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Introducing Businessman And Passionate Entrepreneur Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg is a well-known businessman and he is the co-CEO of the company JustFab. Goldenberg co-founded JustFab, an online subscription fashion retailer, with Don Ressler. Here is more information about Goldenberg.

Goldenberg’s Career
Goldenberg has enjoyed a very successful career and he became a businessman at an early age. In fact, at the age of 15, he founded Gamers Alliance on, which was his first company. Three years after finding the company, Myspace’s parent company, Intermix Media, bought it in 1999.

Intermix hired Adam Goldenberg to work as the Vice President of Strategic Planning, and when he was 20, the company promoted him to Chief Operating Officer. This essentially made him the youngest COO of a publicly traded company.

Other Business Ventures
While at Intermix, Goldenberg met Don Ressler and the two became friends. The pair eventually started their own company after News Corporation acquired Intermix in 2005.

In 2006, Goldenberg and Ressler launched Intelligent Beauty and the pair established various brands as leaders in the health and beauty industry.

Creating JustFab
Goldenberg and his business partner wanted to create an online experience that incorporated fashion and social interaction on, but at an affordable price. This lead them to establishing JustFab, which sells fashion products to its members. JustFab members pay a subscription fee of $39.95 per month.

Under Goldenberg’s leadership, JustFab was able to raise over $55 million and it has gone on to become one of the most recognizable online fashion sites. Eventually his company acquired ShoeDazzle. Not only that, but the company’s stylist membership program is being used in a few other countries asides from the United States.

Other Information
Goldenberg is passionate about what he does, and he loves working with other passionate people. In the past, Goldeberg said he and others were doing things that have not really been done before. He described it as challenging, and he said the next step for JustFab was to define what customer services means in regards to a membership e-commerce community.

Those who are interested in learning more about JustFab can visit the company’s website, which is where they can become a member.

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WEN Gives Early Birds A Boost

As willing as many people are to spend hours in front of a mirror and considerable money on hair care products, most of them wouldn’t mind a shortcut or two. That’s why when Chaz Dean’s “all-in-one” hair care products called WEN by Chaz arrived on the market, reaction was euphoric. One product that acted as a shampoo, cleanser, and conditioner for a variety of hair types seemed too good to be true. But was it?
To put WEN to the test, online beauty magazine had one of their correspondents try the product for a week. And as she explained in Bustle’s February 8 edition, the results were not what she expected.

The writer explains that she normally has fine hair, which takes some attention to hold a curl. She explains that she normally showers and washes her hair before bedtime. Accompanied by daily photographs, she walks readers through the trial, starting with dirty, oily hair. She comments on how after using Wen, her hair feels clean and fuller.

However, after arising the next morning, her hair is oilier than usual. The problem is corrected after a morning shampoo with WEN, and she also notices less post-shower hair loss. As the week progresses, the same situation occurs. She switches to morning shampoos, and by week’s end, she and others notice that her hair is softer and shinier. Her conclusions? That when applied in the morning, WEN results in healthier, better looking hair in less than a week.

WEN Cleansing Conditioner was created in 2000 by stylist Chaz Dean, who wanted to create a healthy, organic alternative to high-end shampoo/conditioning products already on the market. WEN first drew attention when Alana Morrisette “sang” the product’s praises at an awards show. Today, WEN’s products have millions of users, who have discovered it through QVC infomercials. It is one of the world’s online best selling hair care products.

However, it is a product that is best used when instructions are closely followed, and certain hair types seem to benefit more from WEN than others. But for users willing to adhere to manufacturers’ recommendations, and who are eager to explore chemical-free shampoo alternatives, WEN could well be their solution to fuller, more manageable, beautiful hair. For more info, follow Wen on Twitter and like the page:

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George Soros’s advice to the EU Regarding Migrant Crisis

George Soros, billionaire business magnate, predicted the Greek crisis and seems to be very accurate when he makes assessments of current world problems. He has advice to EU member countries on how to manage the refugee problem that has ballooned across Europe in the last few years. It has become unmanageable because of the unorganized nature of the influx of migrants and lack of preparation. George Soros believes that with some important steps, these issues can be overcome.

He believes that Europe should find common ground on for a universal asylum policy. Each country has followed their own interests without input or thought about the other member countries, which should be changed, he stated. The refugees should come at a pace at which Europe can absorb them. George Soros believes Europe needs the help of an overarching body like the United Nations so that responsibility for the migrants is spread to many states instead of a mere few. The burden should be shared and asylum seekers and member states should have a say in where they are placed, based on where they would be wanted.

Only a small amount of funding has been raised for the most basic care of these asylum seekers; what is needed, according to Soros, is an EU Agency on asylum seekers on instead of the dozens of agencies throughout the region, which would make the process much more efficient and allow the money to be raised and funneled through the right channels. The journeys of the migrants should be better controlled as well; there should be an orderly channeling of refugees from their home countries through specific routes. The EU should also mobilize the private sector, like NGO’s, churches, and businesses to help fund this process. The refugee problem should never have become a crisis, Soros believes. It was foreseeable and could have been done with more planning and prudence.

George Soros is an investor, businessman, and philanthropist who is known for his progressive, liberal leanings. George Soros is known to have “broken the bank of England” in the early 1990’s when he made a short sale of English pounds and earned a profit of $1 billion during the UK Currency Crisis. He played a significant role in the democratization of many Eastern European countries after the fall of Communism, bringing in western science and opening up their communication and markets to the outside world.

He has been known to make accurate predictions of impending global crises. He predicted the collapse of the global market on with his 2008 book The New Paradigm for Financial Markets, stating that for 25 years there had been built a “superbubble” that was destined to pop. He says his success is because of his ability to admit when his predictions are wrong and adjusting to mistakes.

So Far It Has Been Good Business For Solo Capital And Sanjay Shah.

So far it has been eight years since Sanjay Shah started Solo Capital in 2009. For this eight years, this firm has been very successful. Solo Capital is a boutique financial investment and financial services firm that operates all over the world. Solo Capital offers various services as a boutique foe investment and financial services. These services include; proprietary trading that covers derivatives, commodities and FX; financial and investment consultancy services that cover human capital for investments, investments performance and capital investment acquisition; professional sports investments management which cover sports talent acquisition, sports asset management, sports business and financial representation and sports performance analysis.

Solo Capital has been success full so far for the 8years due to two factors, and those are good management and dedicated staff. After the formation of Solo Capital in 2009, pro-businessman and founder Sanjay Shah took management of the firm as its president and chief executive officer. Sanjay Shah led the firm to great prosperity through engaging it in bets for financial situations such as that of the Greece debt crisis. The staff at Solo Capital have been praised for a long time as highly qualified and professional by most of the clients who have used the services before. This staff have a good market knowledge and also a good market experience that has helped the firm grow in business.

One of the biggest achievement that has been along the way for Solo Capital was the acquisition of Old Park Lane Capital in 2014. Old Park Lane Capital is a famous stockbroker firm that deals in the natural resources industry. Solo Capital released a statement saying that the acquisition of the stockbroker firm came at the right time when the firm was looking for new ways in which it can expand its business. It also said that it has been eying the natural resources industry for quite some time know and it us glad that it has finally gotten a way in. Old Park Lane Capital, which on the other had was in a jeopardizing position, said that under the new management it has now gotten the power it was looking for to restart its success journey.

Sanjay Shah, the founder, and owner of Solo Capital is a British citizen who lives in Dubai along with his family. He has a wife and three wonderful kids. Sanjay Shah started his career in medicine where he was a medical student. He later quit this field to join the business and started as an accountant and was able to work for Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse among other famous business firm in his career. On 2009, he was retrenched due to the financial crisis of 2008. He directly went for entrepreneurship as his new career and founded Solo Capital and other 36 companies all over the globe. Sanjay has currently retired from his business career and know focuses on philanthropy. He works as a full-time philanthropist for his autism organization known as Autism Rocks.

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George Soros has Ideas for Solving the Migrant Crisis

Merkel May be the Key to Solving Problems
FXStreet has reported an interview with George Soros, the billionaire financier, regarding the keys that may solve the migrant crisis. The one who may be holding this key is Germany’s Merkel. Soros did speak about the subject of the migrant policy. He mentioned that a proper policy on the asylum seekers was not in place and now this situation has turned into a problem for Europe. Where does German Chancellor Angela Merkel fit into this puzzle? It was Merkel who had forecasted this migrant issue. She thought that the entire migrant problem had the ability to destroy the European Union. It is Mr. Soros who has expressed fear that her prediction just might come true. It was Merkel who chose to keep an ‘open door for migrant policy.’ It is Soros belief that the Germans who were under her leadership were able to achieve a position of hegemony. It is at this time that the Germans must make the choice regarding whether or not they will accept responsibility and the liabilities that come with being the greatest power within Europe. Merkel just may prove to be the key to success in the solving of this migrant crisis.

The Lack of Asylum Policy
George Soros also made valid points surrounding the lack of asylum policy within Europe. He believes that the lack of a solid policy has indeed further aggravated the entire migrant issue. He also believes that the UK’s and EU’s interest will be in distress if Britons choose out vote. This is if Briton decides to exit from the EU, which Soros does not support. He did make the suggestion that EU ought to come up with an all inclusive plan that will respond clearly to this current migrant problem.

George Soros Informs the British Public
George Soros has made it a point to try to inform the British public of his opinions. Soros does hold the belief that if the Britons opt for out vote the UK’s and EU’s will end up suffering. He feels that the safer option would be to stay out of the common market. Soros is pointing out some valuable information by offering his ideas and views.

The Best-Selling Author
Gorge Soros currently has fourteen books out on the market according to He is a man with intelligence and much experience. He is always glad to share his ideas and views. He has written on the following subjects:
* perspectives on politics
* the ways that he approaches business
*his approaches on investing
*the open society
This is a learned individual who is one of the most successful financiers throughout the course of history. He does have many good ideas for the resolution of the migrant crisis. His ideas do include the key that Angela Merkel may hold.

The Father of Brazilian Literature

Jaime Garcia Dias is a prolific Brazilian writer, who has authored over twenty books. Dubbed as the pioneer and father of Brazilian literature, Dias has received numerous awards in the literary world. Although Dias is 41 years old, according to him, his journey in literature field is not yet over. Indeed, numerous writers have continued writing until they can no longer write due to old age. During the ABC Awards, Dias was crowned the best literature writer of the year, an award he mentions positively on his blog.

Beginning of his career in writing

  1. Dias love for literature started at the age of 15. At that time, he authored his first book, which sold fast. When he started, Dias never imagined that his career would be as successful as it is today. His passion for literary works has grown strong day by day. Born from well-educated parents in Rio de Janiero, Dias attributes his success to his father. His father, Arnaldo Dias, was a notable writer and helped him develop his passion in writing. He guided him in writing his first book and the subsequent books especially during his early years in the literate world. His mother was a renowned architect in their home area, and was every instrumental in developing Dias’ career in literature world. Dias’ whimsical and humoristic approach on issues affecting day to day life not only in Brazil, but also in the rest of the world has made him a favorite among Brazilian audience.

Dias’ career in education

In addition to his illustrious passion in literature, Dias has had a wide experience in teaching literature itself. Dias joined Carioca Literature Academy, which is prep type of school that teaches literature to students who wish to major in it after their high school education. He taught in Carioca for five years, after which he was promoted to the head of the school. While still in Carioca, Dias introduced new methods of teaching literature in the school, which greatly paid off. He reinforced his styles of writing into school’s system, and numerous writers were born. It was his insights and ideas on new teaching methods and writing styles that earned him the promotion to the president of the Carioca academy.

Dias’ You Tube channel and Pinterest are linked. He joins a long list of prolific writers in Brazil who have filled their rooms with numerous awards. Apart from his parents, Dias accredits his success to his idols in the literate world, who mentored him until he reached to his current position. Jorge Amada (1912-2001) is one of the great literature wizards who shaped his career. Mr. Armada’s literary works was loved and is still loved by many people. It cut across varied cultural backgrounds and unified people.