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The CEO of Former JustFab Adam Goldenberg Grabs a Big Share of the Fashion Market by Renaming the Company as TechStyle.

The fashion industry is so fiercely competitive that any business that does not style up with the times and the changing trends of demand of the customers is soon left behind by the competition. The proliferation of technology and internet marketing has created a unique market where only the CEOs who are responsive to technology can make their companies win a bigger share of the market. Now you might not take a name or brand seriously until you realize that some customers will buy your product just because of the name. Perhaps that is why in trying to reinvent the identity if his company, Adman decided to go for the name change trick. What standard forms a secure attachment between the customers and business is the brand identity .



By renaming the company as TechStyle, the Chief Executive Officer was signaling a change of policy regarding customer service and convenience for the followers of the brand. In the niche of fashion brands, Mr. Goldenberg is regarded as a digital guru because of the insights he has for the dynamics of the market, and the intelligent decisions that he often makes. The company that is now known as TechStyle, but formerly JustFab was co-founded by Adam and his close friend and longtime business partner Don Ressler. He is convinced that to get the attention of more shoppers the change of name was necessary. It is the only winning strategy the company can employ to get a competitive edge over the other players in the fashion market. The current clients are quite discerning and to maintain their loyal following, a name that resonates with their dreams and aspirations is the best way to keep in touch with them because almost all the customers the company is targeting are technologically oriented in their thinking.



Adam Goldenberg has traveled a long road in his investment dreams from the time he was just 14 years old. The first investment venture he made was through a company called Gamers Alliance, but three years down the line he sold the company to an organization called Intermix Media in 1999. The buying company also employed him for a brief period, and while working for Intermix, he managed to rise to the position of Chief Operating Officer. He became the youngest COO with excellent leadership abilities in a publicly traded company. Other companies he founded are Intelligent Beauty which was a VIP subscription business for Executives in El Segundo.


Jose AuriemoNeto is Well Placed to Take JHSF Participacoes S.A International

Founded in 1972, JHSF Participacoes S.A is a real estate company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The large developer has received numerous local and international plaudits for incorporation of innovation into its business. As a result, the company has introduced many firsts into the Brazilian real estate scene. Click here to know more.

JHSF is involved in multiple facets of real estate. That is, it develops, leases, buys and sells residential, corporate and mixed-development properties; operates hotels; constructs and manages shopping malls, and is in the process of developing an airport. By investing in these diverse business units, JHSF has been able to differentiate itself and protect itself in a highly profitable but volatile market. It has also guided the company through an unprecedented period of growth as numerous other competitors have faltered.

The next chapter of JHSF’s story is its international expansion. With the pace at which the company is growing, it will soon become too big for a single market – even if it is the biggest economy in South America. Currently, JHSF has a market value in excess of $3 billion. The company has subsidiaries in the Uruguay and the United States and is looking to undertake significant real estate developments in New York, Miami and Punta del Este.

Many are of the view that JHSF’s innovative approach will have a disruptive effect on the international real estate scene, just as it has had on the Brazilian market.

Brief Overview of Jose AuriemoNeto

The man who had been at the helm of JHSF during its recent growth spurt is Jose AuriemoNeto. Educated at FAAP University Sao Paulo, AuriemoNeto is the son of the company’s founder, Mr. Fabio Auriemo. He joined the company in 1993 and was named its CEO in 2003. Seven years later he was named the company’s chairman. Today, he holds both titles.

During his time at the company, he has directly been involved in creating its services department by creating its parking company, Parkbem. He also started off the company’s shopping center business unit by overseeing the acquisition and development of its first mall, Shopping Santa Cruz. AuriemoNeto was also at the helm during the company’s successful IPO in 2007. Today the company’s shares are traded on Sao Paulo’s Bovespa stock exchange under the marker JHSF3.

Julie Zuckerberg: The Top Talent Acquisition Lead At Deutsche Bank

Julie Zuckerberg is a woman who doesn’t let anything stand in the way of her being successful at what she does. At the top of her field, Zuckerberg is one of the top talent acquisition executives in New York. She is known to be the person who can give a company a perfect candidate, no matter what the field might be. She is extremely proficient at her work and takes pride in doing what she does. Zuckerberg sets extremely high standards for herself and her work and tries her best to meet those standards. She has a tremendous amount of skill when it comes to the kind of recruitment’s she undertakes. This knowledge has come mainly because of her ability to grasp things fast and her yearning for knowledge. Through her career, Zuckerberg has worked with numerous companies and people and has helped them find the right people for the jobs that they have. She has met numerous high profile clients and worked alongside them, offering her expertise in talent acquisition and recruitments. By working with such a wide range of clientele, she has learned things about businesses and fields that she doesn’t particularly work in, thus expanding her knowledge more, aiding her in her placement processes. In such a male-dominated field, Zuckerberg manages to stand out from the crowd, not just because she is a woman, but because her skill and talent speak for itself.


Julie Zuckerberg is currently employed at Deutsche Bank, where she works as the Talent Acquisition Lead. She is the person in charge of all the recruitments that take place at the company. She leads her team of recruiters who she has personally trained, to undertake all the other tasks that come along with the process of recruitment. When the hiring season is on, Zuckerberg is the one to draft up all the guidelines for the candidates that are going to be hired at the firm, and her team of recruiters is the ones who handle all the on-site recruitments. Zuckerberg has brought in some of the best employees at Deutsche Bank by implementing a process of recruitment which has been tried and tested, which she has been using for years.


Julie Zuckerberg is also the person who is responsible for all the employee training that takes place at Deutsche Bank. She trains the employees who are already working within the firm, helping them cultivate valuable skills which they can use to progress in their careers and attain higher positions at the company. She helps them develop leadership skills and training the employees to work together as a team to benefit them and the company. But that isn’t all that Zuckerberg does at Deutsche Bank. She also works alongside the top level executives of the company, helping them with the clients who come to them. She is also the person who is responsible for the negotiations that are carried out at the company and helps the higher level executives with whichever decisions that they need help with.




Adam Milstein Does All He Can For The Jewish Community

Jews have gone through a lot in the history of the culture. However, they have also overcome a lot. One of the reasons that Jews have not only overcome but have also been very influential is because of the leadership. They have taken the time to gather together in order to build better lives for themselves.

There are a lot of Jewish people that have a lot of influence in the world. They definitely have a lot of influence in their own communities. Among the ways that they are influential is through their philanthropy. This is in fact one of the most important methods of influence.

One person that is very influential to the Israeli community is Adam Milstein. He is someone who is very passionate and dedicated to helping the Jewish community. As a matter of fact, all of his efforts are aimed at the Jewish community. Among the activities that he has set up for the Jewish community are partnership development, education, Jewish education and plenty of other activities that are meant to preserve and strengthen the Jewish people. He is an example of Jewish leaders that not only other Jews could follow, but other cultures as well.

One of the things he and his family has done is establish the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. This is so that Jews can have some more assistance in making sure that their people are taken care of. This is one of the things that is needed for the survival of any culture. If there is good leadership and great examples in any given culture, then the people of that culture will have better survival rates. One good thing is that it is not as difficult as some would believe to become very influential in the community. Among the things one can do is give to people.


Mike Baur and Swiss Startup Factory Changing Venture Capital

Mike Baur is changing ideas about venture capital and those who invest in young, unproven companies. Baur is the impetus behind the Swiss Startup Factory, an entrepreneurial business concept, which is a double purposed business. It is both a mentoring opportunity for new businesses as well as a way for venture capitalists to be on the ground floor of emerging business concepts that will soon revolutionize our world. The phrase, win-win, can be applied perfectly to the Swiss Startup Factory.

Baur hails from Fribourg in Switzerland where he is still connected to the beautiful city and the picturesque country of Switzerland. He became fascinated with banking and finance as a young man in a country known as a world banking capital. After Baur had graduated from the University of Rochester in New York State with an MBA, he went on to obtain an Executive MBA from the University of Bern, Switzerland.

Baur then began work in his chosen field at UBS AG, a Swiss global financial services company, headquartered in Zurich and Basel. He rose in rank from a commercial apprentice in his twenty years at UBS to sit as a member of the executive board.

Then in 2014, at the age of 39 when most executives tend to relax and enjoy their positions and power within an organization, Mike Baur struck out on his own to start all over again. His entrepreneurial voyage began with two partners as they founded the Swiss Start Up Factory. His company has become the number one independent, privately financed “Information and Communications Technology” (ICT) Startup Accelerator in Switzerland.

Read more about his interview on Founder Stories.

Baur’s foresight coupled with his financial experience make his organization the perfect launching pad for new companies with a fresh, saleable concept but lacking the necessary venture capital, office space, and experience. Baur’s company offers applications to untested ideas and firms that if accepted receive a sizeable funding grant, office space, mentoring, connections with other investors, everything a startup needs. All this for a small share of the company’s future net worth.

Baur is fully aware that many startups fail and his share of the company’s worth would be zero. He is willing to take that risk, and with his help and guidance new companies under his tutelage will avoid the pitfalls and go on to be viable and productive members of the business world.



Mike Baur Is Passionate About Swiss Start-Up Factory

Mike Baur worked in the banking industry for twenty years and decided he was “not such a traditional spirit.” In an upbeat interview with the personable Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier, newly installed Pitch Training and Coaching Manager, Mike was asked why the Co-Founder of the Swiss Start-Up Factory called it a “factory.” Mike just chuckled and noted there were two reasons:

1 They are in the business of “manufacturing new companies,” and
2 “Young people have to work harder.”

That being said, it certainly echoes his strong, work hard with a passion philosophy.
When Jean-Pierre continued to dig just a little noting when there were no many “incubators” out there, what made the Swiss Start-Up Factory any different? Mike pointed out that SSUF had “skin in the game…their own money.” Also, they are independent and are not involved in politics.

Mike Baur should know. As the CEO, he is responsible for fundraising and financing rounds. Before he began his career in the banking system, he obtained an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York, as well as an additional Executive MBA from the University of Bern.

Perusing the Swiss Start-Up Factory website notes a mix of twelve young, dynamic and dedicated individuals as part of the Factory team. The thirteenth member appears to be a sweet-faced Labrador Retriever named Mexx, who is in charge of Security, “Chief of Food, Security, and Good Feeling.

The 39-year-old Baur along with two co-founding partners founded the Swiss Start-Up Factory in 2014. The Swiss Start-Up Factory is now considered the No. 1 privately financed ICT Zurich-based Accelerator in Switzerland. SSUF looks for thriving, “matured start-ups,” digital entrepreneurs. They provide a three-month program that includes coaching and office space in Zurich.

Most recently, the Fintech Fusion and the Swiss Start-Up Factory announced a partnership in which together they will collaborate on the process of start-up including pre-selection process, acceleration, and joint events. Fusion is a Geneva based Accelerator.

Earlier this year, the Swiss Start-Up Factory began cooperation with CTI Invest in an effort to advance development of the Swiss Start-Up Ecosystem. Together they have created a website and developed podcasts and videos of Swiss Start-ups. SSUF will support co-organization of events including Swiss Venture Days. To be held in October 24, 2016, the event includes best practices workshops, along with pitching battles, panels, keynote speakers, and 1-to-1 meetings.

New Goettl owner wants to get things done right the first time

Goettl Air Conditioner employees know they need to get things done right the first time. The company’s new owner, Ken Goodrich, plans to bring this philosophy with him as he moves the company to Las Vegas.

Goodrich jumped at the chance to buy the air conditioning company when he heard the previous owners put it up for sale in 2013. One of his childhood memories involves working on a Goetti air conditioner with his father. The ten-year-old Goodrich held the flashlight while his dad worked on the unit. Two sentences his father spoke during the incident remains with him today. He believes that when someone needs help, anyone who can help should respond right away. His father also told him that he should always do the right thing.

To make sure that the 50 new HVAC technicians hired by Goettl can respond when someone needs help, he plans to offer daily training and opportunities to continue their education. The new Goetti CEO also operates the Kenneth Goodrich CSN Post 9/11 Veterans scholarship fund. This scholarship allows veterans to pursue careers as HVAC technicians after they return from military service. As with the previous owners, he wants to keep Goetti a family company.

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