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Don Ressler’s Fabletics: Creative Activewear And The Brilliant Minds Behind It

Don Ressler and partner Adam Goldenberg realized that there was an undeniably huge and eagerly growing market for activewear. Activewear was beginning to be seen more frequently as the clothing of choice not just for workouts, but for lounging, errand running, and more. The market-wide issue, it seemed, was forcing the consumer to choose between affordable activewear and the stylish choices they truly desired. Activewear doubling as general day wear and the need for a company which could fulfill this new trend was clear to Don Ressler. Both Don and Adam agreed that there needed to be a clothing company which filled the need for a well-fitting, affordable, yet still stylish product.

Don Ressler began to work with Kate Hudson to create a look for the brand that would bring a fresh, widely known, widely liked face as the association with the products. Kate Hudson was brought on as a cofounder of Fabletics and her name is widely associated with the brand. The marketing approach that Hudson employs is based online and utilizes a monthly subscription style of sales. Kate’s relatability factor and easy-going personality exudes charisma, easily allowing women to see themselves wearing some of the styles she models in her ads.

Don Ressler embraced the multi-faceted issue of trying to find a comfortable, well-fitting, and fashionable product. He utilized the consumer testing and focus groups to ensure the clothing was set to be a hit with consumers. Through the efforts it became clear to Ressler that the challenges with fitness apparel were collectively uniform across the demographic; ill-fitting items without breathability in direct competition with fantastic fabrics that were superbly form-fitting, but beyond the budget of most potential consumers. Fabletics, with their approximately monthly subscription fee of $50 and new consumer sales pricing to draw in those who were teetering on the edge of trying the product, seeks to solve these issues.

The company underwent difficulties early on with funding, the difficulty level faced in the activewear realm, and other typical new launch challenges, but Ressler preserved. His previous experience in the fashion and design world gave him a distinct edge and the brilliant discovery of Kate Hudson’s confident, easy, widespread consumer appeal proved quite successful. Never ones to settle, the founders of Fabletics have now announced plans to expand their market to cover plus-size selections, as well as an added array of various style selections, starting in 2017.