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The Interaction Between Fashion and Technology by Chris Burch

Two things are common with the technology and fashion industry. While they continue to experience changes, they have proven that they can grow together. These are the words of Chris Burch, one of the most successful figures in the fashion and technology businesses. According to this master, people can understand what lies ahead in these two industries through studying the past, the future, and the present. This will be easier to know what to expect. According to Chris Burch, the best analogy of the past can be understood through the use of music. The music industry has seen a lot of changes from the 1970’s. Burch uses the analogy of the boom box, the Cassette, the Walkman and how these devices have been outdone by the iPod. 40 years later, people get to experience the services of all the mentioned devices in a smaller gadget that even fits in the pocket.


Chris Burch also has the notion that the fashion and technology businesses are using each other to gain popularity. For instance, fashion designers design products that are likely to sell in the future. According to Burch, the only way to tell whether a product will be successful in the market is using technology. Therefore, technology can be used a predictor for the fashion industry. Some fashion designers have even compared the technology industry with the playing field. They get to showcase their products using technology before releasing them to the actual market. According to Chris Burch, he feels that technology and fashion will have a huge role in protecting humanity in the future. This is where fashion is being used to produce products that will better human lives. Chris Burch gives an example of the gloves are have been designed for firefighters. While these gloves help avoid injury to the firefighters, they can be used for communication.


Chris Burch also says that fashion and technology can be used to create energy to be used by humans. He talks about how electrostatic energy from clothes can be used to generate energy to charge watches and mp3 players. Having attended Ithaca College many years ago, Chris learned the importance of owning several businesses. As of now, he is involved in several ventures such as Tory Burch LLC, Burch Creative Capital, and Faena Hotel + Universe. He has interests in other businesses such as Poppin, Nihiwatu resort, Sumba and Voss Water. He sold his first venture at an estimated worth of $165 million.