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Clay Siegall Leads Fight Against Chemotherapy Treatments

Clay Siegall, the CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics, has recently been mentioned by nationally acclaimed news outlets for his research on chemotherapy and modern cancer treatments. Dr. Siegall has become well known for his development and distribution of targeted cancer treatment drugs and is now on a quest to help the medical community to understand the dangers of chemotherapy, a treatment which is used in more than half the cancer cases in the United States. In a recent interview with a leading online publication, Dr. Siegall discussed some of the dangers of modern cancer treatments, how these treatments have affected cancer patients in the past, and what physicians and other medical personnel can do to implement safer and more effective cancer treatments into medical protocols.

Dangers of Modern Treatments

During his interview, Dr. Clay Siegall shared the many negative consequences of traditional chemotherapy cancer treatments. According to the oncology expert, chemotherapy treatments involve attempts to kill cancer cells by causing the body to attack the cells. The danger of this therapy lies in the fact that chemotherapy causes the body to attack both healthy and cancerous cells. Dr. Siegall discussed the fact that chemotherapy has caused terrible reactions in cancer patients, including the introduction of new cancers and increased rates of fatalities.

Proven Effects of Modern Treatments

To prove that chemotherapy was often dangerous in cancer patients, Dr. Siegall listed percentages and outcome statistics for cancer patients treated with chemotherapy in the United States and the United Kingdom. His evidence showed that chemotherapy as a treatment for cancer was largely unsuccessful in a majority of cases. The data for chemotherapy outcomes is easily available to the general public and Dr. Siegall expressed concern that the treatment was still being marketed as a safe and effective remedy.

Safe Alternatives

As a result of the available statistics regarding chemotherapy and its use in cancer treatment, Dr. Siegall began a concerted effort to educate the general population on the dangers of this treatment. The oncologist announced that the drug he helped to develop, Adcetris, has been shown to attack cancer cells in a way that is beneficial to the human body.