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Eric Pulier Used His Technological Genius To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier has a long history in technology and business, which is what he is most recognized for, especially his talent and innovation in the field of technology. This is a big part of what made his so successful today, as all of his technology creations has fared well. He has also spent much of his time spreading his knowledge through public speaking, and sharing his success through his contributions to charities and philanthropic activities.

Eric showed off his affinity for technology all throughout his academic years, including when he built his own computer while still in elementary school as well as when he started up his own computer database business online. This technological talent went to good use with the support of his parents and Eric’s determination for success. To further build his foundation for success, Eric expanded on his education by earning his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University.

Over the course of his career, Eric Pulier has founded at least 15 different startup companies, all with a fair deal of success. These companies include Akana, People Doing Things, ServiceMesh, Digital Evolution, and several more. His ambition and ability to innovate in technology has made him a well known figure in the industry, which is why he speaks on many occasions on various aspects pertaining to technology and business, to help others in the industry.

Eric has always wanted to do important things with the talent he has and the success he has been able to achieve, this is why he has actively worked towards and contributed to philanthropic activities and donated to charities. He has had his hand in many projects using his ideas and innovations for technology to help people around the world. One of the most notable organizations he has contributed to is the Starbright Foundation, which focuses on helping children with chronic disabilities.

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