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Providing Answers to the Question What is ClassDojo


If you are a parent who has ever wanted to feel more involved with your children’s education throughout the day without the need for being present in the classroom, you are now in luck! ClassDojo brings together students, teachers, and parents within one platform allowing for positive involvement from all parties. ClassDojo is a communications app with a focus on helping teachers create an amazing classroom while providing parents the ability to be more involved in their children’s education all while giving students their own voice in one great application.

ClassDojo allows for parents, teachers, and students to share photos, messages and videos throughout the school day helping to close the gap between education at school and at home. Many students love the fact that ClassDojo gives them the ability to share things they are learning with their parents throughout the day without them actually being present in the classroom. They also love the ability for teachers to provide positive feedback within the application which leads to an overall better learning culture and environment.

By bringing together parents, teachers, students as a team, ClassDdojo hopes to help students bring their biggest and brightest ideas into reality both in the classroom and at home. ClassDojo was founded in 2011 and has since grown to be utilized in over 90% of K-8 schools in the US. ClassDojo also has the ability to be translated into over 35 different languages which has allowed it to also be implemented into schools in over 180 countries worldwide.