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What You Should Know About Litigation

Karl Heideck explains What You Should Know About LitigationSince time immemorial, people living in the same community must differ from time to time. Someone may decide to defame the other, injure one another or fail to honor a contract. When such things occur, litigation occurs, and the aggrieved party feels that the other party should have been more responsible. The person coming forward with the claims is called the plaintiff, while the person being accused of the wrongdoings is called the defendant. The two try to settle their disagreements in a court of law in the presence of a judge. On the other hand, the defendant and the plaintiff must be represented by a litigation attorney.

The litigation process is different from one country to the other. However, some steps such as discovery, deposition, and trial are common in most civil lawsuits. Unlike the common belief that most cases are settled in a court of law, this is not true as most of them are settled before the trial. The reason why cases are settled before a court trial is that they are expensive if they go forward with the losing side paying court fees. Whenever they reach the trial phase, a judge rules with the help of the jury depending on the evidence produced by the plaintiff and the defendant.

Karl Heideck is a litigation attorney from the state of Pennsylvania who has represented many clients during his many years in litigation law. With skills in corporate law, legal research and legal writing, Karl Heideck know all the ins and outs of litigation law.

Karl Heideck has been shaped by a fine education as he holds a degree in law from Temple University. He has another degree in English literature from Swarthmore College. He has worked for several firms since graduating such as Hire Counsel, Pepper Hamilton as a project attorney and Conrad O’Brien as an associate.

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