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Equities First Holdings – Avail Non-Purpose Loans with Easy Repayment Terms

Many firms offer non-purpose loans, but Equities First Holdings dominate the world of alternative financing solutions. The company has its headquarters in Indianapolis, United States of America. However, the company has its branch offices in nine countries, including Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, and so on. Equities First Holdings have over the years managed to do the business of over $1.4 Billion through the 700 plus transactions it has carried out so far.

The company provides non-purpose loans to high-net-worth individuals and small to medium-sized businesses. For any business to grow, expand and sustain in this highly competitive market, more cash needs to be pumped into the company to retain the competitive edge over its counterpart. However, liquidating the investments that anchor the business is not an ideal solution to fuel growth, which is where the non-purpose loans by Equities First Holdings come in. The company has over the years provided non-purpose loans to many middle market corporations and businesses.

Equities First Holdings is growing at a consistent pace over the years, and the company recently announced that its Melbourne office in Australia is relocating to a bigger and better office that is centrally located in the heart of the city. The management of the company believes that shifting in the central business district in Melbourne would help the firm get more business and also add to the brand value of the business as a whole.

The non-purpose loans are gaining popularity in the business fraternity due to the difficulty in availing conventional loans these days. The non-purpose loans offered by Equities First Holding are against the stocks, which are traded in any of the equity markets across the globe. The non-purpose loans help the borrowers to save their stock investments while also getting the liquidity they need.

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Highland Capital Offers Diverse Investment Management Services

The financial services firm known as Highland Capital Management is one of the most successful in the industry. It is a leading provider of debt and credit management services. In fact, the firm is known to specialize in providing collateralized loan obligations which help a number of investors more efficiently manage their credit. Highland Capital also provides a number of other services that often benefit investors as well. Over the years, the firm has undergone significant changes to become more competitive as well as expanding to other regions of the world. Highland Capital Management is based in Dallas, Texas but has other offices in New York City, Sao Paulo Brazil, Seoul South Korea and Singapore. Therefore it has established an international presence that has made it among the top firms in the world.

This firm was founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in the year 1990. When it first came into existence, the firm was one that offered life insurance to businesses and individuals. With this particular type of insurance policy, the firm would be able to meet the needs of a vast client base. It quickly established itself as a leader in providing quality life insurance policies. While this made the firm successful, it looked to expand and become a more comprehensive financial service company. During the next several years, Highland Capital would improve on its products and services. This would allow it to become one of the leading finance companies in the industry.

By the end of the 1990’s, Highland Capital Management was among the most successful financial services firms in the world. It began offering more services such as wealth management, asset management and financial advisory. The firm would also begin offering more beneficial products such as private equity securities, hedge funds and collateralized loan obligations. Highland Capital Management continues to provide these products and services to multiple clients. The firm currently serves a wide range of different clients such as pension fund investors, government entities, individuals and corporations. With its ability to provide comprehensive services to a wide range of clients, Highland Capital Management has established itself as one of the most trusted companies in the industry.

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Working With The Midas Legacy To Achieve Personal Success

Are you struggling to find your footing in a business world that is cut-throat and ready to discard people at the drop of a hat? Then you need to contact Midas Legacy and see how they can help you succeed. This firm has become legendary for its incredibly successful approach to achieving success.

What Is Midas Legacy?
The Midas Legacy is what is known as a “success shortcuts advisory” company. What this means is that they offer people like you the chance to become more successful by providing you with a guiding light and a helping hand.

They will research the market and various other aspects to help you learn how you can stand out in a very packed business world and stand up for success.

They are particularly focused on working with investors who need help finding places to put their money, helping entrepreneurs find a successful company, increasing a person’s chances of a quick retirement, and even helping people find inner peace and tranquility. They are headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida and are looking to help people achieve their biggest dreams.

Who Works For The Midas Legacy?
Unlike many other firms that promise huge levels of success, the Midas Legacy is staffed by real people who care about their clients and who are looking to find ways to motivate them to succeed.

Their publisher is a man named Jim Samson, a man who is well-known for his insightful business concepts. He has been quoted in the “International Business Times” and has worked for two decades in real estate, trading, entrepreneurship, and has even written books.

Samon’s chief editor is Sean Bower, a former journalist who now specialists in combining financial skills with self-help concepts to fuel greater success. He has been quoted in a variety of publications, including “Yahoo Finance” and “Nikkei” over in Japan. One of his biggest successes was a sales increase prediction for Toyota that was right on the money.

Other professionals who will help you achieve your success with the Midas Legacy include Mark Edwards, a health expert who can give you great advice on how to cure yourself naturally and improve your diet. With his skilled advice, you can improve your mental and physical balance and become a more focused and successful business person.

Getting started with the Midas Legacy is as easy as contacting them and asking for one of their free handbooks. With this information, you can get started on your road to business success.

Madison Street Capital On Beijing’s Billionaires

Beijing now lays claim to having more billionaires than any other city in the world. It tops the previous winner, New York City, by five, according to an article published in The Guardian.
The richest person in Beijing is Wang Jianlin who places 21st on Forbes Magazine’s list of wealthiest people. Wang is the owner of Dalian Wanda Group which is the largest private real estate company in China. He also owns AMC Entertainment and Hoyt Group which operates theater locations around the world. AMC Entertainment is the second largest owner of theaters in the United States and in Australia.
Another billionaire living in Beijing is Jack Ma. He is the founder of Alibaba Group. Since different companies use different measures, Forbes Magazine says he is the wealthiest man in China. After coming to the United States and being introduced to the Internet by searching for the word beer, Jack Ma returned to China and founded his company to help businesses sell to other businesses.
Another billionaire in Beijing is Zong Qinghou who owns EditWatch this page
Hangzhou Wahaha Group. This group is the largest beverage company in China. He also is a delegate in the Chinese government.
The report of the wealthiest citizens in Beijing was prepared by the Hurun Group. This group insists that if the report was prepared during summer 2015 that at least 150 people would have made the report. Hurun’s founder Robert Hoogewerf says that Beijing is extremely well known for the number of self-made billionaires.
If you are looking to become a billionaire, then you know the importance of working with a great investment banker to find the funding that you need. If this describes your situation, contact Madison Street Capital. They are experts at putting together financial packages that are right for your situation. They have hundreds of contacts that are waiting to help you become the next billionaire.

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Minimum Wage Increase Means Businesses are Closing

While some people might think that an increase in the minimum wage amount is a good thing, it’s not what small businesses want to hear. One pizza shop owned by Christian Broda
has to close because of the increase in the wage amounts. When you think about what a business owner has to pay, especially one who is in business for herself, it makes since that an increase of having to pay everyone at least a few dollars more per hour could make the business close. Some businesses struggle to pay overhead costs and make sure all of the items that are needed to sell are purchased.  Depending on the size of the business, it can be hard to adjust to the demand that workers be paid more money. However, with the cost of living increasing, it takes making more money on a job to get the basics in life, such as food, clothing and shelter. This is likely only one out of numerous situations where a business owner will close because wages have increased.

Problems Faced By Small Businesses in Raising Finance

A company can use either equity or debt finance as its main sources of finance. Large institutions find it relatively easy to seek or raise finance but small firms face difficulties in raising finances to augment their businesses. Analysts such as Igor Cornelsen have noted that finance is regarded as one of the most imperative inputs for all business entities.

When raising debt finance, most small firms are faced with the challenge of uncertainty. Most small entities do not have past records and thus, making it difficult for the financial institutions to furnish them with the required fund for expansion. Credit scoring agencies often neglect small entities when making these scores. To this end, banks lack platforms for basing their decisions and thus, failure to extend loans to small businesses. Since most small businesses lack sufficient financial records, they are often required to provide detailed business plan, lists of liabilities and assets, description of directors and managers as well as their security for the loan. Such requirements leave many small businesses locked out of the opportunity to access business finances.

Most banks remain in an entangled position in the sense that they seek an increase in security for them to increase the credit facility to be extended to small businesses. It is significant to point out that small enterprises lack sufficient security (collateral) to raise debt finance. Mismatch of the maturity of liabilities and assets makes it a herculean task for small companies to access medium term loans. Long term loans are easily accessible compared to the short term and medium loans. This is because long-term loans are usually secured with mortgages. In addition, most banks and other financial institutions have a propensity to ask for personal assurances from proprietors of the small businesses. Banks charge higher interest rates and thus, making it quite difficult for the small entities to access debt finance.

Small businesses find it intricate to access equity finance because most wealthy persons are usually not willing to invest in them. Small entities cannot make it to the stock market. This way, these businesses cannot have the privilege of owning shares that they can float to the market in order to source for finances in the form of equity shares. Small entities lack the offer for an exit route especially for investors who wish to dispose their stocks in such enterprises. In order to raise finances, small businesses should create angel networks that can attract potential investors, who come with expertise and finances.

Small businesses lack sound financial records and thus, making it an uphill task to raise finances. Debt and equity finances are considered as the main sources of finance. Banks and other financial institutions have tough financial requirements, which small businesses find difficult to meet.