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The Excellent Work of Rick A. Smith in the Corrections Industry

Rick A. Smith is revered professional in the telecommunications sector. He has had a prosperous career in the industry for more than four decades and has gained a lot of skills and experience as an administrator. Smith has held top positions in leading corporations for the better part of his profession. He was hired by the board of Securus Technologies to serve as its CEO and president as from 2007. The former head of the company was known as Richard Falcone. Rick has made exemplary education accomplishments that have supported his career success. He is an alumnus of the Buffalo’s State University of New York and holds an electrical engineering degree from the institution. He was later admitted to the Rochester Institute of Technology for his associate degree and the University of Rochester for his MBA.


Smith got his first job in the telecommunication sector in March 1972 when he was hired by Frontier Corp, which later changed its name to Global Crossing. He is a committed individual and was offered several senior positions at the firm. During his time at the company, Rick served as the chief information officer, vice president of Midwest Telephone Operations, the president of Frontier Information Technologies, and the network plant operations director. In 1998, he left the firm and became the CFO of Eschelon Telecom Inc. Rick held the office until March 1999 when he was promoted to act as the COO of the company. His excellent performance in the position enabled him to be made the CEO in 2000. He was the head of the company until 2007. Integra Telecom and Eschelon Telecom consider him as an important member of their boards.

Rick Smith is a competent administrator and his performance at Securus Technologies has been outstanding. He has led the firm in founding various cutting edge telecommunication technologies that solve the needs of corrections and law enforcement institutions. All the products that the company has developed are outstanding and are better than what its competitors offer. Rick Smith’s wealth of experience has enabled him to understand how to develop products that meet the needs of the clients.

About 3450 corrections and law enforcement institutions in North America use the top notch products that are offered by Securus Technologies. The company’s customers are based in the United States and Canada. According to Rick Smith, Securus has spent over $600 million in developing new technology, acquisition, and patents. This investment has enabled the firm to solve various technical needs that arise in the corrections sector. The products that have been developed by Securus Technologies are used for communication, logistics, investigation, biometric analysis, and security. The growth of Securus Technologies was greatly facilitated by the purchase of Syscon Justice Systems. Read more articles at

Jeffry Schneider’s Ascendant Capital

Ascendant Capital, LLC has quickly become one of the fastest growing financial firms in the country. Founder, Jeffry Schneider, is the mastermind behind Ascendant’s great success. He founded Ascendant just five years ago and has led it to the top of the industry. The Austin-based firm is now one of the most talked about firms in the world.

Using a wide variety of networking avenues, Ascendant made its way to the top late last year. The company operates in a diverse range of marketing, education, and sales and operational services. Ascendant and its team member prides themselves on being able to approach financial structuring in unique and innovative ways.

Ascendant Capital raises funds for well-established and up-and-coming alternative asset fund sponsors. Over his years in the industry, Jeffry Schneider has connected with hundreds of other professionals capable of making his company the biggest name in the industry. Ascendant works with dozens of family offices, broker-dealers, private banks, and investment advisors.

Ascendant uses its network to distribute private and public offerings on a global scale. Undertaking such a massive task it what has made Ascendant Capital so successful. The company has rapidly grown over the last five years. Jeffry now employs over thirty professionals. When the company was founded, he only employed two professionals.

Since its founding, Ascendant has raised nearly $1 billion on behalf of several of its clients. Much of its success is due to its network composition. Ascendant works with over fifty broker-dealers, over two hundred registered investment advisors, and numerous family offices. The company also purchases anything it finds to be profitable.

Ascendant doesn’t operate in just one industry. Its immense range is what makes it grow so rapidly. The company growth rate has been called “incredible” and “unrepeatable” by several sources. Jeffry and his team have their sights set on the future. They have no plans of stopping or slowing down anytime soon.

Aside from professional life, Jeffry also shares a passion for healthy living and contributing to charitable organizations. Jeffry has always enjoyed staying fit and helping health-focused charities.

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Tips for growing a business; Fabletics under Don Ressler’s Leadership

Fashion is a tricky business to invest in. Start from the fact that you need people with extraordinary talent to make products that will turn heads. Then, when you have set up the company, the best you can do is cross fingers and hope that people will like what you are selling them. Well, this is the field that Don Ressler decided to have a go at, and together with his friend, Adam Goldenberg, they have made a venture worth millions of dollars. The small boutique investment has turned into an empire that is known all over the country and is even branching out to smaller ventures.

The birth of the idea
Interesting enough, starting JustFab was not the first business idea that Ressler and Goldenberg made. They both have a history of creating business startups and leading them to success, then selling them at a good profit. The real reason why Don decided to get to the online fashion business was to deal with the complaints that he had always harbored for the industry at large. His main issue was with the fact that customers are misled into thinking that they are the ones making the decision of the clothes that they will be choosing to wear while in the real sense, they are just making a selection from a number of clothes and other items that have been pre-designed, pre-selected and uploaded for them.

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Don Ressler’s idea involved allowing the person getting the clothing to decide how it looked. He has revolutionized the idea totally because nowadays, all one has to do is get to their site, give the specific instructions about the clothes they want and get it designed for them. The company was set up in 2010 and right now, six years down the line, the growth is very evident.

The things that have helped them along the way include the endorsements and partnerships they have fostered with celebrities like Kimora Lee Simmons, Avril Lavigne and Elle Fowler. Ressler and Goldenberg have also received funding from Matrix partners and Rho ventures totaling to more than $100 million. Kate Hudson has also started designing classy gym and fitness wear for them and the items she has been creating have received an almost cult-like following among the millennials, raking in profits in millions of dollars. With the kind of momentum they have taken, things can only get better for this company, and they definitely will.

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Why Adam Goldenberg is an Undisputable Figure in the Corporate World

Adam Goldenberg has been an entrepreneur for virtually his entire life. He made an entry into the entrepreneurial world at the tender age of 13 years, and has gone on to become one of the most successful American businessmen. His ability to spot business opportunities from afar is legendary, and has won him admirers from far and wide. His sharp business acumen has also enabled him to negotiate numerous multimillion deals.

Mr. Goldenberg’s Career Beginnings

From a young age, Adam Goldenberg had an interest in interest in business. He finally got his major break at age thirteen when he used his Bar Mitzvah money to set up an Internet-based bulletin board service. After two years, Adam converted the bulletin board service into a pioneer gaming website, which he aptly named Gamer’s Alliance.

The early popularity that the website had caught the attention of Brett Brewer, who is the founder and former president of Intermix on VB Profiles. Mr. Brewer consequently acquired Gamer’s Alliance in 1997. He noticed the potential that Goldenberg had, and brought him on board. Adam’s eagerness to learn saw him become the Chief Operating Officer of Intermix. He had the opportunity to hone his business management skills under the watchful tutelage of proven industry heads. This set him up for the success that he has attained to date at

Friendship With Don Ressler

While working as the COO of Intermix, the firm acquired This was a fitness and health firm that had been started by Don Ressler. The two young entrepreneurs quickly struck a rapport, and have gone on to become one of the most dynamic duos in the corporate world. Goldenberg and Ressler’s first startup was known as Intelligent Beauty. The firm’s inaugural milestone was the creation of DERMSTORE, an online marketplace for cosmetic and skincare products. Two years after starting Intelligent Beauty, the duo co-founded a non-conformist weight loss system known as SENSA, which has gone on to be quite profitable.


In 2011, Goldenberg and Ressler co-founded online fashion retailer JustFab. The firm received its initial financial backing amounting to 33 million dollars from Matrix Partners. Just like its predecessors, it was an instant success. In less than one year, it had more than 4 million subscribers, a figure that rose to six million by the time it was clocking one year in business. Adam Goldenberg has played a crucial role in leading the firm’s expansion to new frontiers. He also helped bring on board award-winning actress Kimora Lee Simmons, who serves as JustFab’s President.

Mike Baur Is Passionate About Swiss Start-Up Factory

Mike Baur worked in the banking industry for twenty years and decided he was “not such a traditional spirit.” In an upbeat interview with the personable Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier, newly installed Pitch Training and Coaching Manager, Mike was asked why the Co-Founder of the Swiss Start-Up Factory called it a “factory.” Mike just chuckled and noted there were two reasons:

1 They are in the business of “manufacturing new companies,” and
2 “Young people have to work harder.”

That being said, it certainly echoes his strong, work hard with a passion philosophy.
When Jean-Pierre continued to dig just a little noting when there were no many “incubators” out there, what made the Swiss Start-Up Factory any different? Mike pointed out that SSUF had “skin in the game…their own money.” Also, they are independent and are not involved in politics.

Mike Baur should know. As the CEO, he is responsible for fundraising and financing rounds. Before he began his career in the banking system, he obtained an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York, as well as an additional Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

Perusing the Swiss Start-Up Factory website notes a mix of twelve young, dynamic and dedicated individuals as part of the Factory team. The thirteenth member appears to be a sweet-faced Labrador Retriever named Mexx, who is in charge of Security, “Chief of Food, Security, and Good Feeling.

The 39-year-old Baur along with two co-founding partners founded the Swiss Start-Up Factory in 2014. The Swiss Start-Up Factory is now considered the No. 1 privately financed ICT Zurich-based Accelerator in Switzerland. SSUF looks for thriving, “matured start-ups,” digital entrepreneurs. They provide a three-month program that includes coaching and office space in Zurich.

Most recently, the Fintech Fusion and the Swiss Start-Up Factory announced a partnership in which together they will collaborate on the process of start-up including pre-selection process, acceleration, and joint events. Fusion is a Geneva based Accelerator.

Earlier this year, the Swiss Start-Up Factory began cooperation with CTI Invest in an effort to advance development of the Swiss Start-Up Ecosystem. Together they have created a website and developed podcasts and videos of Swiss Start-ups. SSUF will support co-organization of events including Swiss Venture Days. To be held in October 24, 2016, the event includes best practices workshops, along with pitching battles, panels, keynote speakers, and 1-to-1 meetings.

Duda Melzer Was Born To Be A Brazilian Media Executive

Duda Melzer wasn’t born with the name Duda. Like almost all Brazilian boys, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer earned a nickname in his hometown of Porto Alegre in the South of Brazil. That nickname stuck, and Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer became Duda Melzer to friends, relatives, business associates and school chums. Duda’s family started the largest media group in the South of Brazil RBS Media, in the 1950s. His grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, is the man that got the ball rolling in Brazil’s media industry, but it was Duda’s uncle, Nelson Pacheco Sirotsky that kept the media ball rolling and growing for more than 30 years. Duda knew he was destined to take over for his uncle one day, but he had other plans before that happened.

Duda completed his upper school education in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Melzer was accepted by Harvard University, and Duda jumped at the chance to study in the United States. He earned a Master’s at Harvard, and he moved to New York when the opportunity to become president of a boutique media company presented itself. Duda learned a lot during his stay in New York, but in 2004, he joined the family business as the director of national marketing.

Life was good during those first years back in Brazil. Brazil was going through an economic boom, so the RBS Media Group was growing at a very rapid pace. The RBS Group was acquiring television and radio stations as well as newspapers while Nelson was running the company. In 2012, Duda finally took over as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the RBS Group. At that time, the RBS Group managed 24 radio stations, 18 televisions stations, and nine newspapers. Duda is still in charge, and the company is still growing. Duda has expanded into the digital technology industry which he says is the future of the media industry in Brazil.

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Darius Fishers Innovation Gains Him Recognition

The best business leaders are those who try to improve the lives of everyone. Darius Fisher is one of those who works very hard to bring improvements to the lives of his clients. He is involved in online reputation management. He makes sure that everyone that has fallen victim to an attack on his reputation is able to recover from it. Often times, a bad report about an individual or a business is going to stick. Thanks to the Internet, this is definitely turning out to be true. When a bad report is released online to the search engines, it is likely going to stay on the front page for a while.


Darius Fisher works on removing the bad report from the front page of the search results so that the clients can recover from the scandal. Darius has proven to be an answer to prayer for a lot of people. This is one of the reasons he has won one of he PR World Awards. He has made a lot of positive differences in the lives of his clients. He not only provides the services needed for the clients to break free of the consequences of bad press, but he also provides people advice on what they can do in order to fight their own crises.


Darius Fisher is the president of Status Labs, the firm in which he conducts his online reputation services for his clients. He has specialists in his firm that have a lot of experience and skills with search engine optimization, social media marketing, and other aspects of public relations. He works with each individual client to come up with a plan for the client. He also lets the client know what he can do so that he can not only recover, but also improve his business. Darius offers a lot of information that could help people avoid crises that could potentially destroy their businesses. According to Huffington Post, His activities, passion and diligence are what got him the 2016 Business Development Individual of the Year Award.