric Pulier makes a habit of giving back to others through the use of his talents. He understands his talent gives him the opportunity to help others and to do things that will allow him to make a difference. A good example of this is the Starbright Foundation social network. In order to help children living in their hospitals with chronic conditions find a way to connect to others like them, he created the world’s first private network. Even to this day the network is up and running. People around the world are using it to find people like themselves.   What He Wants To Do Now Today, he wants to do everything he can to continue his legacy and create a better world for everyone. He understands the important of making a better world and he aims to make sure that his children are left with something better than he had for himself.