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Clay Siegall – Founder of Seattle Genetics and CEO

Clay Siegall is the Co-founder and CEO of the Seattle biotech firm, Seattle Genetics. Seattle Genetics is a biotech firm he co-founded in 1998. Prior to co-founding the firm, he worked at the National Institute of Health as well as Bristol Meyers Squibb. Seattle Genetics saw its first FDA approval in 2011, which is Adcetris which has been approved for 65 countries. Seattle Genetics had an IPO in 2001, and is currently traded on the NASDAQ exchange. The company was able to achieve a $1.2 Billion valuation in the year 2001.

Mr. Siegall wanted to improve the tools that oncologists have to treat cancer. He was able to learn about running a company through his time spent at Bristol Meyers Squibb. The company owes much of its success to collaborations, including with other industry leaders and ways of being able to develop new ideas. The primary aim of the genetics firm is to help patients overcome serious illnesses. Mr. Siegall holds a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology, and a Ph.D in Genetics. Dr. Siegall also currently serves the board at Alder BioPharmaceuticals as well as Mirna Therapeutics.

Seattle Genetics is a company which began as a result of Clay losing his father to cancer. Seattle Genetics attributes much of their growth to the development of relationships between their company and outside collaborators. This meant the reach of new ideas and technology has significantly expanded. Collaboration with industry leaders is how Seattle Genetics has thus far produced a huge track record for success.

Over the course of several years, Dr. Clay Siegall has leveraged a patient=focused approach to running his company. This has worked to keep the company very innovative. The pipeline is diverse – including many cancer treatments. This approach also is aimed at providing innovative solutions to serious and fatal diseases.