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Nepal Suffers Second Serious Earthquake in Three Week Span

Nepal has experienced another high magnitude earthquake. According to reports, the earthquake happened in the morning hours of May 12. The quake, measuring a 7.3 on the Richter scale, comes on the heels of the April 26th earthquake that killed and injured thousands.

The most recent tremor was centered near the Nepal-China border. India has also been effected by the tremor. Government officials in India evacuated schools and closed them for the remainder of the week, fearing after shocks that could potentially injure the children. The evacuation occurred in New Delhi, a region close to the Nepal border.

Aid teams were on hand, to help, but buildings already weakened by the previous quake have toppled. Nepal has reported an additional 42 people have been killed in the latest quake and at least 1,000 have been injured. The numbers have been added to the death toll from the April 26 earthquake, which claimed the lives of over 8,000 individuals and injured thousands more.

The second quake is also located closer to Mount Everest, leaving many worried about the effect the tremors will have on the mountain. Local native Brad Reifler confirmed that the climbing season was canceled five days ago, however, further avalanches could wreak havoc on existing trails and paths.