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Porfirio Sanchez Galindo: the Man behind the Tremendous Growth of Grupo Editorial Televisa

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has been an executive with Grupo Editorial Televisa for the last eleven years. Televisa is inarguably the biggest publishing house in Mexico and Latin America at large. He is a respected business executive and strategist, particularly in New Mexico City. Mr. Galindo was born in Mexico City 39 years ago.

Education Background

From 1994 to 1998, Mr. Galindo was at ITAM from where he acquired a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. In order to sharpen his executive and administration skills, he enrolled in the Stanford Executive Program and completed a one-year course in Executive Education in 2011. The program was hosted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business. A year later, he joined the Institute of Software Research at Carnegie Mellon University. He was able to complete the training within a year.

Career Path

Mr. Galindo started his career in the Mexican government after he was employed to work as the chief of staff in the Finance Ministry. He was serving directly under the minister from 2000 until he quit the job in November 2006. His office was based in New Mexico City. Galindo was able to gather enough managerial experience which got him a job with Televisa immediately after quitting his first job.

At Televisa, Galindo was given three roles. He became the chief economist, the chief of staff, and the corporate vice president. He has held the three positions to date. A couple of years back, another role was added to Galindo’s portfolio when he became the CEO of Grupo Editorial Televisa.

The YOO Project

In May 2014, Grupo Editorial Televisa made Galindo the head of its special projects. He was the man behind the success of the YOO project that saw Televisa’s telephone, the Internet, and television channels harmonized. The project also brought together a handful of cable companies that work with Televisa and harmonized their prices.

Galindo as Editorial General Director

Internal restructuring at Televisa in June 2015 saw Porfirio Sanchez Galindo named as the editorial general director. This was a strategic move that was aimed at improving the firm’s customer engagement as well as to improve its revenue. In his role, he has helped the publishing firm to win more publishing and advertising contracts, while at the same time winning bigger and bigger audiences.